Norway’s PM Admits She Panicked, Locked Down Country “Out of Fear”

"I probably took many of the decisions out of fear. Worst case scenarios became controlling, and we kept thinking; ''how can we be a leader?"

Norway’s Prime Minister has admitted that she took the decision to close down schools amid the coronavirus pandemic ‘out of fear’.

The country’s leader Erna Solberg took to Norweigian television on Wednesday to admit that she had panicked while imposing the strict lockdown measures and but made the decision as a ‘precautionary’ move.

During an interview with state broadcaster NRK, the politician said: ‘Was it necessary to close schools? Maybe not. But at the same time, I think it was the right thing to do at the time. Based on the information we had, we took a precautionary strategy.’

Ms Solberg, who announced plans to fully lift Norway’s coronavirus lockdown by mid-June, went on to say she and the Directorate of Health overruled the advice of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health which had suggested that schools remain open.Preparation are made to reopen Vallhall Sports Arena in Oslo, Norway, as a school exam room amid the pandemic

She added: ‘I probably took many of the decisions out of fear. Worst case scenarios became controlling, and we kept thinking; ”how can we be a leader?”

‘These scenarios mean that you could say ”maybe we’re going to get hit harder than we thought”, but we shouldn’t actually hold back even though we’re not sure it’s going to be that bad.”‘

On March 12, the same day the country faced its first Covid-19 death, the Directorate of Health announced it would close all kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, universities and college in an effort to control the spread of the virus.

As the number of cases increased the government also asked everyone arriving in Norway from February 27 to enter a compulsory quarantine in their homes and group gatherings, including cultural and sport events, were banned.

The country has so far reported 8,437 cases of Covid-19 and 236 deaths.

The Prime Minister’s comments come just weeks after Camilla Stoltenberg, the director-general of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) said the country could have achieved the same effects by ‘not locking down’.

She told state broadcaster NRK: ‘Our assessment now….is that we could possibly have achieved the same effects and avoided some of the unfortunate impacts by not locking down, but by instead keeping open but with infection control measures.’

Earlier this month, Norway announced plans to fully lift its coronavirus lockdown by mid-June.Ms Solberg celebrates Constitution Day  with the Uranienborg School brass band on May 17ing the

Source: The Daily Mail

  1. Aurum Cimex says

    Spineless, incompetent and corrupt.

    1. fluttershield mlp says

      The Pentagon parasites, Congress, state governments, Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton? Which ones are you referring to? Probably all of them.

  2. L Garou says

    Just following orders I do believe..

  3. pinOKYO nOSE says

    Norway’s Prime Minister has admitted that she took the decision
    to close down schools amid the coronavirus pandemic ‘out of fear’.

    right then. if she hadn’t closed things down and if everybody had gotten sick and died then it would have been her fault, wouldn’t it. because not everybody is a freakin psychic and it is better to be safe than sorry. AND she admits that she might have been in error which takes balls for a political figure to admit. you won’t ever see even 1 single member of team uncle samuel admit they were wrong.

    1. Padraigin Eagle says

      Ms Solberg was deballed a long ways black: The virus is a hoax, a simulation to create fear amongst the common folks, and to cause an economic and social meltdown of most every nation, a Big Brother non-existent disease creation, divide and fool, deride and rule, none sick nor dying, bought and sold crisis actors the truth belying, but then Protocol must be obeyed, the One World (dis)Order cannot be delayed!

      https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=1Z5VYqJqrtI The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board hast your back, at 36 minutes and 41 seconds, you’ll clearly see their simulation (n imitation, sham) inside track, the second wave due by September or thereabouts, and if you have any doubts, watch again.

      1. pinOKYO nOSE says

        she took appropriate action after believing the virus is real – i say that she has 10 times the balls that US politicians have because she later admitted her decision was hasty, while our fag leaders can not even admit that the sky is blue. are you suggesting that our US politicians know that virus is a hoax but are playing it out for some kind of advantage?

        1. Padraigin Eagle says

          All the world’s a stage and you are being played: I am suggesting that you are misled, in that every president, prime minister, and top level politician of every country is a ‘never elected always selected’ bought and sold puppet of the Cabal, actors and actresses playing their assigned role, aimed at fully enslaving the unwitting prole, their actions and words scripted by the hidden hands that squeeze their willing glands, Scamaposer the case in point in what was once a fine southern tip land, the cadre terrorists having looted, burnt and destroyed based on the Protocols that the Joe Slovo’s employ to create divide and rule, but then they’ve never been at war with Eastasia and they’ve always been at war with Oceania, misdirection and misinformation their golden tool, and most definitely the US politicians (those at the top of tree are all in the same big bed giving head) know full well that the Certificate of Vaccination ID-AI is a simulation, targeting you and I for the Gates of Hell abomination, coming soon to your station, with civil war fomented to collapse the American nation!

          https://www. demandprotest. com/ ‘Tis how they do it, crisis actors and bought and sold agent provocateurs, and did I mention, all the world’s a stage, and COVID-19 is a drill being staged!

  4. Alternate History says

    “”how can we be a leader?”

    If this fool didn’t have a clue , why did she want to become one. Did she think that running a country was an on-the -job-training program for ambitious women?

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