Russian Cops Brutally Drag Sobbing Granny From a Bus Because She Wasn’t Vaccinated — VIDEO

Pigs presume to lecture her and scream at her. Painful to watch.

The woman tried to get on an intercity bus on the Kumertau – Ufa line, without documents confirming that she had been vaccinated. At the same time, she ignored the repeated demands of the station workers and law enforcement officers to leave the bus, thereby delaying the departure of public transport, the department reports. [Link]

I wonder if the Comrade of Alabama, who has since gone all but quiet on everything COVID, but who in early 2020 was promising apocalypse for anyone who did not lock down with utmost severity including kidnapping COVID-positive children from their parents, is going to send a letter to the Russian mercenary cops congratulating them on work well done in brutalizing and humiliating elderly citizens?

Or perhaps it is going to be the early “COVID believer” Saker, who has interrupted his 18-month moratorium and ban on discussing anything related to COVID fascism, in order to publish and promote wishy-washy BS on how in Russia the government and the people are ultimately joined in a common struggle against the virus, marked by mutual trust:

Street revolts are not happening in Russia. This is not happening in China. There are relatively few ZoneB countries where this is happening and the main difference is the cohesion of citizen and state. Where there is no cohesion, there is break-down. Western governments have proven themselves to be enemies of their citizens.

The second main difference simply is trust.

Here is the most spectacular difference. The western countries started fighting their people. How dare they be susceptible to a virus but oh boy, what a crisis capitalism opportunity this is.

The other ¾ of the world started fighting a virus and supporting their people.

Utterly hilarious and laughable stuff and downright criminal to peddle it. There is plenty of revolt in Russia, it just doesn’t take the form of street protest. What else is one of the lowest vaccination rates in Europe, but a form of revolt against the state religion of COVID mind disease? 

There is also plenty of government overreach, of brutality, of Draconianism, of humiliation, pressure, coercion, repression, gaslighting, and of concealing and massaging the numbers.

Russia isn’t a place that is marked by a high level of popular trust in the government, but a place that is marked by an extraordinarily high level of cynicism for the government and the state. The level is so high that it spills into government offices themselves and the police force which is itself jaded and cynical. The real reason Russia isn’t a fully-blown COVID-Stalinist hellhole is that its own police force does not truly buy into the cretinisms of the COVID sacrificial cult that Saker subscribes to, but are only enforcing it in a lazy and mercenary fashion just sufficient to protect their paychecks. Such a hypocritical police force and bureaucracy do not allow the high leadership to wage an effective war against the populace in practice, but such a war definitely already exists on the books, and will only be ramped up in the coming winter months. (Saint Petersburg just announced a QR-code regime that doesn’t accept negative tests.)

As it escalates we will be on the side of Russian grandmas and the Russian people. Will Saker? Or will he stay true to form and keep mum, only to interrupt his silence here and there to pontificate from his restriction-free, DeSantis-run Florida on how the COVID Faucism in Russia really isn’t all that bad, and how the people, “albeit grumbling”, largely accept it anyway and find it for the best?

Here is a video of a different Russian granny who last month defied a different kind of bandit:

You know what is sad? The elderly woman who bravely resisted the mugger was ultimately assisted by a passerby, but the courageous woman who stood up to the Russian COVID Rouge was then repressed by the police.

However, even the brave Moscow grandma will now find herself in house arrest if she is one of the two-thirds of the over 60s who want none of the jab Putin is peddling and remain unvaccinated.

As Putin has instructed his Spokesman to signal, but is too cowardly to be heard saying himself:

“All measures are good. Any measures that can encourage more people to get vaccinated are good.”

So three hurrays for the Russian police! Without them who would drag unvaccinated Russian grandmas from intercity buses? They should expect a medal in the mail from Putin shortly for a job well done in “encouraging more people to get vaccinated”. Next, tune in for the cops arresting an unvaccinated grandpa for walking a dog farther than 100 meters from his towerblock, or having the guile to get his groceries in a store that is only the 2nd closest to his towerblock entrance. 

Anything to not have to get an actually honorable job. Then again, in a QR-coded, lockdown realm it’s better for you that you don’t.

Sorry granny, you thought you lived in a free country
  1. Mr Reynard says

    Sobaka… Moscow Mayor ???

  2. Raptar Driver says

    Pitiful, now the Russians are just as bad as the Australians.

    1. yuri says

      pitiful American retired dishwasher rat driver always stupid, always racist

      1. Malatok says

        psycho on the loose

  3. yuri says

    more yerunda from irrelevant marge in Cebu

  4. ken says

    Good to see the Russians learning good Western values. Wait until they start shooting rubber bullets at granny like their hero state Australia.

    Medical fascism in Russia… Wow!

    1. Jerry Hood says

      That’s happend when you have too many satanic jews in government, like that of Rus.Putin!!!

  5. drb says

    all of them are mum. Israel Shamir and Patrick Armstrong to name two. At least Shamir does not censor me when I say something, but he does not reply either.

  6. GMC says

    Nothing like this in Crimea and I m speaking from Epvatoria to Yalta. The only time we are told to mask up is at the cashier area, as we are leaving the Shop – lol. Of course this makes No sense since the rest of the time we are maskless, including on the bus. It s all optional and some People wear them, but most don t. Older folks are vaccinating but its not a big deal since deaths from Sput. Is Very Very low. I ve read about 2 People dieing but that was in southern RF. I m sceptical on any statistics – however.

  7. Finnian Reilly says

    I am very disappointed with The Saker that he hasn’t yet seen through the cult of Covid. But then as he himself once confessed, he was very slow to see through the Psy Op of 9/11, so perhaps one day.

    1. ken says

      Wonder what he needs to see the bs of covid,,, a slap upside the head with a two by four.

      These government loving morons make their bucks by ‘analyzing’ this or that. They don’t like to disturb their feed chute.

      If he had been in NYC or Kalifornica he may have witnessed despotism up front and close but being in Free Florida he can choose to ignore the obvious. Typical in the US. I’m okay,,, to hell with the rest!

      I notice he is all for censorship and has rules,,, just like the tyrants have their guidance and rules. There is no law anymore. Just damn rules and I am damn well sick of them and those that ‘follow’ them.

    2. Maiasta says

      “he was very slow to see through the Psy Op of 9/11, so perhaps one day.”

      Yeah, unfortunately, i don’t think we have 15 or 20 years for these dozy ideologues to start thinking. The Great Reset and its associated depopulation drive is on a much shorter timescale.

      1. XSFRGR says

        It has already started.

    3. guest says

      >>> “seen through the cult of Covid”
      How can a seemingly intelligent person (who can walk-talk-chew gum) not see in December 2019 that it is a man-made bio-something; not see in February 2020 that there is nothing to see here; not see in March-April 2020 that bankrupting two continents is no solution even to a real epidemic, much less to an imagined one —that bankruptcy has never cured any disease ?

      Not see that Delta only started after the vaccination ?

  8. ADAM says

    What we need to see is Putin being dragged out of his protected Limo and beaten to an inch of his life along with that Saker creep ( Putin’s apologist). Then RT can say COVID is real or claim it’s Western propaganda.

  9. XSFRGR says

    It’s so refreshing to see that cops are just as worthless, and brutal in Russia as they are in the West. It also seems that the Russian public is a pack of gutless cattle just like the West. Tell me again why anyone would want to move to Russia.

  10. Malatok says

    Looks like the ruskis under Ras Putin’s jackboot are in on the deal just like their best buddies the Chicommies. Shame really. (bet that got resident Bolshevik yuri steaming)
    Sputnik macht frei…same as the rest of the filth these psychos are squirting.
    By staying unjected you win because when the mass die off happens in the coming Dark Winter there will be a global stampede of very very pissed off sheeple.
    Even sheeple smell death the closer they get to the graveyard.

  11. askingforafriend says

    She may not have even experienced that type of treatment under Communism. Go figure.

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