‘Why I’m Still (Kind of) Rooting for China in the New Cold War’

"China is just big enough to beat the American Empire without being big enough to replace the American Empire"

Surfing through the news, it seems like every other motherfucker and his brother is flipping their proverbial wig over the supposedly literal threat China poses to the future of western civilization. Over on the center-right of what passes for the left in this country, we have our very own dear leader, Old Man Biden, hitting every summit from Geneva to the Country Kitchen Buffet, talking up his great power competition between the autocrats and the autocrats who pretend to be democracies and owe us money. Flip the channel farther to the right and you have neocon hose-bags foaming at the mouth because Biden isn’t throwing enough battleships into somebody else’s fucking ocean. Even America First true believers like Tucker Carlson have forfeited their trendy isolationist pose to call for total war against those sneaky batfuckers in the Chinese Communist Party. They’re all so damn pissed off at each other that sometimes you can lose site of the fact that they’re all scared shitless of the same evil empire and this time it’s not an act.

There is a very twisted part of me that views this partisan circus with sick glee and shouts from the gallows, “Good! It’s about fucking time you capitalist motherfuckers got shoved in your place by a boogeyman strong enough push back hard!” You see dearest motherfuckers, before Snarling Nicky embraced the evils of the free market and became the genderfuck anarchist muckraker you know and love to hate, I was a pissed off agoraphobic tankie, cutting pictures of Putin into hearts from the safety of my closet. By my early twenties, I had become so furious watching American regime after American regime mow down Third World countries like dandelions that I was willing to embrace any motherfucker who could actually put up a fight. I cheered and roared with laughter watching Russia punk out my imperial homeland from Georgia to Crimea. I welcomed the meteoric rise of BRICS and Eurasia with open arms. As far as I was concerned, anything was better than another genocidal American Century, and sometimes I’m still tempted to feel this way.

I now do my damnedest to resist such petty urges because I realize now how fucking stupid I had been. I had bought into the same shallow neocon comic-book view of the globe. I just decided to root for the villains instead of the superheroes, but they’re all fucking villains. Vladimir Putin isn’t the second coming of Vladimir Lenin. He’s just another neoliberal oligarch who just happens to be a little craftier on strategy than his drunken predecessor, Boris Yeltsin. And China isn’t some shining beacon of hope in a dim world. In spite of their commie pose, they’re just another gutter capitalist empire looking to make a buck off the back of the nearest prole within whipping distance. Yet even with this sobering foresight, I still can’t help but to root for a Chinese victory in our new cold war. Only my reasons now are far more Machiavellian than Sputnik leftist.

A lot has been made of the fact that a number of prestigious think tanks have ran simulations showing China beating America in a head-to-head conflict. In spite of the fact that most of these studies have been heavily funded by arms corporations peddling new missile systems, I tend to believe them. China has the manpower, drunk on nationalism, and America has never won a ground war in Asia without their help. China also has a robust and growing economy that has many debt-strapped time-honored American institutions wrapped around its little dragon claw. But there is a catch here and it’s a big one.

While China has more men and boats, they’re almost all localized along it’s own shores and borders. America has a multinational military apparatus that spans the globe. China has 3 nuclear subs, we have 71. China has 2 active aircraft carriers, we have 11. China has somewhere around 90 ICBM’s, we have over 400. China is believed to have about 400 nukes, we have about 4,530. America has nearly 800 bases in more than 70 countries, while China has just one in the African parking lot of Djibouti. America’s defense budget more than doubles China’s. And while I believe that it is precisely this kind Freudian firepower superiority mentality that has fucked America in backwaters like Vietnam and caused us to go all but broke, it’s also what makes us too big to fail. A curse China doesn’t share.

To put it simply, China is just big enough to beat the American Empire without being big enough to replace the American Empire. Even China’s touted Belt and Road Project is largely dependent on other world powers like India and the European Union to operate. A hypothetical Eurasian Century really would be multipolar by necessity rather than ideology. All of this would put decentralized stateless movements like mine at a great advantage. A post-American Century would be full of more imperial blind spots than China would know what to do with. Anarchists would be granted a window of decades, if not longer, to dismantle Chinese power before it could reach the current capabilities of the American Empire. Mind you, all of this is very much dependent on Uncle Sam not going crazy enough to go nuclear and kill us all, but the longer America is up and running, the more likely that is to happen anyway.

With all this in mind, it bewilders me that more American anarchists are not committed anti-American anti-imperialists like me. It has actually become increasingly posh in anarchist circles to attack anti-imperialists like myself as being part of some silly red-brown alliance. There was a time when maybe you could make that argument about me, but my goals now are to take the biggest power I can get my hands on and dismantle it by any means necessary. We are not going to do this by picking fights with other radicals or fighting lesser tyrants in other people’s sandboxes like Rojava. We are going to do this by delegitimizing and destabilizing the greatest source of power on earth and today that is without a shadow of a doubt the United States of America. Tomorrow it might be China, but I say we boil that dragon when we get to it.

Source: Exile in Happy Valley

  1. Juan says

    Nothing wrong with this article. Go “evil”, decentralized, “chaotic”, actually free (and crony-free too) “CAPITALISM”! A bas le Empire!!

  2. Hoyeru says

    whatta lame-o “article”.
    simple logic: a wrong premise leads to the wrong conclusion. The premise is that CHina WANTS to rule the world, the way USA/West does. China doesn’t.
    Second wrong premise: China/RUssia arent “communist” enough for this guy, therefore they aren’t going “to fix/to be saved” the world. The world isn’t waiting for China/Russia to be saved.
    Third wrong premise: USA is the greatest source of power on Earth today.
    And so on.

    Why does anti-empire even publishes this crap?
    To force people to comment? To troll its readers? Bad psychology, that.
    What a farce this web site has become

    1. Gi Joe says

      Yes empires collapse from within not from the outside. Zio Jews have almost completely destroyed their Goyim hosts and therefore their racist supremacist global Jewish slave empire dictatorship what use to be the West. Their empire is done and is being temporarily propped up by China so China will benefit not suffer from the collapse. China won’t support them for more then 4 or 5 years at most.

      1. dr. Jack V. Banks says

        Bulls Eye…

  3. Randy-n-Rowdy says

    China remains unknown to Americans because the media, academia, publishing houses and entertainment have blanked out Asia for so long that Americans cannot learn about Asia. The brain has been “hard wired” at an early age to block Asia. One of the best examples is James Bradley and his book “The China Mirage”. He is supposed to be an expert. He barely qualifies. His speech in a youtube missed so much including this:The “elephant” in the room that Mr. Bradley missed is the subcontinent. In 1945 the Subcontinent was the largest Asian English speaking region with the oldest Stock exchange in Asia and was the reason for the East India companies and part of the reason for the Age of Discovery (finding paths to India and China). Unlike China India had and has a large Christian population and birthplace of 3 other major faiths . It was the only region that Jews were unmolested. Mr Sassoon who led the Opium trade was Syrian Jew who lived in Bombay and served the British Crown.

    One would assume that this Asian region which had known Europe for the last 500 years and before that knew the Roman Empire that Mr. Bradley would spend a few moments on the Subcontinent who had a population of 400 million in 1945 compared to China’s 100 million. What happened?

    1. Ron says

      All correct except it would be safe to say the “British Crown” served the interest of the Jew Sassoon (Zionists) as current evidence clearly shows. Many will agree when I say the British in power do nothing in the best interest of the UK without first thinking about Israel.

  4. Texen joe says

    This will be a Chinese century, they are proving themselves well able to manage the worlds resources with intelligent ease. The Americans look barbaric, crude and ideologically handicapped in comparison: The US ideology of greed, short-termism, underinvestment and locust-like asset stripping, has nothing more to offer the world, or its own people.

  5. mijj says

    fuck the mass murdering, terrorising, looting thug Western Civilisation.

  6. Jerry Hood says

    China= Chung-kuo= Empire of the centre with lucky number 8, between number 7 and 9, in the ancient ASTRONOMICAL WORLD! Current Precessional Year ends in 2032, and China will start the next Anno Magnus, after America is judged and decimated! It will be the yellow race of the Chinese who will be the next colonisators of America! With new Age of Sun, new race colonises it! First came the Black Jaguar people, mislabelled as ” Olmecs”. ..New Sun Age swept them away…Then came the Red Indians from India, like the Inça people.Inça= Açni of India! Serpent people of Mesoamerica , the Red skinned Indians produced the modern jews also! With new Sun Age, the Indians were swept away… Thrn came the White European colonists, soon to be swept away by another Sun Age, and replaced by the Yellow race of the Chinese! See the Codex Zouche- Nuttall, page 36! It’s for the forthcoming new Sun Age with Yellow man replacing the White goyim of America, after 2033!!!

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