Moscow Mayor Restricts 2 Million Unvaccinated Over 60s to Their Towerblock Apartments Until Spring

4 months is the sentence, unvaccination is the crime

By Sobyanin’s estimate 2 million out of 3 million over 60s in Moscow are unvaccinated


Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin introduced new restrictions due to the situation with the coronavirus in the city. He announced this in his blog on October 19.

In particular, starting from October 25, Muscovites over the age of 60 and citizens suffering from chronic diseases must observe a home regimen, while, as the mayor specified, those vaccinated or who have had COVID-19  over the past 6 months are exempt from the need to follow a home regimen. This measure will be valid until February 25, 2022.

You gotta love the part where Sob announced this on his blog. Nothing spells democracy quite like your house arrest orders first being made public on your mayor’s blog. That and the whole part about receiving a 4-month house-arrest sentence without trial from the executive government for the great crime of being over 60 and not undergoing an elective preventive medical procedure with no long-term data.

Sobyanin has (again) ordered businesses to transfer anyone above 60 to remote work, except if they are “critical” to the work process which seems like a big loophole indeed (one that allows Putin to show up for work should he ever get out of his Zoom bubble). This being Russia few if any workers over 60 — except in government offices — will be sent home, but then the majority of the age group are pensioners and not working.

The decree allows Muscovites over 60 who are “critical” to work processes to leave home for work, while all others may only exit to seek medical attention, to buy food, get the garbage out, exercise, or walk a pet.

This makes Moscow City at least the third Russian region to issue a blanket home arrest order for its unvaccinated seniors.

Unlike the Tatarstan and Mari El decrees, however, the Moscow order does not specify that seniors are only allowed to walk the dog within 100 meters of their home, and only allowed to purchase food at the nearest grocery.

On the other hand, Moscow confines everyone unvaccinated over 60 where the cutoff in other regions is 65.

Needless to say, the decree is unenforceable and will be widely ignored. It represents the fine art of ass-covering. The decree won’t be obeyed and wouldn’t have lowered deaths even if it were, but it allows Sob to say he did all that he could to and that only if his decisive ideas had been followed all could have been better.

That said, even publishing insanely dictatorial decrees that happen to be largely dead letter  is still a very big deal. It speaks to how little purchase ideas like limits on government power or just the respect for the elderly have for the political shysters in Russia. The fact they don’t actually have enough goons on the payroll to make their demented ideas happen is not great consolation.

The rat actually has the temerity to end the announcement of the oncoming 4-month confinement of the seniors by addressing them thus:

My dear grandmothers and grandfathers,

I am well aware of how tedious and uncomfortable the current restrictions are. But there is simply no other way to save you from a serious illness.

Please get vaccinated. Thus, you will protect your health and will be able to maintain your usual lifestyle.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Your Mayor, Sergei Sobyanin

Wow, what an incredible amount of love the evicting, apartment-razing son of a bitch has for the Muscovite elderly. I’m touched. “Please get vaccinated. Thus you will be able to maintain your usual lifestyle.” What fine, loving words these are. Please try them on your grandma as you lock her in until she does the right thing and gets injected. As the loving and respectful grandson that you are.

Here’s the even more insane part, Sobyanin thought his announcement of involuntary home confinement of 2 million people was best accompanied by an image of a cozy scene of a coffee table and a blanket:

Yeah, when I think of a home GULAG for 2 million people by executive decree from one of Russia’s sleaziest and most corrupt shysters a teacup and a cozy blanket is exactly what I think of.

Laughably the imagine is becoming the official image of Moscow house arrests as it was first published by Sobyanin’s office in March 2020 accompanying the announcement of the first lockdown wave.

If you wonder where Putin is on all of this, no need to wonder. The Presidential Spokesman Peskov has explained there is no such thing as a measure that “encourages” vaccine uptake that is a bad measure:

“All measures are good. Any measures that can encourage more people to get vaccinated are good. And only vaccination saves you from death.”

All is fair in the war to get more Sputnik into more arms. A regional official can not “encourage” Sputnik uptake and err. Respect for the elders? The sanctity of citizens’ dignity? What are those?

  1. guest says

    Boris Yeltsin never did that, did he ?

    1. Russian Observer says

      To get his way, Boris Yeltsyn ordered tanks into the city which opened fire at the nation’s Parliament – while members of the Parliament were there. What’s your point here?

      1. guest says

        What did Boris do two years earlier, when he was just the leader of the party in the Moscow district ? Did he lock people in their apartments ?

        While Boris and his T72 friends were making arrangements for the future, people were free to leave their apartments. Btw, thank you Boris for the brave-new future.

        To-day it would take tanks to liberate people from these covid maniacs —but those tankists are now old people, locked in apartments, praising the name of Boris.

        1. geo says

          He gave to the “tribe”, for free, the Russian assets and possessions…

        2. yuri says

          yeltsin despised in Russia

          1. Jerry Hood says

            As every jew does it!!!

      2. nnn says

        Yeltzin and Putin were best friends

        1. yuri says

          more amerikan stupidity

    2. Jerry Hood says

      Boris Jaltzman was a jew-khazar and they don’t respect even Christ!!!

  2. yuri says

    more pro empire puerile fascism from pukejokovic

    1. yuri says

      downvote from an amerikan racist child always a compliment

  3. ken says

    But there is simply no other way to save you from a serious illness.”

    Yeah,,,, 99.5% over 65 recover just fine. Straight from the CDC folks!

    16,766 deaths in the USA. [VAERS] 26,000 in the EU. Russia hides their numbers.

    You can tell who it is they want gone – as in dead- by simply looking at who they’re singling out. In the US a known 48,000 elder deaths.

    Soylent Green…. the documentary.

  4. Rebel Forever says

    Just read that Uncle Sam is getting ready to ‘roll out’ vaccines for 5-11 year olds, who have a 99.998 percent chance of survival if they even get the ‘virus.’ Don’t come to my house expecting to jab my children, my wife, or me. It’ll just result in the health/government official getting a generous portion of buckshot.

  5. nnn says

    Putin bulldog Sobianin

  6. steve kastl says

    Is this mayor a moron like DeBlasio? Who is he to keep the elderly in home detention? This sounds like NYC, not Moscow.

  7. Malatok says

    Looks like the ruskis under Ras Putin’s jackboot are in on the deal just like their best buddies the Chicommies. Shame really. (bet that got resident Bolshevik yuri steaming)

    Sputnik macht frei…same as the rest of the filth these psychos are squirting.

    By staying unjected you win because when the mass die off happens in the coming Dark Winter there will be a global stampede of very very pissed off sheeple.
    Even sheeple smell death the closer they get to the graveyard.

    1. yuri says

      enjoy when hillbilly amerikan racist upset

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