Croatian President Summons Austrian Ambassador to Express “Deep Concern” for “Fundamental Human Freedoms”

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He was fairly non-descript in his previous stint as PM but he’s going Full YOLO as President

After the Croatian President Zoran Milanović last week commented on Austria’s so-called “lockdown of the unvaccinated” saying it was a form of Fascism the butthurt Austrians summoned the Croatian Ambassador in Vienna to tell him that was “unacceptable”:

As the Austrian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs announced, and as the Austrian media report, Glunčić was invited for an interview because of “extremely unusual statements by the Croatian president”, which were “strongly rejected” on that occasion.

“A comparison of measures against the coronavirus pandemic and fascism is unacceptable. It is our responsibility to protect the citizens of Austria, and we are acting accordingly,” the ministry said in a statement.

Vienna maintains it can’t possibly be Fascist because it has R2P.

How very useful to have this R2P.

Milanović’s reply wasn’t long in coming:

“Today the Austrian ambassador will be summoned — since they are summoning ours — so that we can express to him our deep concern for [the state of] fundamental human freedoms in Austria. This is being done! Our ambassadors are constantly being summoned over some stupidities. And so we shall also [summon] theirs!

And then we are going to see how it is possible to scrub the floor with Orban and the Poles — whatever it is they might be saying — while some are Holy Calfs whom whatever they might do is perfect. No! It is dumb! It is not scientific, and secondly, it is terrorizing people. And since this is the European Union and I am a European statesman, I don’t give a damn! If the Dutch, and I don’t know who else, can comment on Bosnia and Herzegovina every week — then I am going to comment on Rotterdam! Your people have rebelled against you! And not the immigrants, but the blue-eyed, blue-haired Dutch have risen up.

Milanović then is not only taking issue with the EU-wide virus cult insanity, but also with the curious state of affairs where Western EUropeans incessantly meddle in the affairs of Eastern EUropeans but are extraordinarily thin-skinned and sensitive to any unwashed Eastern EUropeans daring to critique their R2P regimes. (And as a Social-Democrat he doesn’t even like Orban or Kaczyński.)

  1. Chacko Kurian says

    In Croatia, I read that the health authorities are enforcing mandatory vaccination for health workers. Why this doublespeak?

    1. Field Empty says

      That’s the PM Plenković who’s from a different party. Milanović has criticized him as well but like AMLO in Mexico and Bolsonaro in Brazil he is powerless.

      1. Field Empty says

        That’s why the headline says Croatian President rather than Croatia.

        1. Brenda says

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      2. Chacko Kurian says

        Thanks for the clarification.
        In Australia, we have a Prime Minister who sends mixed messages. On one hand, he boasts about the efficiency of his vaccine rollout, but now says vaccines should not be mandatory. But all employers here are demanding mandatory vaccination, so really he’s playing both sides, knowing well that the employers call the shots.

    2. Marshall Lentini says

      There’s no fighting it, no matter who comes out swinging. I mean we’d need a major player to line up against the hoax to shift the narrative. And even then, the elite are definitely not welcoming feedback.

  2. Maiasta says

    I’d be employing a food-taster right about, if i were Zoran Milanović.

  3. Ron says

    I don’t understand why Austria would be upset with someone calling their actions “fascist”. It’s not like Austria is requiring vax-free people to wear easily identifiable badges (yet).

  4. Juan says

    Globohomo western regime stooges are tyrants and crooks. But they have good press. Al Capones, thieves, thugs and murderers with good press, that’s what they are.

  5. Les7 says

    It is amazing to me how many outspoken critics of covid policy suddenly get ill and die of covid

    Just saying….

    1. Mr. Natural says

      They ain’t dying of “covid,” Les … they’re dying from the vaccine!

  6. ken says

    They ain’t got crap on the Aussies…. The Aussie military are chasing down the Aboriginals and stabbing them with a needle like the Canadians did to their indigenous.
    Either that or tossing them into camps. An Aboriginal council made a plea to the world for help but the world is too busy with their own type of fascist totalitarians pushing the kill shot.

    It appears the 4th Reich is rising and the center is Australia.

  7. silver9blue says

    Why is the EU so tight lipped. Some do see it as Tyranny but Austria makes out they are trying to do their best. A country applies medical opinion as law. No wonder it is controversial.

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