Trump Fails to Strongarm the Dutch Into Pulling His Syria Chestnuts Out of the Fire

US made a formal request for Dutch troops last month

Now let’s see what the German reply will be — Trump wants Europeans in, so Americans can go out

The Netherlands will not provide ground troops for the new US mission in Syria, defence minister Ank Bijleveld told news agency ANP on Friday, following the weekly cabinet meeting.

‘We do not have a UN mandate for this and we will not get one,’ Bijlveld said, adding that the cabinet is looking at other ways of meeting the US request for assistance.

On Thursday, the US ambassador to the Netherlands told the Volkskrant that the US is asking the Netherlands to supply ground military resources.

The Netherlands had been ‘very sharp’ in its criticism of the US decision to leave Syria at the end of last year, Pete Hoekstra said. ‘So we are optimistic that the Dutch… will press on and contribute what they think is needed in Syria.’

The request for ‘military or civilian assistance’ was made at the end of May. Last week, Bijlveld told parliament her department is looking into whether it is ‘desirable and possible’ for the Netherlands to make an addition contribution to the battle against ISIS.

Bijleveld said on Friday that the Netherlands supports the aim of the mission, to ensure that a power vacuum does not develop in northern Syria, leading to new instability. ‘But how and what we are going to contribute needs to be carefully thought about,’ she said.


Hoekstra said in his interview that no new mandate would be necessary to send in ground troops, who could operate under the same deal as the Dutch F16s which currently fly above Iraq and Syria.

However, Dutch MPs are known to have doubts about getting involved in a ground operation in the north of Syria, the Volkskrant said.

All requests for military assistance by the Dutch must be fully assessed by parliament under legislation brought in following the Srebrenica massacre.


  1. JustPassingThrough says

    the dutch are too busy pulling the murikans MA17 chestnuts out of the fire.
    while getting their own chestnuts burned by Malaysia et al.

  2. eddie says

    Memo to Ank: you still have no UN mandate, and are illegally operating against a soverign nation.
    Please drive yourself to the ICC at the Hague; it isn’t far..

  3. DarkEyes says

    The Dutch are talking straigt out of their neck.
    We all know as the rest of the world do as well Syria has a legitimate government and its military, one of the best just to mention.
    What the problem is US is illegally in Syria to steal oil and eventually at that time to attack Iran by way of storming Iran from Syria for a Greater Israel.

    Now does it happen the US discovers there are not only unharmed women , children and elderly living in Iran but a real military force is waiting for them to send the US boys and girls back to where to came from, US.

    The return to US will be in an other shape and form as usual but US is US it will be delivered by UPS at Arlington.
    These facts brought them doubts about their “exceptionalism” and want others (a standard US habit) do the dirty job for them so they can retreat.

    Back to the Dutch “Hash and LGBTQ”-army.
    The Dutch have nothing lost in Syria, Europe have not been attacked and also not at war with Syria so their is no need to go to war with the people of Syria and her Mr. President Al Assad. (According to the European Maastricht Treaty of 1990.)
    The vacuum the Dutch politicians are waffling about is just their confusion with the use of a hoover at home.

    As for the Dutch F-16s, hoovering around and over Iraq and Syria is all illegal, they also invaded Iraq and Syria without invitation by both governments and without a UN Mandate.

    The Dutch politicians in this case are lying thru their teeth and have no courage to say NO to their boss The Bilderbergers.

    The Dutch better take care of their friends the UkroNazis and Banderastas with which it seems they have close ties and tell them to stop their murder and killing of innocent Donbas and Luhansk unarmed civilians, BTW the UkroNazis are murdering their own fellow country men and women.
    This activity cannot be mercantilized and cost only a small amount of their time.
    IMO, for that kind of activities for peace is no explicit permission from UN needed.

    (F*ck Europe!).
    The Dutch helped US to make a complete mess out of Ukraine with the goal to upset Russian Federation on instructions of Soros and NATO. A war for the West was urgent needed.

    We think back at their Department of Foreign Affairs a while ago where one of their MoFF gave Europe wrong information for years, namely “Russia will attack Western Europe”. Result was NATO is now moving around near the Russian Border.

    He was lying thru his teeth.
    And Holland is such a lovely country.

  4. Canosin says

    another bootlickery from the Dutch war whores….. Ukraine, MH317 investigation… participation in NATO air wars in Serbia, Lybya, Iraq, Afghanistan and in Syria….. Dutch hypocrisy in perfection….. only bombing defenseless countries with no air defense capabilities …. only participate when air superiority is guaranteed.. . and all atrocities hidden from the public debate…. but no boots on the ground because there is no UN mandate??? this shows with what kind of hypocrites we are dealing with in Europe…..
    do these as*holes think we are all stupid?? yes…. they unfortunately do, since the majority of the people do not care what’s happening outside of their ivory tower

  5. Nassim7 says

    “power vaccum”

    Give us a break! Syria has a government and the US is keeping them out of this area because of its oil and because it is a haven for their ISIS

  6. John C Carleton says

    Trump Fails to Strongarm the Dutch Into Pulling Israhell’s and Ratschilds Syria Chestnuts Out of the Fire

    “I’m the best thing that could happen to Israel”.
    But not the best thing which could happen to America.
    Where the heart and wallet is!

  7. Terje M says

    The claim “All requests for military assistance by the Dutch
    must be fully assessed by parliament under legislation brought in
    following the Srebrenica massacre.”isn’t strictly speaking

    Formally, parliament has no say in the decision about military
    participation or the right to be informed in advance. The Dutch
    constitutions clearly gives the government the right to do as they

    Article 100 in the Dutch Constitution states:

    1. The Government shall inform the States General in advance if
    the armed forces are to be deployed or made available to maintain or
    promote the international legal order. This shall include the
    provision of humanitarian aid in the event of armed conflict.

    2. The provisions of paragraph 1 shall not apply if compelling
    reasons exist to prevent the provision of information in advance. In
    this event, information shall be supplied as soon as possible.

  8. Margaret Swift says

    I do hope more countries start coming out and refusing to put their young in danger for a war America created purely so it could keep the petrodollar alive and finance America’s future debt. Saudi Arabia is continuing to be the Policeman of the Middle East as America’s proxy. America is committed to suppling arms and war machines to Saudi Arabia and to protect their borders in exchange for only accepting $US for oil sales. Venezuela has heavy oil that America wants but needs light oil to mix with it to make it useable and guess who has the best and largest reserves of light oil – IRAN. Any war will benefit America more than any other country in the world. Did I bring my children up to sacrifice them for MR Big Bully Boy of the world. NO.

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