Among the Top 20 Nations by COVID Deaths per Capita There Isn’t a Single Non-Lockdown Country

So helpful you can't see the benefits

The COVID plague is the Black Death come again but fortunately there is something we can do to “mitigate” it ― enact lockdowns. These “lockdowns” undoubtedly kill tens of thousands through postponement of surgery and screenings (Boris Johnson’s Lockdown Killed 21,000 Britons in First 8 Weeks Alone Study Finds, Lockdown ‘Killed Two People for Every Three That Died of Coronavirus’ — British Government Report, WOOPSIE! Lockdown May Cost 200,000 Lives, UK Government Report Shows) but they are worth it because of how bad COVID is and how much they do to help with it.

Countries that fail to implement lockdowns will be punished and will see death everywhere, while countries that do enact them will be saved.

Except oddly when you look at the list of worst affected countries you have to scan all the way down to the 23rd spot to find the first non-lockdown country (Sweden).

The second one, Belarus, doesn’t show up until 92nd place. And the rest; Nicaragua, Uruguay, Tanzania, Turkmenistan, Japan… are even lower.

Call me crazy but if the undoubtedly lives-ending lockdown was such a crucial part of having a better COVID outcome wouldn’t these countries be higher, and lockdowners lower?

How come the incredibly hardline lockdowners of Italy, Peru and Slovenia did not succeed in slipping under Sweden and Belarus but instead dominate the top slots?

If the lockdowns are such difference makers that they are worth it despite their incredibly high price in lives, shouldn’t they create a difference to at least the COVID picture that’s actually detectable?

*Mexico and Brazil have presidents who are anti-lockdown heroes, but they’ve had numerous lockdowns at the sub-national level.

  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    gates mafia and his minions–fauci, bidy, AOC, pe-louzy, etc

  2. Joe Spotfly says

    It used to be a functional theory had to work in practice. You had to prove the theory worked when it was applied. Now theory becomes truth merely through affirmation and repetition. No longer is there a “proving ground.” No proof is required, just PR and BS. Welcome to idiocracy.

    1. IsraelDid911 says

      Brought to you courtesy of your favourite “you know who’s”… 😉

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