Putin Says ‘Remains Opposed to Compulsory Vaccination’, Defends Compulsory Vaccination in Moscow and Other Regions

Putin finally speaks up...and clarifies nothing

Editor’s note: Putin wants to have his cake and eat it too. He claims to still be “opposed” to compulsory vaccination but this “opposition” must be philosophical only as he in the same breath defends compulsory vaccination in the regions as both necessary and lawful. His “opposition” is sophistry. He is not (yet) in favor of adding COVID injections to the schedule of vaccines mandatory early in childhood and claims that makes him someone who is “opposed to compulsory COVID vaccination,” that he in a different context very much supports, despite having previously repeatedly ruled it out.

It constitutes the biggest U-turn of his career second only to going back on his assurances he would not seek a 5th term in office after the current one expires in 2024.

Russian President Vladimir Putin remains opposed to introducing compulsory vaccination against COVID-19, he said on Wednesday during his annual Q&A session known as the Direct Line.

“I said once as you remember that I don’t support compulsory vaccination. And I continue to adhere to the same point of view, ” Putin stressed, answering a question whether vaccination against COVID-19 should be voluntary.

Russia launched mass vaccination of citizens above 18 years of age on January 18. Four Russian vaccines against COVID-19 have been registered in the country now. The most widespread drug is Sputnik V developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology.

In Russia, vaccination against coronavirus is voluntary. Compulsory jabs are required only in some regions and for certain groups of citizens, including staff of the services sector.

Source: TASS

The authorities of a number of Russian regions have introduced mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 for certain groups of citizens strictly in accordance with the law, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during his annual Q&A session on Wednesday.

The head of state explained that one could understand the vaccination situation by turning to the 1998 law, which refers to the immune protection of the population.

“The second component of that law says that, in the event of an increase in the number of cases, in the event of an epidemic in certain regions of Russia, regional heads have the right to introduce mandatory vaccination for certain groups of citizens, especially those from risk groups, upon the recommendation of the chief sanitary doctors,” Putin said, adding that there is no confusion here, and everyone is acting in line with the law.

As Putin explained, another component of that law includes the national immunization calendar, and prescriptions there are mandatory. “There were proposals from colleagues to move COVID vaccination to this section, but members of the State Duma did not support them,” he noted. That is why vaccination against COVID-19 has not been included in that calendar and is not mandatory, the president disclosed.

Source: TASS

  1. Raptar Driver says

    It must be clear by now that Putin is just a politician doing the best he can to stay in power.

    1. tyt says

      Meanwhile, American Governors are passing laws to fine businesses and govt agencies that impose mask or human experiment mandates. Russia can do better than this.

  2. Ultrafart the Brave says

    These moves to mandate Corona Chan vaccination in Russia raise questions amongst us poor lemmings under siege from disguised bioweapons across the West.

    What exactly is going on here? Has the Russian medical beauracracy been subverted? Has the Corona Chan issue been infected with Western propaganda?

    And it’s not as if any supposedly “deadly” Corona Chan “variant” can justify this change in policy –

    [ https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/follow-the-science-deadly-delta-variant-registers-a-99.9-recovery-rate ]

    Further, it seems that the common Russian folk disagree with these measures, so they’re not driving these mandates. The decision makers aren’t reacting to popular pressure from the people.

    So who is pulling the strings, and why?

    1. ken says

      Klaus Schwab and his merry men and women at the WEF.

      Kill Gates, Soros and the rest of the billionaire gangs and corporations.

      And pretty much the entire Medical Industrial Complex.

    2. Voz 0db says

      Who? Secular Ruling Families & Billionaires.

      Why? They want to SECURE Their Planet and the huge herds of uman animals are causing a threat to Their Planet.

      So, since you appear to be a distracted fellow modern mo ron slave… And the following billionaire is one of the main herd relations!


  3. Disappointed says

    This was the perfect opportunity for Russia, China, Iran & India to expose the Anglo-American fraud that is covid. But it seems tyrants around the world find the tyranny and control the covid-franchise offers, far too tempting to pass up on. It loos like Russia is as bad faith an actor as the west.

  4. Disappointed says

    Covid is a franchise, it comes with many benefits for the budding tyrant including surveillance and control of the masses based on fear.

    For western countries the fee is paid to the US, by surrendering your peoples privacy, your retail sector to Amazon, US corporate take-over of property and small business during a massive fire sale, The US CIA/NSA are able to listen to every business & government meeting during the whole crisis to discover the opposition to US hegemony.

    The Russians & Iran get the Covid franchise free, without having to pay the fee to the US, but get all the franchise marketing and science based fear mongering and tyranny template for nothing.

    They even created a fake vaccine for the fake virus. for Russia it is a win win.

  5. Tom Verso says

    I don’t see the contradiction.

    He personally and the Federal legislative body are against forced vaccination.

    However, he cites the law that gives authority to regional authorities to force vaccination at their discretion.

    Sounds like what use to be called ‘States Rights’ in the US.

    1. ken says

      He knows the virus is fake along with the plandemic. He knows the PCR cannot determine Infections which is a requirement in that 1998 ‘law’.

      Now sputnik may not be the kill shot the Western injections are but people still have the right to say what goes in their bodies. They just have to exercise that right.

      Finally,,, All he would have to do is wag his little finger and say nyet and it would all stop. Trust me.

      1. Dale says

        … but he doesn’t. Therefore he is not to be lauded in any way.

  6. Fexton says

    Why did Russia & Iran play along?
    The Covid operation is best characterised as a franchise, it is rolled out with many benefits for the budding tyrant, including total surveillance, obedience of the masses, based on a narrative of global fear.

    For western countries the fee is paid to the US, whose CIA direct the operation, by surrendering their peoples privacy, by giving the CIA/NSA a seat at every business & government meeting during the crisis, by surrendering their retail sector to Amazon & by allowing dollar rich US corporate take-over of property and small business, during a massive fire-sale to follow the COVID measures destruction.

    The Russians, Chinese & Iran get the Covid franchise FREE, they get all the franchise marketing, product branding and science based fear mongering, and the tyranny template for nothing, without having to pay the hefty franchise fee to the US,

    They even get to create their own fake vaccine for the fake virus, with the west unable to challenge its effectiveness. For Russia it is a win win, and they will never be challenged for playing along.

  7. ken says

    The article is correct. I got hit pretty hard for saying the same. Something went on during his meeting with Biden. I suspect he was holding out for something,,, got it,,, then removed his resistance. Don’t know if it is money, power or a seat at the table in the new fascist world government they are creating.

    Bottom line,,, it was the first time I have seen him flip. He said he cares for his country and People but apparently he can be bribed. The Western politicians make it very clear they hate everything about their countries and People so bribing them is easy.

    After watching a Russian gestapo drag an unconscious woman to his cruiser because she got ill and removed her mask to breath I knew it was over for the Russians.

    I now no longer use his title as he doesn’t deserve it. He has joined the ranks of politicians that are willing to harm their People for gain. Even at that he is still much smarter than the traitorous slugs that control the West.

    It’s a shame to see a man that did so much good for his country turn like this but it shows you that even the best cannot be trusted completely.


  8. Dale says

    Either Putin has played this from the beginning OR he may simply be afraid of a fake virus OR afraid of looking like he’s not given the fake virus its due regard. In any case, I wouldn’t rule out simple fear.

  9. Voz 0db says

    Pussytin FINALLY revealed is true colors!

  10. Walter Ross says

    All of our far-right leaders, from Johnson, Trump to Putin have pretended to oppose the lockdowns, whilst they eagerly implement them for their Corporate mates.

     ‘Tis them lefties that did it guv!’ they cry, with blood dripping from their hands.

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