Russia’s VE Parade This Week Proves Its Draconian, Costly, Repressive Lockdown Was Never Warranted

Russia is going to hold a massive public gathering with COVID-positive deaths still at their peak


This Wednesday Russia is going to hold the VE Day parade that was supposed to be held on May 9th Victory Day but was pushed back as Russia went into a national COVID lockdown at the end of March.

Well, how are things different now than they were then? On May 9th (which was a Saturday) Russia reported 104 Covid-positive deaths, but last Saturday Russia reported 161 Covid-positive deaths.

So if anything the COVID situation today is worse than it was on Victory Day. What is more, the current death count is close to the peak and has not budged for 3 weeks.

In terms of positive PCR test outcomes, Russia reported 11 thousand on May 9th and 8 thousand on June 20th. This is somewhat less but still in the same ballpark.

Despite that, Russia’s lockdown ended at least 3 weeks ago and 2 weeks ago in Moscow.

So what exactly are we to conclude from this? That 11000 daily cases and 100 deaths is such a crisis it requires all economic, public and social life to cease, but 8000 new daily cases and 160 deaths is just business as usual?

Because to me, it sounds like if you can have normal life in the latter situation, then you could have just as easily had normal life in the former circumstances.

That is, if you’re lucky enough to have somebody with some folksy wisdom and some courage in control. Someone like Lukashenko.

  1. jm74 says

    It is warranted if you suspect that you are the target of the virus.

  2. cechas vodobenikov says

    one must be stupid to believe statistics; Russia and Qatar test more of their population than any nation and very few fatalities attributed to c19—nearly 3/4 in Moscow—-what accounts for 135000 dead in the USA—???fake data?
    obviously the new theology is virology

  3. bob says

    I don’t get this article

    Russia has 600k case’s of covid,and 8300 dead

    Just under 500 doctors killed by covid,oh plus doctors and medical staff have been told they have to vote,in the referendum for constitutional changes,not an option you understand!

    Putin has been absent,during the covid crisis,and it’s done his reputation no good at all,in fact he’s poling the lowest popularity figures ever

    1. cechas vodobenikov says

      voting is not compulsory in Russia—-while Putin enjoys approval ratings 60+ %, the communist party has most increased its approval rating—the only party to oppose the proposed constitutional changes—Putin’s approval declined when pension reforms were introduce–opposed by the CP—the 2nd largest party in Russia where many mayors, legislators are CP

      1. bob says

        The doctors have been told they have to vote, not optional

        The whole referendum thing is a sham anyway

  4. Bob avlon says

    An undertaker lives up the road. when passing by I said how many have you buried this month.. Anyway he said 4. I won’t say how many the papers reported as dying except that its not 5. COVID19 is obviously something but it is also a con.

  5. Sunny Cloud says

    So sad to know that this site,too is keeping together with mainstream bullshit spreaders about ‘High Death Rates On Their Peak’!
    If the article is re-published then the source should be stated…

  6. thomas malthaus says

    Why is Russia singled out for lockdowns that occurred throughout most Western nations?
    Every nation is paying for it with negative economic consequences.

    Let me know if and when a COVID “vaccine” becomes mandatory in Russia.

  7. Padre says

    In my opinion it was still the right thing to do, considering how those opposing the lock down are being constantly smeared without any reliable argument!

  8. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    What does Lukashenko have to do with anything in Russia?

    1. alex f. says

      he wants cheap gas…so he suck to Pompeo for some kind of alternative but BOSS say go ahead kid you are to dumb for me anyway. So he try to be tough on covid-19 but the state itself was on lockdown by neighbors…and some DUMBASS like this aouthor prise it as someone who stand up to this….funny thing really if you see the borders of Belarus they dont need additional lockdown….but some MORONS keep paddle the same empty mantra as something outstanding!

      1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

        You apparently are rather ignorant of his and his country’s history vis a vis Russia and Putin.
        I am not sure that I understand most of what you post due to your failure to use proper grammar.

  9. cechas vodobenikov says

    Petersburg did not close restaurants/bars, etc—few reported cases, few fatalities

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