A Political Coup Against Sweden’s Successful No-Lockdown Policy Just as It Becomes More Vindicated Than Ever

Sweden falls to the COVID Rouge

The reason Denmark and Norway entered into a hard lockdown in March but Sweden did not isn’t because Danish and Norwegian authorities recommended that, but because they were overridden by politicians.

Actually, their health authorities had proposed more modest measures. Not quite as liberal as the ones proposed in Sweden but more liberal than what the politicians ordered instead.

In Sweden, you had a similar situation in that the political government was more panicky than the health authorities, but in Sweden uniquely the politicians actually did not have the power to override the civil service. This sounds very technocratic but is actually not a recent invention but a legacy tradition.

This allowed the PM to hide behind the state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell and so Sweden became (after the UK and Netherlands which initially said they would follow the same strategy also gave in to hysteria) the only Western country which did not lock down its people.

In turn, lockdown fanatics screamed that Sweden would see 40,000 Covid deaths by May rising to 100,000 by June. This was the prediction of the Imperial College model (on the basis of which the UK and Trump’s USA locked down) when applied to Sweden.

Instead, Sweden had a marginally better COVID outcome than the UK, with a near-identical progression of the outbreak, and just 5,000 COVID-related deaths by summer.

Lockdown fanatics then moved the goalposts claiming that with a lockdown Sweden may have achieved the same COVID outcome as the lightly affected Denmark and Norway. However if that is so, why wasn’t this outcome achieved by the other lockdowners such as the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, France and Spain? On evidence, a lockdown in Sweden would have been just as in vain as in those countries.

In reality, while Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are linguistic relatives, that does not mean they are hugely interconnected. Denmark is on the other side of the Baltic Sea, and most of Norway is separated by a frozen mountain range. The idea the three must be thought of as Siamese triplets and can only be compared to each other is bizarre. The truth is that we simply don’t know precisely why some areas are hit harder and sooner than others; why northern Italy was hit harder than southern Italy (and that’s the same country!) or why eastern EU wasn’t hit until fall. That said, the fact Sweden had far more dry tinder explains a lot.

Anyhow, over the summer and fall Sweden’s no lockdown policy became even more vindicated. Where at one point Sweden was number 8 by COVID-related deaths per capita in the World it started to slide down that list as deaths piled up in lockdown-fanatic Latin America over the summer, and in equally pro-lockdown eastern-central Europe in the fall.

Eastern Europeans escaped almost unscathed by the first March-April wave and attributed that to their lockdowns. But the very same lockdowns failed to have an impact when traditional flu season returned in the fall, and they started to climb up the COVID death ladder, causing Sweden to slide down to 23rd (and falling). (In reality, the failure of the lockdowns to have any impact in the fall shows the Easterners would have escaped the spring wave regardless of what they did.)

Similarly to the UK and other Western European countries, Sweden is experiencing a 2nd fall wave of its own, but it’s nothing too dramatic. Daily deaths are lower than they were in the spring wave and the outbreak is once again following a Gompertz curve and is by no means “exponential”. There is no realistic danger of hospital space running out, as it also did not happen last season.

Appropriately Sweden’s chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell who has steered the ship so far advises staying the course. Take precautions but continue to live a largely normal life.

However even as Tegnell’s model — which is simply the model every single healthy authority planned for before the March 2020 collective psychosis — has become more vindicated, and is looking more correct and easier to defend than ever, something all too predictable is happening. The political government egged on by the virtue-signaling king is in the process of carrying out a coup against Tegnell’s control of epidemic policy.

Under constant barrage by the international media and the opposition, the PM has started to pass down orders that are starting to amount to a soft lockdown. This despite claiming in the spring that overriding Tegnell was not within his powers.

Albeit Sweden has done well not to pile unnecessary human-caused cardio, cancer, and poverty deaths on top of virus deaths, there is nonetheless raised mortality and older people are dying and that is a sad thing. This leads to the temptation of virtue signaling and “do something-ism”. It is engrained deep in the human psyche that to achieve results one must sacrifice, and that sacrifice leads to good results. But when the mechanics of this process are nonsensical that simply isn’t true. Sacrifice will make you feel good but it doesn’t mean it’s actually helping. Performing a ritual with dancing does not bring rain, flogging yourself does not wash out sin, and cutting out human hearts does not keep the Sun moving across the sky. Sacrificing the cardio and cancer patients and the poor does not bring down COVID deaths. But it does allow bleeding-hearts to pat themselves on the back over how compassionate they are as they make things WORSE than they need to be, and therefore it makes sense for the PM’s personal political calculation and ultimately that is what really matters (you didn’t think they were actually making decisions based on what’s good for mortality, rather than for their own political fortune in the very short term?):

Why the change in tone from the Swedish government during November and December?

If one were cynical, one might think it was due to the fact that the governing Social Democrats received a big boost to their opinion ratings in April and May, in the usual “rally around the flag” fashion seen when a nation faces some type of crisis, but since then they have been polling worse month on month. Maybe they saw their polling numbers, panicked, and hoped that they would get a boost in the polls if they could appear more assertive. Or maybe they’ve just capitulated to international pressure to “get in line”.

That is unfortunate but it does not mean that there will no longer be a single no-lockdown country in the West. Actually, since June the other Scandinavian countries and Switzerland have actually been more liberal than Sweden. Indeed the very fact that Switzerland is handling the 2nd wave which for it has been much deadliner than the first with a lighter touch is a de facto admission that they never should have locked down during the first one either.

In reality, lockdowns do nothing COVID-wise because asymptomatic infections do not contribute to driving outbreaks, just as they did not for any other respiratory virus epidemic. (No we do not live in the special times where the first-ever virus in the history of viruses to be driven by asymptomatic spread has evolved. We’re not that special.)

    1. Иван says

      Aztecs sacrificed people to their Gods to have more rain.
      Globalist politicians sacrifice people to their Oligarchs to have more money.
      Yep, valid parallel.

      1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

        I believe those are 16th century Mayans as portrayed in the Mel Gibson film Apocalypto.

        1. Иван says

          I stand corrected. Haven’t got to studying pre-colonial American cultures yet. There is still much to learn about European pre-Christian cultures.

          1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

            Absolutely. I love History.

            1. Иван says

              Genetically, Native Americans are of Aryan descent but they’ve developed some interesting cultures.

            2. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

              Yeah. Their cultures and languages varied greatly across the Americas and were generally dictated by geography and climate. There were few large scale, widespread “civilizations” developed that lasted at least a few centuries – the Mississippi River Valley, the Mayans, the Aztecs, and the Incas but that’s about it. They made great advances, though, in agriculture, astronomy, math, and architecture. The Aztecs were doing what we would now call “city planning” by the 15th century and the unique design and arrangement of Aztec cities amazed 16th century Spaniards. They had never seen anything like it. The Mayans were probably the first people to use the concept of 0.

              However, in what is now the US and Canada there was constant migration of tribes and low intensity skirmishing between them for hunting grounds and good agricultural land. The tribes documented by Spanish expeditions into south and central Texas in the mid to late 17th century were almost completely different than the tribes occupying the same areas in the early to mid 19th century.

            3. Иван says

              I doubt they were the first. 500 years isn’t that long ago and Spaniards had contact with Moors for centuries before colonization of America. Concept of zero (si-fir) originated in Arabic world but I don’t doubt that Mayans reached it independently. The much talked about Mayan calendar (or rather end of it) fit with end of Night of Svarog. It is an era of about 1000 years. This is a major conformation of their … to use a PC term, ‘Indo-European’ origins.
              What I find interesting is human sacrifice. This is an inconstancy that don’t fit into their civilizations. Spaniard were religious fanatics and perhaps human sacrifice of Aztecs and Mayans is just a figment of Christian imagination.

            4. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

              You’re probably right about zero but the Mayans were using it by 350 AD. Read the journals of the Cortez expedition. There was nothing in Europe that rivaled the Aztec city of Mexico in the 16th century in terms of design and organization. Cortez himself stated that it was the most well designed and beautiful city he had ever seen.

            5. Иван says

              That’s the thing that bugs me. Cortez and his men were welcomed by Aztecs. This hardly fits with descriptions of a blood-thirsty society who practiced slavery and human sacrifice.

            6. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

              That was probably a ploy to learn more about them. They were being scoped out from the coast all the way to the capitol. The direct attacks came during their initial visit and the Aztecs pushed Cortez and his native allies – who numbered over 100,000 men – all the way back to the Gulf. The Spaniards and their allies rallied, Cortez got needed reinforcements from Cuba and the rest, as they say, is history.

            7. Иван says

              Not really intelligent to expose your secrets in an attempt to learn more about your enemy, is it?

              Aztecs could have gathered all needed info by implanting spies into ranks of Cortez allies.

            8. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

              Yeah and they did. Part of it might have also been uncertainty about just who the Spaniards really were. As a child, a shaman told Moctezuma a story about fair skinned people who would arrive from across the ocean. The shaman apparently told him that they would be sent by God and that they should be honored and respected. According to Spaniards with Cortez, Moctezuma was certain that the Spaniards were these people.

            9. Иван says

              Yes, the reincarnation of Feathered Serpent God, Quetzalcoatl. I heard that story as well and this is the only redeeming argument.

            10. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

              Honestly, the Aztecs almost pushed them into the Gulf. The Spaniards were pretty desperate. They hung on, though. I think the Aztec Empire was destined for revolt and dismemberment, though. The eagerness of many tribes subject to the Aztecs to support the Spaniards with men, food, and intelligence enabled a Spanish victory. They found tribes from the Gulf to more than halfway to Mexico volunteering to provide support. Outside of the central valley of Mexico and some of the mountains around it, the Aztecs were mostly hated. I think that’s the real story.

            11. Иван says

              I’m still not entirely sold on slavery and human sacrifice. Plus same people claim Aztecs never invented the wheel. Ridiculous.

            12. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

              By the way, the journals of Bernal Díaz del Castillo, a soldier in the Cortes expedition, are fascinating and possibly the most credible first hand account of the expedition and the Aztec Empire. At times, he exaggerates the size of the Aztec forces facing them but, mostly, his descriptions of the campaign, the communications between Cortes and the Aztecs, the Aztec cities, and life in the Aztec Empire are detailed and, based on archeology and other accounts, ring true.

            13. Иван says

              I don’t doubt their accounts but Spanish needed a reason for war. This means propaganda and vilification of the enemy. Stuff like this need to be carefully examined especially since Aztecs aren’t here to defend themselves.

            14. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

              That’s the thing, though. He certainly gave accounts of Aztec atrocities but he was also impressed with them.

            15. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

              I think they were pretty brutal and had grown arrogant.

            16. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

              In order, most potent Sire, to convey to your Majesty a just conception of the great extent of this noble city of Tenochtitlan, and of the many rare and wonderful objects it contains, of the government and dominions of Moctezuma, the sovereign; of the religious rites and customs that prevail, and the order that exists in this as well as other cities appertaining to his realm: it would require the labor of many accomplished writers, and much time for the completion of the task. I shall not be able to relate an hundredth part of what could be told respecting these matters but I will endeavor to describe, in the best manner in my power, what I have myself seen; and imperfectly as I may succeed in the attempt, I am fully aware that the account will appear so wonderful as to be deemed scarcely worthy of credit; since even when we who have seen these things with our own eyes, are yet so amazed as to be unable to comprehend their reality. But your Majesty may be assured that if there is any fault in my relation, either in regard to the present subject, or to any other matters of which I shall give your Majesty an account, it will arise from too great brevity rather than extravagance or prolixity in the details; and it seems to me but just to my Prince and Sovereign to declare the truth in the clearest manner, without saying any thing that would detract from it, or add to it.

              ~ Hernan Cortes


    2. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

      Ha. That’s funny…. I mean horrible… I mean horribly funny. :-}. Thanks for a morbid morning laugh, voza. Doesn’t look like the crops are going to do well this year? Tell the priests to sharpen their knives and round up some peasants.

      1. voza0db says

        crops are fucked till 2030!

        1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

          Probably. That damn Chaac is sleeping on the job again.

          Maybe it’s something in the soil and water….

          Aztec and Mayan cultures were characterized by widespread organization of political units dominated by militarism and imperialism.

          ~ Professor Jorge Hardoy {Urban Planning, Argentina}

  1. fresnoman4man says

    Any “cases’ or deaths labeled “COVID19” are false since the alleged virus has never been proven to exist and the PCR and the serology “test” are false since PCR can not be used as a test. All of these statistics are just political propaganda to effect an ideological agenda for a world wide authoritarianism of the elites led by Herr Klaus Schwab under the aegis of his World Economic Forum (aka “Davos”) and Bill Gates and the WHO as well as every control freak politico everywhere. The Gate’s plan to afflict the world with various versions of injections to create a track and trace system of enslavement and mass death is right on schedule with eternal lockdowns unless there is a significant awaking and revolt of the
    heretofore compliant masked sheeple.

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