Unvaccinated Patient Occupying Room Where TikTok Videos Are Normally Filmed

Ugh, well this is annoying: Paul Kading, a man who has not yet gotten vaccinated because he’s anti-science and also has a heart condition where the vaccine could possibly kill him, was just admitted to Mercy Hospital. And now, he’s taking up the room where the nurses like to film their TikTok videos.

The man was admitted to the hospital Friday morning, absolutely overloading the hospital’s capacity to produce any more TikTok videos for the time being, as they don’t have any free rooms to do so now.

“He’s just lying there all trying to breathe and what-not,” grumbled one nurse, Amy McMiller. “How are we supposed to film our TikTok dances? This room has such great lighting in the afternoon.”

“I need my followers to give me thousands of likes and views and applaud me for my social commentary as I dance here in the hospital,” she added, crossing her arms. “Why do you think I went into the nursing profession in the first place? To help people? Ha!”

At publishing time, the nurses had decided to simply film their TikTok videos in the hospital’s morgue

Source: The Babylon Bee

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  1. ken says

    Take the jab and it for sure is tick tock for you.

    Love the BB

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