Covid-19 Has Failed to Cause Excess Mortality in Europe, In Fact Overall Deaths Are Down From Previous Years

Deaths very mildly above average only in Italy but nothing like in catastrophic 2017 (or even 2018 or 2019 for that matter)

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The official figures for 24 countries across Europe show, not only that overall mortality is not increasing, but – so far – it is actually well below recent averages.

The statistics were gathered by the European Monitoring of Excess Mortality for Public Health Action (EuroMOMO), an international partnership of agencies from 24 European nations aiming to promote preparedness for public health emergencies.

They track “excess mortality”, meaning the number of officially recorded deaths vs the average death rate.

We recommend you check their website, where each country is broken down by age demographics. Today, we’re focusing on their maps.

Here is the map showing Europe’s excess mortality for Week 12 of 2020 (19th-25th March):

As you can see, currently, the vast majority of Europe shows “no excess”. That means deaths are either at or below expected levels. Italy is the one obvious exception. But note it is only on “high”, not “very high”.

For some context, maybe we should compare it to previous years.

Here is week 6 of 2019:

MOMO Europe mortality, week 6 2019

As you can see, it’s generally much worse. Several countries in “above average”, Spain and Portugal on “high”, and France is even “very high”.

We didn’t have a global lockdown in 2019.

Here are weeks 1 & 2 of 2018:

MOMO Europe mortality, week 1 2018
MOMO Europe mortality, week 2 2018

This was the height of the huge 2017/18 flu season. As you can see, Europe was greatly affected.

We didn’t have a global lockdown in 2018.

Week 2 of 2017 was even worse:

MOMO Europe mortality, week 2 2017

The whole of Western Europe experienced a huge spike in excess mortality, especially bad in all the Mediterranean countries.

We didn’t have a global lockdown in 2017.

Obviously, things may change (week 13’s results are due tomorrow), but – as it stands – the 2020 figures are substantially lower than the previous three years.

So, the question is, if we didn’t have a lockdown in 2017, and we didn’t have a lockdown in 2018, and we didn’t have a lockdown in 2019….why do we have a lockdown now?

Source: Off Guardian

  1. James Willy says

    Don’t get too confident yet. If it is seen as not working properly these yankys will just release another virus like the rest that have been released by these maggots every year. At least this time anyways looks like a few million will be getting pay back in usa. Hope millions of yankys get it. The world HATES yankystan. PAYBACK TIME.

  2. Pampi Ta says

    You go on with your ”it’s not that bad” tone, using old figures (19-25 March while it’s now that the virus starts to kill in most European countries). In Italy, Spain, France, US, hospitals are overwhelmed, exhausted doctors work 7/24, patients lie in the ground… Do you really think it’s a normal situation ?

    And explain to us why arch.enemies like Hezbollah and Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia, Kurds and Turkey, Russia and US, all are panicked and take the same drastic measures against the pandemic. Don’t you think it’s because it’s a real threat ?

    1. Udo Bauer says

      Alright Pampers, you want answers, here they are:1) how stupid do you have to be to call 19-25 March “old numbers”–they are the most recent available, because the next week isn’t over yet to even report on; 2) the numbers don’t lie–Covid-19 is the flu, and it is fairly ordinary, as you can see easily from the charts if you actually look; 3) there are health crises in certain places: areas of traditional high air pollution, like Milan and California coast, that have repeatedly seen pneumonia crises like the present (those numbers have been presented in the past on this site), and other urban “hip” high-income areas where self-destructive lifestyles (I hope I don’t have to make a list of these common urban vices for you) have SERIOUSLY impaired immune systems already; 4) after the US planted these ethnic-specific versions of the flu in China and Iran, Pompeo, in his War On China and War On Iran, then made it into a supposed International Crisis, in order to ramp up Sinophobia and Persiaphobia. The entire Western Neo-liberal/Globalist/Elitist media took up the chant in order to demonize China in particular, and cover their asses with a manufactured false flag for having destroyed economies through elitist theft via manufactured debt; as a result, any world leader not succumbing to the lockdown hysteria promoted by the elite press in their country would be vulnerable to political hate-risk, so most complied with the hysteria to protect themselves–like a reluctant Putin when pressed by neo-liberal Moscow mayor Sobyanin.

      1. Andrew Siminski says

        I know hindsight is 20/20, but this in your comment from just yesterday.
        “Alright Pampers, you want answers, here they are:1) how stupid do you have to be to call 19-25 March “old numbers”–they are the most recent available, because the next week isn’t over yet to even report on; 2) the numbers don’t lie”
        . OK..First of all, the numbers are updated hourly, and here’s a headline from good old Fox News that makes your comment so out of touch with reality. “The number of coronavirus-related deaths topped 4,000 in the U.S. on Tuesday night, just one day after reaching the 3,000 mark”…To put that into perspective, that’s my youngest boys Junior high, and my oldest sons High School population killed by Covid in a single day. The national Death toll from the 25th, up to your comment was more than NYC’s death toll from 911. Imagine convincing yourself that nothing changed from Sept. 7th 2001, and Sept. 11th 2001.
        He was right to call any Death Toll numbers that are more than an hour old. “OLD NEWS”
        Here is the Fox News: story>

  3. Mikhail Garchenko says

    I did read it yesterday, many thanks for share here. Excellent. STOP THE HYSTERIA, please..!

    1. Andrew Siminski says

      I totally agree with you. If the death toll is down then why all the hysteria? But does this mean Trump is actually a yes man for the left? Every federal order closing down America, including extending the LOCKDOWN till April 30th comes directly from him!
      So, unless he’s secretly shutting everything down for the Dems, we have to assume he’s making these decisions on his own…
      So how do we tell Trump to “STOP THE HYSTERIA” ?

  4. CHUCKMAN says

    Those are nice maps.

    But how did China manage Wuhan?

    And we still have scientists advising more than one course of action.

    What’s a poor politician to do?

    1. Per says

      Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
      A simple eternal truth.

    2. Per says

      NOT destroy peoples income and doom their countries to far worse then this so called pandemi.
      How many will die bc they are poor after this? weakened immune systems bc of nutrition deficit, alcoholism, drug abuse etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.
      Your faith in proven liars makes you a useful idiot, just like those that have spent years shouting to the clouds trump is a fascist johnson is a clown fascist yet now ask them to save them trough literal fascism and tyranical bs.
      Some of your peers even asked to destroy habeas corpus.
      You do NOT help a patient by killing him.

      1. Andrew Siminski says

        Every federal Covid closure order that’s shutting down America, including extending the LOCKDOWN till April 30th, comes directly from Trump. So why do you think he’s doing this to us? “To say it’s not him it’s the Dems” can only mean he’s a secret “YES MAN” for the Dems. So assuming he’s a man of his word and he’s making these decisions on his own, why do you think he’s shutting us down?

        1. Per says

          To cover up the economic crisis and the death of the imagined hegemony of the imperial papertiger homeland.
          I am not a murcan and have NO skin in the game there, the same bs is happening here tho.
          At least we got a real oil industry that will help us after this is over unlike the US that have a ponzi shale industry..

  5. CHUCKMAN says

    Just a reminder, folks.

    This is not new.

    Quarantine orders were very common in the 1930s and long before.

    Signs were nailed up on house doors..

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