Lukashenko Publicly Dresses Down Ministers for Hounding Belarusians With Virus Cult Maosim

Luka tears them a new one for issuing mask fines, demanding PCR tests

Lukashenko: “Why are you making fun of the people?”

I don’t want to lionize Lukashenko too much. Instead of dressing down ministers for harassing and hounding the people with brain disease idiocy, shouldn’t he have made sure it never happened in the first place? It is hard to believe that if he set clear instructions that any of the things he complained about would have happened.

Nonetheless, compared to the empty suit in Moscow, Lukashenko is a mensch indeed.

Lukashenko could have intervened sooner, but at least intervene he did. And how! — By publicly humiliating his ministers. By chewing them up in front of the entire nation. Was it a little bit theatrical and despotic? Well, I wouldn’t say no to more of this type of “despotism”. A system where top officials live in fear of public humiliation dished out by a moody tsar should they start to harangue the people too much isn’t perfect — or even necessarily a great one — but would seem to be a huge improvement on the slavery to the Great Reset that the rest of us lives under.

As said, there may be an element of Lukashenko covering his behind for allowing it to get out of hand, but at least he made the reversal and has reestablished a clear anti-mind disease line now. That is more than can be said for the Obama impersonator in Moscow who has been contented to let the virus cult ride the Russian people however it wants to.

Here is Belta’s wonderful screenplay:

At the beginning of the meeting, Aleksandr Lukashenko asked Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich: “I assume that all people in attendance are healthy, right?”

After the minister replied in the affirmative, the head of state asked another question: “Have you put them into quarantine before the meeting with the president, have they done PCR tests?”

This time the minister’s answer was negative.

“How come, you have come to the head of state, (there is only one president in Belarus) and have not checked those present here? It turns out that you do not practice what you preach. I have asked you this question for a reason. You have done the right thing, because it is not how things work in our country. Although people all over the world do not meet with the president without prior quarantine,” the president said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko continued: “I asked this question because I wanted you to answer another question: if you come to the president freely, why are you giving ordinary people such a bad time?”

The head of state emphasized that throughout the pandemic not a single person who headed for the meeting with the president was asked whether he/she was vaccinated and had a PCR test done: “Kochanova was always outraged by it. She is in charge of Minsk, and the Palace of Independence is in Minsk, so this situation would make her really mad. Well, despite this indignation, she herself comes to the president without a test result.”

“Why are we putting pressure on people then? Why have you made such a big deal out of it? Why have you mobilized the police to check whether people are wearing face masks? You perform body searches not even sparing women,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.

In this regard, he turned to the minister of internal affairs: “I warned you. Do you have nothing else to do? Why are you breaking the law? We do not have such a law. Who are you playing along?” the head of state asked.

“So if you treat people, then treat them properly. Starting from this zone and ending everywhere on the streets. You have caused such a commotion all over the country. I think the governors have heard us. As far as I know, they in Brest have already started giving fines and coercing people to get vaccinated. I had asked you though not to allow this to happen!” the Belarusian leader said.

He noted that some experts who came to the meeting in the Palace of Independence were wearing masks. “This is their right. I do not force anyone. Tertel [the KGB chairman] never wears a mask when he comes to me. God be with him. When Pinevich arrives, he throws a mask in the reception room before entering. I do not force anyone to wear masks. This is your right,” the head of state said.

“If a person is sick, for example Pinevich gets infected with COVID-19, he will never go to the president,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.

He emphasized that every person living in Belarus should act in the same way. “Moreover, why are we keeping people in the dark? We do not know everything about this disease. And every person should act the way they see fit. We will talk about it now,” the president said.

“Look, they have started giving fines. Who authorized them to do this? What law says that you have the right to fine people?” Aleksandr Lukashenko raised this question again.

At the same time, he emphasized that law enforcement agencies are under-performing in the matters that are part of their job description. “Subbotin [Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Subbotin] and the minister will tell you that in Gomel Oblast cows are slaughtered at night and sold to Russia. We cannot cope with it, while the police are catching people who are not wearing masks. God forbid you fail to catch this scum [people involved in the illegal sale of meat] within two weeks! They have really gone rogue,” the Belarusian leader emphasized.

Then the president returned to discussing COVID-19 and various kinds of restrictions associated with it. “We are acting inappropriately, while forcing people to be perfect. No, Dmitry, this will not do. Go back to what we did in the first wave,” the head of state demanded.

In his opening remarks the head of state said that he was briefed about the situation in the country, including on people’s sentiments on the internet. “I have already told you about the frenzy: people are going crazy. Some are boiling over, others require action from the president. Listen, I report to people on TV on what I do every day. I can’t deal with COVID issues from morning till night. I have an entire ministry and thousands of people in white coats for that,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

He noted that the president must supervise a lot of issues. One of them, for example, is the situation in agriculture, harvesting, autumn field works. “I also have to deal with the issues of the sanctions that have been imposed against us. Thousands of thousands of such issues,” the head of state emphasized.

“This is childish. People got the idea that the president is not very involved in the COVID-19 issue,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “This is our fault, Mr Pinevich. We have put people on their toes with what we say. We put them on alert, get them worried but things have not got better. “

“We have imposed all kinds of draconian measures during this time. Did it become better? No. Mr Pinevich, we will need to focus on treatment. We will not do without it,” the Belarusian leader stressed.

Aleksandr Lukashenko explained that he does not mind people wearing masks and getting vaccinated, but treatment issues are of outmost importance. He is sure that if the healthcare system works effectively, then the problem will be minimized literally within a month.If we focus on COVID and anti-COVID policies rather than treatment, people will start rioting. Like it has happened in Europe,” he warned.

He also cited the example of fraternal Russia: “I know how hard they have been working. They have gloves and masks requirements and what not. Still the incidence is rising. The rise is higher than in Belarus. You should look at what is happening in the world and draw the appropriate conclusions.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized that, despite his negative attitude to all kinds of restrictions, vaccination is important and he has never opposed it.

The head of state gave an example of a Minsk factory that decided to reward people for vaccination. As a result, almost the entire team has vaccinated. “Of course, I am against people buying their health, but this is the right of people and the enterprise they work for. But they were not made to do it. You can act differently not like they do in Brest Oblast imposing all kinds of restrictions and requirements. Perhaps other governors act this way too. We will look into this and get these things in check,” the president warned.

Incredible performance. Gotta love how he makes them stand like schoolboys. All that is missing is for them to be sent to stand in a corner (or be dragged off by the NKVD for the full Stalin experience).

But to be fair, words are one thing, actions another. None of this will be worth much if Lukashenko doesn’t follow through on his word and restrains the Brest governor. (Which really he should have done before it ever happened.) So let’s watch out for that.

Nonetheless, his performance leaves me optimistic. Restating the old-new line Lukashenko was clear; no compulsion! (How different that is from the Kremlin’s “All measures are good” line.)

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko spoke against mandatory mask, social distancing and vaccination requirements as he hosted a meeting to discuss the epidemiological situation and the COVID-19 response in Belarus on 19 October, BelTA has learned.

The president stated that in the situation with the coronavirus the Belarusian society is divided on the issue of protective efforts (masks, social distancing, etc.), as well as on vaccination. “I have to warn everyone. The president has the right to make such a decision. Masks, protective measures, and vaccination will be exclusively voluntary,” he said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko suggested acting by persuasion: “I do not exclude financial rewards, although I do not approve of them. Some enterprises offer such rewards to their workers to get vaccinated. Their reasoning is simple: the fewer sick workers are, the greater gain for the enterprise will be.”

“Any methods are acceptable, except for coercion. I warn everyone – the police, public health services and others. We have no legislative basis for this. The president has not made a decision to force people to something. We need to persuade them,” the head of state said.

At the same time, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that in some cases it would be good if people wore masks. For example, in retail outlets, in transport. “As for retail, I would pay attention primarily to cashiers. This category of workers is exposed most of all in retail sector today. They need to be supported financially as well. Spending the whole day at a cash register with a face mask on is hard,” the president said.

“I have already expressed my opinion regarding face masks, PPE, social distancing and vaccination. No pressure on people. God forbid I get information that you kick people out of retail outlets, metro or buses. Because this is already turning into a political problem. People start hating each other. This should be done only on a voluntary basis,” stressed the Belarusian leader.

The head of state is sure that there is no need to wear face masks outdoors. “People should breathe fresh air outdoors. There is no need to make people wear face masks outdoors,” he said.

As for vaccination, Aleksandr Lukashenko once again stressed that it is important to get vaccinated. “We will always live with this infection. We need to vaccinate. We need to take additional efforts in this direction,” said the head of state.

According to the president, the main population groups that should be given priority attention today in terms of vaccination are the elderly and pregnant women.

Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized the importance of preserving the ordinary way of life for people. In this regard, he once again stressed the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which, among other things, helps resist viruses and other diseases. “People need to spend more time outdoors, breathe in more fresh air to get their lungs work. Then, if they contract a disease, it will be easier for them to beat it,” said the head of state.

I can’t say I’m too crazy about Lukashenko telling the police to forget about the masks in order to focus on hunting down peasants “illegally” slaughtering (their own) cows. Sadly we now live in a world where the government will force you to breathe through a piece of paper, confine you to house arrest for months on end at a minute’s notice, and forcefully inject you. Maybe one day we can slaughter our own cows without having to hide from pigs, for now I’d just be happy to be able to freely get a beer when I can pay for one.

At least Lukashenko is only a highway bandit who wants a cut of your profit on a cow slaughter, but not a demented BDSM brain patient trying to subdue you for his unhinged religion.

“God forbid I get information that you kick people out of retail outlets, metro or buses.” — I sure like the sound of that.

If there is another politician who will defy the hive-mind Stalins I do not mind him stealing every election and enthroning himself as President for Life. We do not live in democracies as it is. I would be happy to sign away the pretense of democracy for some actual, real protection of our freedoms.

If that protection takes the form of a potato-farm warlord who will fight for his people’s right not to be compelled to breathe through a piece of paper with half the ferocity that he clings to his chair then I’m all for it.

On the other hand, when you have someone like the empty coat in Moscow who is plotting to make himself a Lukashenko-style President for Life but governs as a de facto proxy for the global mind virus, I have to ask; what do the people get out of that?

The nation is supposed to tolerate him for decades and decades for what upside precisely? So he can set it up to be raped by the likes of the scoundrel Sobyanin at will? A Sobyanin in Belarus wouldn’t get a public scolding, he’d get a firing squad.

47-42 and trending down. You don’t need free elections to be Europe’s freest country, but you do need some actual f-r-e-e-d-o-m

  1. Mr Reynard says

    IMHO Lukashenko is the only leader with tungsten balls !

  2. Ultrafart the Brave says

    If you’re going to have a dictator, make sure you get a good one.

    Lukashenko is a good one – God bless him and keep him safe.

    Meanwhile, the Australian dictators are bad and getting worse.

    Now it’s official, they are building concentration camps to dispose of the “unvaccinated”…

    … and the “unvaccinated” now includes anyone who refuses to take their “booster shots”, no matter how many times they’ve already been injected.

    You might say that they can’t do that – it’s not “legal”.

    Unfortunately for Australians, the Australian Federal Government is right now sneaking through amendments to the Australian Biosecurity Act which will make it legal for the government to round up anyone it chooses, relocate them to arbitrary detention facilities and detain them indefinitely.

    It’s all coming together now – but not for the common folk.

  3. Unseen Sabis says

    “Aleksandr Lukashenko continued: “I asked this question because I wanted you to answer another question: if you come to the president freely, why are you giving ordinary people such a bad time?”

    Croatian President Zoran Milanović is neck and neck with Luka in not allowing any more insanity-

    If the purpose is to completely eradicate the virus… […] if someone tells me that’s our aim, I’ll tell him he’s out of his mind. It is impossible.

    I start my days with CNN and those other channels, and I wonder if I’m normal or if they’re crazy? They spread panic. They’ve been doing that since the beginning.

    They are not the only ones. […] 

    There is simply no absolute safety. There is no life without risk, without the possibility of falling ill. People become ill because of thousands of other, more serious things. Meanwhile, we’ve been talking about Covid for a year and a half.

    There is a great book by Bill Bonner called Hormegeddon’ – its a fairly quick read and long predates Covid. It basically postulates that having too many options (or seemingly limitless options) at your disposal, and no self-imposed limits on what you will do to further your own perceived gain or benefit, is at the core of most societal devolution / failure.

    With Presidents Luka and Milanovic, what you see are rational responses from people with a duty to serve a defined population.

    What you see from the US-Fiat Loons / EU response are delusional, sickly, aged, secluded, surburbanized buffoons, serving themselves and their paymasters at crony-Pharma, with no loyalty to any population.

    The end result of having corrupt, fiat/crony crapitalists controlling the Covid response has been to sadistically punish the strong and healthy in every society, many of us who long ago defeated Covid without any medical care,
    while at the same time failing those in each society who actually do need the protection of a reasoned, medically sound health response; all for the exclusive benefit of a sickly elite desperate to protect their own domination.

  4. yuri says

    mukgakvich now farcical child–compares Putin to obama….transparently peurile and primitive

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Much like comparing you to an effeminate man or a homo?

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