Australia Is Proof a Zero COVID Is a Catastrophic Fantasy

"A nation of Nervous Nellies shut off from the world" — a formerly enthusiastic backer sours on the hermit kingdom

Two months ago, I was in the idyllic beachside resort of Byron Bay in Eastern Australia, enjoying a Greek-themed 50th birthday party for 100 people.

While people in London and Liverpool huddled together in groups no bigger than six, trying to avoid the pouring rain, I was enjoying shared platters of grilled lamb, a cocktail van, singing, speeches and dancing long into the night.

Conversation briefly settled on which celebrities were in town – Natalie Portman, Zac Efron, Matt Damon and Liam Neeson had all been recent visitors – but talk soon moved to Covid-19.

And the consensus was this: thanks to our ‘Zero Covid’ approach to the virus – a ruthless determination to isolate ourselves, seal our borders and stamp out every single case – Australia had escaped the horrors of Europe and the US.

We were back in business.

Cafes in Byron Bay, an enclave proud of its green credentials, were once again safe to make coffee in customers’ reusable cups after months of serving turmeric lattes in nasty disposable versions.

And with the sun on our shoulders and surf at the door, it seemed like the pandemic that never was.

Even now, only 31,000 people have contracted the virus in Australia. And while 910 have sadly died, this compares with 128,000 deaths in the United Kingdom and a staggering 606,000 in America.

The sacrifice had been worth it, we told ourselves. Zero Covid – an extreme policy that some influential scientists demand to see in Britain even now – was vindicated.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, however, it’s that ‘success’ and self-satisfaction can mutate as quickly as the virus.

In just a few weeks, the nation has gone from the envy of the world for its low number of deaths, quick and effective lockdowns, formidable contact tracing and routine ‘doughnut days’ – where no cases are reported – to a hermit kingdom shut off from the rest of the globe.

We could be isolated for years, according to public health experts and epidemiologists.

With our ambitions focused on elimination rather than suppression of the virus, firmly shut borders plus a paltry nine per cent vaccination rate – the lowest among the developed countries – the prospects for ‘Zero Covid’ look as dated and parochial as the Crocodile Dundee films.

As Brits pile into Wembley and Wimbledon and Americans take our spots in Sumatran surf resorts, Australians are trapped by an ideal that is rapidly proving unworkable.

More than five million residents of Sydney are in lockdown because one unvaccinated driver delivering airline staff became infected and passed it on.

The economy is suffering badly.

Yes, our output declined by only two per cent in 2020 compared with ten per cent in the United Kingdom, nine per cent in Italy and more than three per cent in the United States.

And it is true that the wine industry saw a stellar 31 per cent increase in production thanks to some outstanding weather.

But accountants Ernst & Young estimate that Australia’s closed borders are costing £4.2 billion a month. Sectors such as tourism have been crushed.

Our beaches may be beautiful but they lose their allure when you’re trapped here, unable to see friends and family overseas and with no fixed plans for reopening.

The only exception is a stop-start ‘bubble’ with New Zealand – another proponent of Zero Covid – which bursts at the first hint of a case in either country.

A Fortress Australia mentality could find us locked away for years. As the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has remarked: ‘We are prisoners of our own success.’

And what, you might ask, is success? Thirty per cent of Australians are first-generation immigrants, many with parents overseas. For them, the long-term implications are troubling.

Mental health problems are rampant, particularly among the young. The twentysomethings who once flocked to the bars of Earl’s Court in London are now floundering back home, a generation deprived of their rite of passage.

Last week, a 22-year-old woman in a police-patrolled quarantine hotel scaled two balconies, kicked in a door and escaped via an outside staircase only to be found hours later at her mother’s house.

As a police spokesman wryly noted: ‘She was fairly motivated.’

Covid has not killed many Australians, but it has certainly cowed us. We’ve regressed.

A bunch of globetrotting wanderers bred on the ‘Anzac spirit’ of courage, good humour, mateship and derring-do is now a nation of Nervous Nellies growing more insular, anxious and divided by the day.

A tribe of irritable, foot-stomping Rumpelstiltskins, bereft of a solution as we fetishise ‘zero’ case days yet hesitate to vaccinate amid confusion over safety and supply.

Our border closures were swift and brutally efficient, including threats of jail for those trying to return from India as cases there surged. Yet our vaccination roll-out has been mired in chaos, leaving ‘herd immunity’ a distant dream.

There’s no question our anti-vaxxer movement is a problem, particularly when so many Australians think they’re not in danger. For them, there’s no incentive to be vaccinated.

Others, like me, are still waiting for the jab after initially being told we were suitable for our plentiful supplies of AstraZeneca – only to have that advice withdrawn when those under 60 were considered at risk of rare blood-clotting complications. (This, despite, evidence that you are far more likely to develop clots by taking the contraceptive pill.)

Supplies of the preferred Pfizer vaccine are limited.

We’re a nation caught in Catch-22, hesitant to vaccinate yet increasingly agitated about when we will ever open up.

So far, New Zealanders have shown they are a more collegiate bunch, getting behind Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and their own policy of isolation. But there, as in Australia, the consensus is that they are more vulnerable to an outbreak than ever before.

All eyes are on the United Kingdom to see if a high vaccination rate can bring about a sustainable way of life.

As someone who was born in New Zealand, spent my 20s in the UK, and has lived in Australia since 2000, I’ve never had less confidence in the country I’ve chosen to adopt.

There’s a detectable souring. According to the University of Sydney, Fortress Australia is fuelling ‘a negative and inwards-focused national psyche that threatens our global standing, as well as national unity and cohesion’.

Snitches used to be regarded as the lowest life form but as communities turn inward and state borders are barricaded, Australians are now actively encouraged to dob in the rule-breakers.

The government remains understandably proud of the low death rate. As Morrison put it: ‘When it comes to deaths from Covid, that is the statistic where Australia leads the world. Just the other day they had more cases in the UK in one day than Australia has had in the past 18 months.’

But as the respected Australian Financial Review put it, Zero Covid is a ‘pipe dream’, at least in the medium term.

Last week, Morrison appeared to signal the future restoration of freedoms, including the right to fly in and out of the country. But his plan is short on dates and detail, and many doubt that it’s the right decision.

More to the point, it’s currently impossible with such low levels of immunity.

As Britain embarks on its grand reopening, Australia remains crouching behind its borders, isolated at the bottom of the world.

Source: The Daily Mail

  1. ken says

    Covid has not killed many Australians, but it has certainly cowed us.”

    “”It”” has not cowed you,,, you were cowed by your ‘democratic’ government which didn’t have to work at it too hard.

    By now if you don’t know the virus is fake then that’s your fault.

    Even if real, if you don’t know 99.9% survive it then it’s your fault

    If by now you haven’t figured out the ‘test’ cannot determine infection ( per its inventor) of any disease then it’s your fault.

    If you cannot by now figure out masks will not stop any virus, then it’s your fault.

    If you allow the cops to beat and kill you,,, it’s your fault.

    If you allow yourselves to be sent to your room like ten year olds by your politicians, then it’s your fault.

    If you die or have serious complications from the (not) vaxxine you took, then it’s your fault.

    Do you get the picture? If you want to be treated as adults you must first act like adults.

    How to stop it? You’re going to have to show backbone. If the police ‘push it’,,, you’re just going to have to ‘push back’.

    No,,,,,,,,, whining will not stop them.

    If you don’t mind being treated like children then stop crying and just obey their every command.

    Edit: “Last week, Morrison appeared to signal the future restoration of freedoms, including the right to fly in and out of the country.”

    If you don’t know that ‘freedoms and rights’ are natural and do not require the approval of government then it’s your fault.

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “By now if you don’t know the virus is fake then that’s your fault.
      Even if real, if you don’t know 99.9% survive it then it’s your fault…”

      Yeah, dude, it’s real. It’s just not novel, or dangerous.

      It’s just a modified and extensively patented common cold bug.

      And the whole “pandemic” thing has been globally orchestrated – so it is fake.

      And the “vaccines” are fake too – they’re specifically designed to deliver the business end of the Corona Chan “pandemic” into every arm on the planet, namely the custom bioweapon known as the “spike protein”.

      There’s no longer any doubt – anyone who clings to the official narrative at this point is either in denial or on the take. The Nuremburg 2 Trials beckon.

      Dr. David Martin & Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Corona Chan Genesis (2 hour video)

      1. ken says

        “It’s just a modified and extensively patented common cold bug.”

        Well, in any event,,, it has not been isolated to a single entity and confirmed to cause the disease. Therefor there no genetic gnome is available,,, only the fabricated one they had a computer generate.

        Yes, they are relabeling many diseases, ( Pneumonia, Flu, Colds), as covid. Especially the flu which is why they had it disappear last season.

        And yes,,, the kill shots are the bio weapon. They’re using us as lab rats so it is possible (minuscule) some shots are just saline for a control group. If so I have no idea how to tell. I can say for certain that when they used animals such as Ferrets, they all died which is why they could not get this approved.

        The only way this crap will ever stop is for everyone to tell them to take a hike. IMO, The Australians, Canadians and Brits are being way to timid. They need to eradicate the parasites destroying their way of life.

        1. Ultrafart the Brave says

          “The Australians, Canadians and Brits are being way to timid. They need to eradicate the parasites destroying their way of life.”

          I agree entirely, the lemmings are very slowly starting to resist, but the rebellion is taking way too long. Cyber Polygon Live will be on top of us before much longer – then it’s game over.

          The recent developments in India, where the Indian Bar Association is moving to prosecute the WHO Chief Scientist for mass murder, is a promising sign – if it ever gets past the mainstream media censorship.

          Maybe we’ll get lucky and an asteroid will total Gates’ mansion when Fauci and Schwab just happen to be visiting creepy Bill.

      2. Steve Kastl says

        It seems the mRNA vaccines are an IQ test. If you took an mRNA, you accept the consequences of being injected with an experimental drug, not a vaccine. This will probably be similar to the Thalidomide crime only hundreds of millions more will be crippled than during the Thalidomide disaster. Hope to be proven wrong.

      3. Helga Weber says

        The first video you mentioned is really eye opening
        The other one I will watch

        1. Ultrafart the Brave says

          The second link is the same video, just way easier to download for those who want to.

    2. Helga Weber says

      I totally agree, your comment says it all.

  2. Mark says

    Yes, of course, it is the reluctance of Australians to be vaccinated that is causing the problem. If only everyone would get the jab, 100% of the population double-dosed…then what? It would be impossible for COVID to dent it? When the manufacturers stipulate up front that vaccination will not preclude you getting COVID, or transmitting it to others? When the manufacturers use fuzzy math and weighting factors to rig their efficacy rate? When ‘getting jabbed’ means a good chance of sacrificing your natural immune system in favour of endless jabs year after year, to fight off ‘variants’?

    1. ken says

      Over 7000 dead in the USA and 16,000 dead in the EU don’t have to worry about the non existent variants… just considered collateral damage by the medical mafia and their following.

      Amazing, in the US, back in 1976, they stopped the swine flu shots after only 25 deadand about 500 with horrible side effects. Today more than that die in one day and many multiples of horrible side effects.

      Difference back then is they could not find enough gullibles to further their lies and agenda. Today many (most?) believes anything gov spouts.

      Must be a generational thing.

      1. Helga Weber says

        Perhaps then the Media was no Fake Media

    2. Ultrafart the Brave says

      … especially when no “vaccines” are needed at all, given that cheap and extremely safe Ivermectin kills Corona Chan stone dead within 48 hours.

    3. Eddy says

      Mark, that’s the whole point, IMHO. Australians are generally a slow lot to move to action, but in this regard, I’m blown away how they can see thru the bullshit and see the reality for what it is. I’m impressed with them, and it gives me hope for the future.It is exactly as you say, “when the manufacturers stipulate up front that vaccination will not preclude you getting COVID, or transmitting it to others?” So their concoctions, do not in any way, stop or prevent you from becoming another victim of this virus, nor does it prevent you from SPREADING the virus either. So what IS THE POINT of subjecting ones self to be injected with this poison ? Apparently it helps you get over the infection relatively easier, then you would without it. So the claim goes. BUT, there are literly thousands of people out there who HAVE HAD THE VIRUS, and DID NOT EVEN KNOW THEY HAD IT, so how can the vaccinations be good for them, when the side effects are more dangerous than the virus it’self ???? I just hope more Australians wake up, and tell them where to shove their experiment, and the folks pushing this genocide, held accountable when the pigeons come home to roost in a few years from now.

  3. Freeling says

    All 5-eyes states are being put through hell. it has nothing to do with a virus.

  4. Kieran DSouza says

    totally dumb approach by Australia to handle the COVID bug. Australia is not the US, Canada or UK weather-wise. It receives massive UVB solar radiation like India and Africa. People in these climes DO NOT take flu vaccines as their immune systems are primed by optimum vitamin D levels. The stupid Australians should have continued their beach sunbathing, surfing and let their immunity handle the virus. if anyone was to socially distance and isolate it would be the above 70s that too with co morbidities like diabetes, cancer, and so forth.

    1. Eddy says

      Dunno where you get those ideas from, Kieran, I’m Australian and I have had my Flu shots regularly for the last 20 years. Never had the Flu since I started taking them. Australians have been conditioned to turn away from the sun, haven’t you heard the, “slip, slop, slap” ad on T.V. we are told to always smear ourselves with sun block every time we go outdoors to protect us from those nasty rays from the sun, not much point in being choker block with vitamin D, when the big C starts to sort you out, is there ? B.T.W. I’m 71 and type 2 diabetic, so I guess I shouldn’t be around too much longer according to your prognosis. Betcha I’m still around when you get crook.

      1. Ultrafart the Brave says

        “Betcha I’m still around when you get crook.”

        If you really want to get up their nose, take up smoking a pipe.

        FWIW, rumour has it, hydrogenated vegetable oils (eg, margarine) give people Type II diabetes, and cinnamon allegedly cures it. That’s why I eat lots of butter and spike my coffee with cinnamon (with my bacon & eggs on toast).

      2. Kieran DSouza says

        so you’re hiding from the sun, taking flu and COVID shots, and type 2 diabetic obviously with your poor health choices and total ignorance. the sun cures most cancers and the melanomas or skin cancers you get are on more often unexposed parts of the anatomy than those exposed to the sun.

        1. Ultrafart the Brave says

          Hey, fair shake of the sauce bottle Kieran!

          Everything you have said is exactly right – but what people need is education.

          Even (and IMO, especially) the allopathic doctors trained by their Big Pharma medical schools have no clue about nutrition and plain medicine that works.

          You probably know that what cancer actually is, and how to cure it, has been known for over a century now.

          Unfortunately, Big Pharma has made sure that remains priveleged information, verbotten in medical circles and liable to get anyone who spills the beans thrown into prison or shot.

          Way too much money to be made in getting people sick and treating them, than in actually making people healthy.

          Seems starkly relevant in this whole global Corona Chan “pandemic” and “vaccination” campaign.

          1. Kieran DSouza says

            its (mass vaccination globally) a trillion $$ gravy train and it won’t stop unless WE stop it

  5. Voz 0db says

    Zero Covid is a ‘pipe dream’


    STOP the PCR pandemic and you’ll achieve the pipe dream of ZERO COVID!

    “COVID” is a simple PCR label.

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      Nailed it.

  6. Eddy says

    Typical Daily Mail bullshit. How come the author of this rubbish does not mention, even once, that every ALLEGED vaccine being pedaled by the likes of themselves, is a TRIAL, and still needs to be PROVEN, authenticated by the relevant authorities, as genuinely harmless and actually does what it’s alleged to do ??? (From my observations, it DOES NOT PREVENT YOU FROM CONTRACTING THE VIRUS.) The author seems to be carrying on, as if all the above has already been done but is unable to provide evidence to sustain that assertion.I myself am surprised, that Australians are actually savvy enough to have worked that out for themselves, because of that, get accused of being anti-vaxxers. It’d be funny, if it wasn’t so bloody sad. The Media these days, MUST always find names to attach to anything that does not side with their agenda. L.O.L. B.T.W. what’s this crap about “right of passage” ???? Since when have Australians been allowed a “right of passage” ? I was never allowed such a “right” ? Where do I go to lodge my claim for one ?

    1. Mark says

      It’s ‘Rite of passage’, as in a ceremony in which you emerge in a new state or condition, not a ‘right’. You’re correct, it’s confusing.

  7. Ying Jun says

    I am watching on YouTube “A Manufactured Illusion: Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich”. This is the truth about COVID19. Everyone must watch this. It is not some conspiracy’s theory.

    1. java zios says

      If it is on Youtube then it is not true.

      1. Ying Jun says

        YouTube is a platform for both sides to tell their stories. It is up the audience to decide. Have you seen it? If not then how can you say it is not true?

    2. Ultrafart the Brave says

      You are so right – this is pivotal, there’s simply no doubt at all now that Corona Chan was manufactured by the Davos crowd as a pretext for the bioweapon “vaccines” on the path to the WEF’s “Great Reset”.

      Here’s a couple of non-Youtube links to the video (the second one is just easier to download).

      Dr. David Martin & Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Corona Chan Genesis

      Here’s a PDF of the transcript of Reiner Fuellmich’s testimony on the legal case for crimes against humanity charges over the Corona Chan “pandemic”.

      In a perfect world, a great many corporate and media executives, politicians and health officials, and a myriad other complicit individuals, would hand for this.

      The Indian Bar Association is already moving to prosecute the WHO Chief Scientist for mass murder.

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