Dutch Police Shoots Two People at Demonstration Against Mind Virus Crackdown

How to riot in Dutch

Crowds of rioters in the port city of Rotterdam torched cars [POLICE cars, but Reuters doesn’t think that’s an important bit of information to disclose.] and threw rocks at police who responded with shots and water canon, as protests against COVID-19 measures turned violent on Friday night.

“We fired warning shots and there were also direct shots fired because the situation was life-threatening,” police spokesperson Patricia Wessels told Reuters.

“We know that at least two people were wounded, probably as a result of the warning shots, but we need to investigate the exact causes further,” she said.

Some people on social media circulated images of someone they said had been shot by police, but the police said that while they had seen the footage they did not yet know how the man was wounded.

Several hundred people had gathered to voice opposition to government plans to restrict access to indoor venues to people who have aΒ “corona pass”, showing they have been vaccinated or have already recovered from an infection.

The pass is also available to people who have not been vaccinated, but have proof of a negative test.

Police issued an emergency ordinance in Rotterdam, shutting down public transportation and ordering people to go home. Water canons were deployed and police on horseback carried out charges to disperse the crowds, police said.

The authorities also called on bystanders and people who recorded images of the riots to send the footage to police for further investigation.

The Netherlands re-imposed some lockdown measures last weekend for an initial three weeks in an effort to slow a resurgence of coronavirus contagion, but daily infections have remained at their highest levels since the start of the pandemic.

Video posted on social media showed burnt out police cars and rioters throwing fireworks and rocks at police.

Source: Reuters

  1. Rem says

    Just think!
    This one is basically as dangerous as a flu…0.03% mortality…
    …gates & fauchi are already working on patents for 15-50% motality rate of more-virulent disease.

  2. Martillo says

    Vertical Dutch pigs shooting down their own cheese heads to …keep them safe from the flu. This is the real Bangla Desh of the North, the slave owing bogland run by pedovores and satanists. It’s way past the time to destroy the state and the leeches, swine and maggots that feed off of it.


  3. Raptar Driver says

    It should be clear that the people in charge are attempting to cull the lay people.
    The only reaction is to fight back with everything you have or you can just lay down and give in.

  4. nnn says

    Fascist government

    1. Mr Reynard says

      I would actually call it Judaeo-Bolshevik Trotskyist government that blaming Mussolini ?? Mussolini only cracked down on the Mafia & had her bosses confined on an island…& in 1944 Us brought democracy & the Mafia back to Italy …

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