Zelensky Says Ukrainian KIA Down From Peak to 30 per Day

Still high

Zelensky claims Ukrainian daily KIA have declined from 100-200 to around 30.

At the peak of fighting in May and June, he said, Ukraine was losing between 100 and 200 troops a day; now, it is down to some 30 fatalities a day and around 250 wounded.

I can’t vouch for Zelensky’s number, and I disagree that May and June saw peak fighting (rather than the peak of the Ukrainian campaign to get US aid), but I buy that Ukrainian daily casualties are currently down from the peak. The same trend can be detected in reported losses of Donetsk Republic which are down from a peak of over 200 weekly dead to 31 in the seven days ending on July 22nd.

Donetsk military dead in seven-day intervals after June 6th are 67, 68, 51, 109, 54, 31 — which is to say that the generally downward trend (apparent in the chart above) continued.

At the present, especially in the last two weeks, there seems to be relatively less fighting albeit there are no guarantees that more intense bloodspilling won’t pick up again. It remains to be seen if this is A) the road toward the war tapering off, B) the war permanently settling into a new lower level of intensity, or C) the sides gathering strength for further bouts of intense butchery.

  1. Kieran says

    are there any left?? did they include these 300 in their statistics https://www.rt.com/news/559468-russia-destroys-black-hundred-base/

  2. Dale says

    Also, strangely, the Ghost of Kyiv hasn’t flown since around April.

  3. YakovKedmi says

    While Ukrainians and Russians are killing each other on the battle fields, black-flies from Ukraine are living large in Hungary, at a luxury resort, courtesy of NATO tax-payers.

    Not one of them would lift a finger, ever, much less risk limb & life, for the geographic area in which they take up residence —that is for the stupid-dumb animals— but rest assured, they will be the first ones to return to the liberated land and take ownership of the domestic servants who survive the outdoor blood-sacrifice.

    How will the people of Ukraine be rewarded for their efforts ? The families of dead Russian soldiers get a brand-new Lada (or, perhaps, a stolen refrigerator) but what will the age-old natives of Halych get ? If they just got nothing, they would be lucky. They will get the return of the black-flies. Black-flies will bring with them cultural enrichment. By the end of this century who will be the face of Ukraine ? Will Ukraine be turned into a new Cameroon, as Ireland was ? Will Kiev, Odessa, Lemberg, Harkov, Kershon be turned into london, manchester, frankfurt, paris, malmo, amsterdam, chicago, detroit, los angeles, new york ?

    (a few days ago there was a youtube clip showing a group of cultural enrichments being escorted from one apartment complex to another, because the heat-generating station was damaged and there will be no warmth in the coming winter. Not one of them is on the battle-field, not one of them lost a husband, or son —they live and breed happily ever, at tax-payers’ expense.)

    Somebody wanted a war in Ukraine, and Grand-Protector Putin & the Cheka were more than happy to oblige. While useless metro-boys in Moskva are stuffing their faces with MacTochka, the Slav residents of Donetsk and Luhansk are more than decimated —half of the 30,000 dead Russians are from these two people’s republics. Now Moskva is recruiting and organizing free-corps in the other liberated territories. The children of Siberia are also killed in large number. Unfortunately no one from Moscow or Leningrad is killed. Who will re-populate Donetsk, Luhansk, Mariupol ? —there is no excess Slav population in Russia; who will move there and raise large families ?

    So far Grand-Protector V.V. Putin killed 80,000 Slavs, and crippled for life another 80,000 —what a way to save Slavdom ! Who are the Cheka ? are they Slavs ? Who are the robber barons ? are they Slavs ? Who are the siloviki enforcers ? are they Slavs ?

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