Sweden Hits Back at WHO for Falsely Claiming It’s Having “Very Significant Resurgence” of Covid-19

Its deaths and ICU admissions are way down and keep falling, but it has recently started offering testing to anyone with symptoms

Sweden’s state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has hit back at the World Health Organization after it included Sweden in a group of countries facing “a very significance resurgence” of coronavirus infections.

Mr Tegnell, who has in recent months become one of the world’s most high profile and divisive epidemiologists, said: “That is, unfortunately, a total misinterpretation of the data.”

“It’s very unfortunate that people lump Sweden together with countries that earlier have had no problem at all and are now apparently at the start of their epidemic,” he told Sweden’s state broadcaster SVT.

Hans Kluge, the WHO’s Regional Director for Europe, on Thursday named Sweden in a list of eleven problem countries, the rest of which were all in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, or Central Asia, which are facing “accelerated transmission” of infection.

“For weeks I have spoken about the risk of resurgence as countries adjust measures. In several countries across Europe, this risk has now become a reality,” Mr Kluge warned.

Sweden has this month seen the daily number of confirmed cases more than triple from 60 on June 1st to 207 on Thursday.

But Mr Tegnell argued that this has to do with increased testing rather than a resurgence in infection.

“This is growing because we recently started offering tests to everyone with symptoms,” he told Sweden’s TT newswire. “We are doing twice as many tests as we were a few weeks ago. But the growth we are seeing is in mild cases, not hospital admissions.”

Mr Tegnell has drawn both admiration and criticism internationally for leading a coronavirus strategy that left schools for 14-16 year olds open throughout the pandemic, as well as bars, restaurants, gyms, and much else, relying instead on the public’s willingness to follow social distancing guidelines.

Since April, Sweden’s death rate has pulled markedly ahead of Norway, Denmark and Finland, which all imposed much stricter lockdowns. Sweden has registered 5,280 deaths with coronavirus – more than four times the number of deaths in all the other Nordic countries put together.

Mr Tegnell has put the difference down to the failure to prevent the infection spreading in elderly care homes in Stockholm, and to the amount of travel in and out of Sweden at the end of February.

The daily number of hospital admissions and deaths was now declining steadily, Mr Tegnell told TT.

“The most stable data source is the number of new admissions to intensive care,” he said, “and there we have seen a decline since a long time back. Now it’s just a few admissions a day in Stockholm, and in a few other regions.”

Countries across Europe, including its neighbours Denmark, Norway and Finland, have refused to allow leisure travel to and from Sweden as a result of the high number of recent confirmed cases, something Mr Tegnell said made Mr Kluge’s comments even more unwelcome.

“It is certainly serious, especially in this situation where there are a lot of discussions going on about what countries people can travel to, this sort of statement is extremely unfortunate.”

“The number of admissions to intensive care is at a very low level and even deaths are starting to go down,” Mr Tegnell said.

“We are now down to a level where there are not more people dying now than during the same weeks in previous years.”

According to Sweden’s Public Health Agency, around 10 coronavirus patients a day are being admitted to intensive care units, compared with 45-50 a day in April.

In the past month, Sweden has more than doubled its Covid-19 testing and only began offering mass testing to the public last week, a delay which has been highly criticised.

Source: The Telegraph

  1. lzman49 says

    Stay afraid, very afraid! That seems to be what this Covid-19 BS is really about.

  2. Padre says

    It seems to me this WHO knows nothing s about nothing!And I have my doubts about significance of this counting infected people.What exactly should it show, considering the ratio between fatalities and recoveries!

  3. cechas vodobenikov says

    Moscow’s idiot mayor declared martial law—nearly 70% of all fatalities—6000+ and 2/3 of all cases; Russia, Qatar tenet more of their populations than all nations
    Petersburg did not close bars, restaurants, etc–nearly no cases –300 fatalities in a city of 5-6 million

  4. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

    Thank you Sweden. The Swedes refuse to fake it. On this one issue, Sweden seems to be an island of truth in a sea of corruption and putrid lies.

  5. Emmet Sweeney says

    Number of Covid-19 deaths to date in the world: 490,000 (allegedly, though massive data manipulation in many countries to maximise figures). Number of flu deaths in 2018: 640,000. That gets everything in perspective. The whole Covid thing is an outrageous hoax pulled by a psychopathic media and corrupt NGOs such as the WHO in the pay of the oligarchs.

  6. Charles Homer says

    Here is an article that looks at one aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic that gets very little coverage in the global mainstream media:


    Rather than focussing on the raw numbers of COVID-infections and deaths, it would appear that the world’s media would be better serving the public need by pointing out the obvious flaws in the model of care that is provided to each nation’s oldest citizens.

    1. cechas vodobenikov says

      data ignores culture, incidence of touching, ordinary distance (amerikans only touch each other when drinking alcohol–not true in latin, Slavic nations..population density, frequency of travel, immunity—amerikans r germaphobic and phobic to ideas as sociologists observe–only in the US is a cruise ship required to bleach everything when entering a US port—prior to covid

    2. Maxwell says

      That’s a good report.

      One thing that is hard to ascertain is the reliability of any of the Covid numbers and the overestimates of “Covid” deaths are rampant and some simply manufactured.

      First, in Belgium for example, while they assess the death rates just as you cited the reality is that they have only tested 7.8% of those from the nursing homes and openly admit this. So in reality one can’t definitively say these are “covid deaths” even if you buy into the narrative.

      Secondly there are examples in the US of death overestimates in nursing homes of a rather high degree. Here is my report from yesterday:

      When I first came across this story I was fairly stunned. I had been believing all along that the “Covid death” numbers were primarily caused by the malfeasance in nursing homes. In fact it appears that the numbers from some nursing homes have been completely manufactured.

      So I got on the phone this morning and called the Dellridge nursing home in Paramus, NJ this nursing home was alleged to have the highest covid death count of any nursing home in the country, their phone number is 201-265-5600. It is a 90 bed facility. I spoke to a representative who corroborated that they have had exactly 16 deaths from their home not the 753 that is being reported by the CDC. I am now trying to track the chain of reportage as to how it gets from the 16 reported to the falsified figure of 753. That individual said they are also looking into how and why the CDC falsified those numbers and she volunteered that they were aware of other nursing homes that had similar experiences.

      Later in the morning I called the Southern Point Living Center nursing home in Colbert, Oklahoma 580-296-4500. I was put through to Heather Mitchell, chief administrator. This nursing home was cited as having 339 “covid deaths”- this in a 95 bed facility. Turns out, according to Heather, they have had zero cases and zero deaths. I asked her how it is the CDC has reported that they have had 339 “covid deaths” and she simply said she did not know and that they have to report every day the number of cases and deaths to the CDC and have done so.

      With just those two phone calls that eliminates 1,076 “covid deaths.” Next step is to go down the list of those nursing homes who have had significant numbers of “covid deaths” as listed by the CDC and call them up and see what those nursing homes have reported. If this is a pattern what we have is massive fraud (redundancy alert)- this means the CDC is simply making up numbers whole cloth. That takes us into an entirely different realm. Where are the bodies here?

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