The COVID Rouge Are Polishing Their Iron Boots: Speak Out While You Still Can

Fear is infectious but so is courage

We hate to be alarmist but the writing is on the wall. If you sense the profound darkness sweeping over much of the world, it’s time to make your concerns loudly heard. This will greatly offend your acquaintances on Facebook – they may even stop “following” you – but remaining silent as the internet mob clamors for more self-inflicted destruction is the surest path to collective suicide. You’ve got nothing to lose and a great deal to gain.

You might be scrolling through your “News Feed” (what a remarkable term for the conformist word salad and narcissistic selfies we must all endure, for the sake of social acceptance) and wondering if you’re the only one who has reservations about suspending the rule of law, trampling on basic human rights, and providing unlimited money to banks and corporations as you puzzle over how you will feed your family – purportedly all for the sake of containing a virus that is rarely dangerous among those without serious comorbidities.

To answer your query: No, you’re not. There’s plenty of us who understand this is pure madness. But far too many have been bullied into keeping their mouths tightly shut.

We understand. You don’t want to alienate yourself from family, colleagues and friends. You think: “No matter how bad it might get, at least I’ll have the support – and acceptance – from the people I care about most.”

In essence, you have volunteered to be frog-marched off a cliff by those whom you believe make life worth living. Why on earth would you do something so ridiculous? It’s a death sentence for everyone involved.

Sadly, it has also become painfully apparent that those who are leading us towards the abyss will stop at nothing to ensure that their twisted worldview reigns supreme. The very idea of anyone raising questions about the dark path chosen – without any thoughtful consideration – is increasingly filling them with uncontrollable rage.

We see it all the time. Social media is now flooded by hysterical posts calling for total martial law to keep everyone indoors. Protests popping up against the unfathomably extreme dictates issued by executive order have been dismissed as a vast right-wing conspiracy. Apparently it’s incomprehensible to them that people who do not hold their political leanings would be upset by the fact that their fundamental human rights have been tossed in the gutter, without even serious evidence-based debate.


You need to speak out. Time is limited. There are already legislative measures being taken to crack down on inconvenient information and debate. In Canada, the government is mulling legislation to make it an offense to “knowingly spread misinformation that could harm people.” Similar laws have already been adopted by less tolerant nations.

In many countries the iron boot has already come out. In other parts of the world it is being carefully polished before being put to use. It’s coming though.

Perhaps you think you will be able to weather the storm if you play along. Don’t be so sure. History shows that in times of universal insanity, obedience rarely pays off long-term.

Instead of cowering in fear from the mindless mob, take the reins of your destiny – whatever it may be – and say Enough. Fear is infectious but so is courage.

Good luck and much love. We really are all in this together – just not in the way we are being told.

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  1. Udo Bauer says

    I had earlier criticized Edward for his harsh critique of the Russian lockdown. I now formally apologize–he was right all along.

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