Sanctioned by PayPal

On July 11th Anti-Empire was booted from PayPal. Account disabled, funds blocked (fortunately there was a single cent left), and “banned” from creating a replacement account.

PayPal did not explain the reason for deplatforming, but the fact it occured on the same day that Edward Slavsquat and Inessa S were also banned leads me to believe the reason is political.

“Some of your products and services are in violation”

The disabling of the account paints a question mark over the next fundraiser for AE and perhaps even over AE’s continued active existence. Without access to PayPal it does not seem the modest quarterly drives the site had relied on are possible.

The deplatforming also interrupted all monthly subscriptions. Some of you had been backing AE with automatic monthly PayPal donations. With July 11 these had become impossible and are no longer going through.

I thought AE might avoid the Alex Jones treatment by the simple fact of being a small fish and not being worth the bother. But it seems that ultimately no source of dissent is small enough not to be targeted.

What AE being small really means is that there will be no campaign of pressure on PayPal to restore AE of the kind there was for Consortium News that ultimately forced a reversal.

  1. Eric P says

    Useless wef queers
    Don’t worry man
    There many other payment sites
    You don’t need these pedo kikes

  2. Ulrich von Kafkanien says

    Well, or should I write not-well, this calls for other solutions. As long as you have a bank account. (I fear we are approaching the day when dissenters will lose their bank account.)

  3. YakovKedmi says

    What need is there for Paypal and donation button ? A website can exist just fine without them.

  4. Oscar Peterson says

    So what’s your plan, Marko?

    Are you headed towards giving up on Anti-Empire?

    Because, frankly, the vibe I’m getting is that your enthusiasm for this has diminished.

    1. Noragami says

      I feel for him. It’s a shock to the system to see that Russia’s leadership is part of the empire. The stage-managed Ukraine conflict couldn’t help but reveal that. If Russia really wanted to win, they’d have steamrollered Ukraine in a month with no lingering, drawn-out slaughter of poorly equipped conscripts on both sides (what else are the militias of Donetsk and Lughansk?). The EU sanctions would already be lifted in the face of a Russian fait-accompli.

      Instead, we have the worst possible war for every party involved. Why? Putin is a longstanding WEF crony. So are his key allies. Schwab “telling him off” regarding Ukraine is merely unconvincing theatre. The siloviki and oligarch classes are following the Khazarian Mafia’s Great Reset playbook by making the war drag on, so that the ordinary people of the EU, Ukraine *and* Russia are faced with ever more oppressive conditions.

      It’s a war, don’t you know. We must silence traitors! We must arrest the dissenters! And yet, on both sides, the leadership follows the WEF prescription for a Great Reset, aka the Khazarian bankers’ “Going Direct” financial and social restructuring (read Catherine Austin Fitts for her excellent take on this). Both sides use the same playbook for tyrrany.

      On both sides, genetically-modifying “vaccines” are forced into unwilling arms. Central Bank Digital Currencies are planned to control your every last purchase, and automatically take taxes from your account. Free speech is being strangled even more than usual, legal and constitutional protections are lost, travel is restricted, and shortages appear.

      It is all theatre. Murderous theatre, to fool the goyim.

  5. James says

    It’s pretty obvious the PTBs are planning for another big psy-op this fall. “Good guy” sites like yours have been getting lots of strikes and channel bans on YouTube in recent days along with the payment de-platforming. Get ready everyone, it’s coming!

  6. Hrast Pastir says

    Gotovo je.


  7. Noragami says

    Perhaps GiveSendGo might be of use? They’re the Christian anti-censorship fundraisers that allowed Canadian truckers to fundraise after the Khazarian filth at Go F*** Me stole their money.

  8. Commenter says

    The UK site Daily Expose – was also banned from Paypal more than once I think. They still manage to get their donations. They use the ‘buy me a coffee’ site & anyone can donate directly through card but don’t know details or security behind that. But they’ve been surviving nicely without PP for awhile now.

    PP’s fees are already enough without their blatant bias and obvious political control. But they rule everything so getting paid means going through them when necessary. A multicurrency account can lower fees for foreigners but accessing your cash directly is still a long exhausting road.

  9. t says

    Use subscribestar or patreon instead.

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