Klaus Schwab Flees in Terror as Russia Dismantles Its Economy and Strips Its People of Basic Dignity

Globalists check-mated after Moscow kneecaps itself

Other virus cult regimes are rolling out QR codes claiming they are there to “prevent” lockdowns. Russia rolls out both at the same time

Edward Slavsquat is an American in self-exile in Russia who writes things on the internet. He has worked for Press TV, Russia Insider, and RT and is a valued and long-running contributor to Anti-Empire. He has lived in Moscow and Bashkortostan. Read his Substack.

Anyone who doubted that Russia is fighting tirelessly against the West’s Globalist Agenda must apologize immediately: the city of Moscow — literally the Third Rome, but even more Holy — has just dealt a death blow to Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, NATO and Satan himself:

Non-working days in Moscow are set from October 28 to November 7, 2021.

During this period, the work of all enterprises and organizations on the territory of the city of Moscow should be suspended, with the exception of organizations that ensure the functioning of the city infrastructure, enterprises of a continuous cycle and some others, whose activities cannot be terminated in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation.

In particular,

1. The work of enterprises and organizations in the sphere of trade, services , public catering, sports, culture, recreation, entertainment, film screenings and others is suspended , except for the sale of drugs, food and other essential goods.


2. The provision of public services in the centers “My Documents” and the premises of the authorities of the city of Moscow is suspended, with the exception of urgent services for registration of acts of civil status.

5. Theaters and museums can continue to operate. However, their visit will be possible only if the occupancy of the premises is no more than 50%, the use of QR codes and protective masks.

It’s not a lockdown, it’s “non-working days”!

And here’s what will happen after the “non-working days” are over:

1. In connection with the introduction of a home regime from November 8, 2021, free travel on public transport will be suspended for elderly Muscovites over the age of 60 and chronically ill citizens .

However, the blocking of social cards will not affect citizens who have had COVID -19 in the last 6 months, or who have been vaccinated . The unlocking of social cards will be carried out immediately after vaccination with the first component.

Please understand this decision. It was adopted in order to save the lives and health of the most vulnerable category of Muscovites.

2. Theaters and museums will continue to work with the mandatory use of QR codes, protective masks and a maximum 70% occupancy rate.

3. In addition, from November 8, 2021, the mandatory use of QR codes and protective masks is introduced when holding concerts, entertainment, cultural, entertainment, sports and other events with the simultaneous presence of more than 500 people.

So basically: all old unvaxxed people will be culled. And QR codes are here to stay and will slowly be integrated into all aspects of commerce and daily life.

As Slavsquat warned just days ago, Russians are being subjected to a slow boil.

Don’t worry though, this is all part of the plan. Trust the plan!



  1. guest says

    >>>> “Non-working days in Moscow are set from October 28 to November 7, 2021.”

    An extended celebration of the glorious revolution ?

    1. Jerry Hood says

      It is the Rus.Putin’s khazarian oligarchs who wants it this way, it was judeobolshevik revolution, now carried out in United Sionist Snakes of America….This time, under BLUE BANNERS!!!

      1. guest says

        Every May 8 Putin organizes this large parade and puts on display old veterans. For the rest of the year they have to hybernate in house-arrest —this is how they are preserved (“save the life and health”) for future generations.

  2. Ilya G Poimandres says

    Oh that scene from Kin-Dza-Dza where the guy makes him put on the muzzle: “put it on, and smile – enjoy yourself!”

  3. ken says

    “Please understand this decision. It was adopted in order to save the lives and health of the most vulnerable category of Muscovites.”

    Pure horse hockey.

    Vulnerable is code for victim. Those over 65 and unimportant. The costly old useless eaters that no longer produce. Putin is over 65 and I’ll lay a years Social Security he is not locked down or beaten for getting on a bus with no mask or told he has to stay home until Spring.

    They’ve been killing the ‘vulnerable’ now for 20 months. In the USA one vulnerable put on remdesivir, which knocks out the Kidneys causing the lungs to fill with fluid, and a ventilator, which then blows out the lungs, will net 50-60,000 fedbux. Then no more medicare or SS to pay them. Win Win for them,,, the cooler for you.

    1. yuri says

      barbarian amerikan hillbilly racist –you are in dementia home less intelligent that the elderly

      1. Malatok says

        Bolshie bullshit meltdown.

        1. yuri says

          plohoi malchik? chelovek goloboy?

  4. nnn says

    More Bull s…..

  5. Elena says

    One thing that people from outside of the former Soviet Union do not understand – people that lived 70 years under the oppressive regime are absolute masters of evasion. Fake vaccine passports are a huge market existing semi-legally in Russia, where you can get those pesky QR codes for a fixed price without worrying about injecting yourself with anything. And the government had never really represented the people – those two are completely separate entities. The fanfares, reporting, numbers – all of it is just Potemkin Villages, common to Russian existence and mostly ignored by regular people. What’s more – even the authorities know that and aware that nothing they say or order will change the inertia, the distrust the Russian people have in any form of the government. We know – deeply, to the core – that the government is a pack of lies. So we carry on with our lives with complete disregard for all these mandates. We know that mandates are there to collect fees – so we bribe the police and carry on. We buy our fake cards and carry on. Just like we did during soviet times – with illegal books passed from hands to hands, with “jazz on bones”, black markets, etc. etc. We are used to it

    1. yuri says

      false—“the state always reflects the values and desires of its people”. observed by everyone from Durkheim to Zinoviev
      sputnik available no cost

    2. david i carter says

      Russians are a 100 times tougher than americans.

  6. yuri says

    murky jerkovich slavssqatter –more pro-empire propaganda

  7. GMC says

    I think General Shogun ( Shoigu) has the right plan. Let s build some New towns and cities close to the Urals, and leave the Hebes have Moscow.

  8. Malatok says

    Ras Putin is the Russian “Trump”. Fake as a 6 Rouble bill.

    Free thinkers and those who refuse to be enslaved stand alone.

    YOU are the disease, their covaid$ death squirt the cure.

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