Anti-Empire Now Banned in Turkey

Anti-Empire — analysis so biting Erdogan's censors blocked it for Turks

Originally ran February 14.

Your favorite website for anti-empire news received an email from Turkish censors of the Information and Communication Technologies Authority telling it to either pull down the article Photos Surface of the Turkish Army Convoy Devastated by Syrian Artillery Last Week or the site would be blocked in Turkey:

Dear Sir/Madam,

According to the Article 8/A of Law numbered 6639 and dated 15/04/2015 amending Law numbered 5651 “on regulation of publications on the Internet and combating crimes committed by means of such publications”, within the scope of non-delayable cases, removing and access blocking of below mentioned content has been decided at the request of competent authorities.

According to the Article 8/A, paragraph 1, the decision must be implemented immediately, at the latest within 4 hours (as of) sending moment of the notification.

Therefore, removing the below mentioned content immediately, at the latest within 4 hours is notified; otherwise access to your web site will be blocked and legal and administrative proceedings will be initiated.

We would like to cooperate with you and solve the problem with Notice and Takedown procedure.

Information and Communication Technologies Authority

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I sent them this reply:

Will do as you ask as soon as Turkey recognizes the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocides.

As of now, Turkey has yet to comply with Anti-Empire’s counter-demand thus the article stays up. The Turkish government has responded by carrying out its threat of blocking its citizens from accessing Anti-Empire (without the inconvenience of a VPN):

I’d like to take this opportunity to say Anti-Empire is open to negotiations on the matter. If Turkey wants the article down but does not wish to recognize the genocides, Anti-Empire might be satisfied with Turkish cessation of support for jihad in Syria’s Idlib. Heck for that I’ll unpublish the whole darn site and swear never to pick up a pen again.

Until then here is another photo of the shelling aftermath that wasn’t available when the piece went up originally:

As well as a new video of the incident:

You have to understand Erdogan. He got seven Turkish soldiers killed playing human shields for Al-Qaeda and would rather the Turkish public quickly forgot about that. Images of the grim aftermath are a reminder he would rather not have as he wades deeper into Idlib. However, if there are no consequences he’ll never learn.

Honestly, if Anti-Empire wasn’t banned in Turkey it would mean it was doing something wrong.

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  4. Trap Is Not Gay says

    We should’ve been colonizing planets and stars, but NO!
    Let’s fight for a piece of land in the DESERT, and let’s bring in the world ending for it…

    1. Kenric L. Ashe says

      I don’t think we want to be colonizing any stars. 😛

      And this whole notion of the Middle East being entirely desert land is Western Capitalist false propaganda. I first learned the truth when I started researching the Golan Heights, which supplies an enormous volume of water to Israel (stolen from Syria), one third of their entire supply! And fertile land for growing food. And of course … OIL (Genie Energy board of directors includes Dick Cheney and Jacob Rothschild). Same is true in northern Syria. Take a look at Idlib on Google Maps, switch to satellite view and zoom out. Look at all that farm land wow!

  5. thomas malthaus says

    The Russia-Turkey relationship is probably beyond repair. Erdogan is acting as Trump’s puppet and the threats to leave NATO are meaningless.

    This might be the time for Syria and Russia to make advances toward the YPK and the PKK to strengthen their hand as they see fit. They’ve appear to have the moderate Kurds — for whom they save from a potential slaughter last year– within their camp. If the remaining Kurdish elements can disavow supporting Israel and the United States, the denouement may be at hand.

  6. Ömer says

    it’s now 10 days to 2022 and “anti-empire” is not blocked in Turkey. But the “empire of Putinistan” is wobbly. It’s the 21st century now but gas and wagner are his only exports.. go figure..

    those that think they can take on the US by themselves are just morons. need to get smarter.

    assad is bought. useless after this point.

    iran has become a schizophreniac – afraid of its own shadow. again, useless.

    that leaves israel and turkey.

    the US and russia are foreigners in our back yard. and one day, their stay will just make no sence (especially when there is no more cents to exploit).

    this site takes swing against facsism – but become are the fascists in many of the remaks it makes. would that be out of ignorance or is it just their rotting self-righetousness left over from the soviet times?

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