MAD KING Putin to Hold a Parade 90 Days After Proclaiming Black Death Has Reached Russia

It was such a big plague it had to be postponed for exactly 56 days

So not much of a plague after all??

Putin orders the “Victory Day” parade to be held June 24th (not Victory Day):

President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday, May 26, that Russia has passed its peak of coronavirus infections and ordered a World War II victory parade postponed by the pandemic to be held next month.

The postponement of the May 9 Victory Day parade had been a huge blow to Putin, who had hoped to gather world leaders to watch troops march on Red Square to celebrate 75 years since the defeat of Nazi Germany.

But with the number of new coronavirus cases declining steadily in Russia, Putin told Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to reschedule the parade for June 24.

“According to experts, the peak can be considered passed,” Putin told Shoigu in a televised video link-up.

I’m sorry VVP but this isn’t how it works. You don’t put a country into medical martial law only to be running gigantic parades less than three months later.

Either this was the once-in-a-century mega-killer that justified a historically totally unprecedented universal lockdown —— in which case you have no business organizing a non-essential parade so quickly.

Or if two months after you first raised alarm you already know you can hold a military parade next month, it means it wasn’t such a big deal in the first place and didn’t warrant unprecedented never-before-seen measures in the first place.

So which one was it? Because I’m guessing when the Bubonic Plague made landfall affected cities weren’t hanging out at giant parades 90 days later.

March 25th Putin made a national address about the coronavirus. March 30th he allowed Sobyanin to take Moscow into lockdown. Next week he — again on Sobyanin’s insistence —allowed the lockdown to become national.

But 50 days later he’s all like “yeah let’s have that giant parade we usually have”.

Some freaking plague it was, then. The kind of ‘plague’ that postpones your biggest national holiday, the essence of your national being for…precisely 56 days. Should never have called it off in the first place then.

Should have kept your cool. Some did.

  1. fluttershield mlp says

    I think he is saying it was BS and was taken in like a lot of us at first. Everything by MSM was terrifying. Now, cooler heads are speaking out. The governor of NY state is a very ignorant, self-important, dangerous man. Shutting down the nursing homes and long care facilities would have been enough to protect the vulnerable and increase the eventual herd immunity. Now his state is in a depression of his own making, along with all but one or two other state governors. I doubt anyone in office now at any state or Federal level will be reelected anywhere, including his highness, the Emperor of New York.

  2. XRGRSF says

    EXCELLENT !! The Russian Victory Day Parade is an event that I always look forward to. Besides, this will put an end to the WooHooFlu hysteria.

    1. bob says

      No, you must like looking at all that Russian Military junk then?

      You know its junk when Turkey just shot hell out of it recently in Syria,oh that must have come as a shock to Putin!

      But then Israel also don’t seem to have many problems dodging all that missile stuff either

      Yup you enjoy your parade, with all those silly ultra nationalist Russians,hyped- up on anti western propaganda,you know i love it,especially when Putin appeals to the same kind of knuckle dragging ultra right types who invaded Russia back in the day,they were called fascist then,but some how now Putin likes those types,you know in France and Italy 😜

      What logic,what genius,ah well……

      1. David Bedford says

        I see you here often enough Bob you’re too well read not to know Wall Street was funding Hitler for two reasons.
        1. To have Hitler’s army rampage it’s way through Europe destroying as much of Europe’s industries as possible and
        2. To end up invading the Soviet union in the hopes of breaking it up into smaller more manageable sized countries without having to get their hands dirty.
        When England and the US got word that the SU were on the brink of defeating Hitler they get to swoop in, look like they were defending Russia and get to rewrite the history books the way victors are able to (with some amendments).

  3. ArcAngel says

    It would be interesting to know how TRUE Russians feel about their ‘leaders” actions during this “Clade X” – ‘Event 201’ Exercise/Operation.
    Mr. Putin went along with the UN/WHO lockdown insanity and cancelled a major event.. and in my eyes, looked like a NWO/OWO UN stooge…but that’s just me.

  4. Richard Swim says

    The coronavirus is a hoax! Russians are waking up; Russia’s covid medical chief said on national TV that it’s all bullshit!

  5. Savely says

    It is not Putin Mad King, it is you Marko Marjanović microb-like blogger. Your endless bullshit about lockdown as pure evil make me vomit. Look at death toll in all of the world! You still think whole nations just conspire?!

    It is safe to say that when this source were Checkpointasia and you just republish other (not bad) range of opinions, it was pretty good.

    And it has become absolutely crap when you change it’s name to “Anti-empire” and start to mess with other sources articles – add your opinion, change original title or push your own shitty stories under silly “Slavsquat” pseudonym (yes, everybody know it is you just because no one would republish such crappy content except it’s author).

  6. glib1 says

    I am cool with that. 20 years into the biological warfare era, a general test of readiness, infrastructure, food delivery systems, and overall bureaucratic organization was an absolute need. Two years from now no one will remember this. Plus, this certainly helped generate lockdowns and hysteria in the West, which has decreased the West’s war readiness.

    1. Ave Milagrosa says

      “Two years from now no one will remember this.”

      I wish that were true. Unfortunately, this is part of a much larger agenda, one in which mandatory testing,mandatory tracking and mandatory vaccination are to become the linchpin of a new regime. We are seeing the emergence of a global technocracy enforcing itself through medical martial law. The only way anything could go back to anything remotely approaching ‘normal’ is if the eugencist conspirators behind the operation are all arrested and put on trial. Until that time, we’ll continue with a kind of Sword of Damocles hanging over our collective heads, and we’ll be continually subject to elite depopulation efforts.

      1. glib1 says

        I agree that this is the plan for the West. We will see if that happens in Eurasia as well.
        When I said “no one will remember this”, I meant in Russia. Of course here in the West we will remember this. I have already planned for what you say in fact.

        1. Ave Milagrosa says

          I hope your daughter’s doing okay. I passed through Madrid recently and experienced a ghost town in what used to be its liveliest neighbourhood.

          1. glib1 says

            She is coping. They have a good expat community and are very social. She has become a better cook than I am! They have to get back to their apartments in the evening (it is mostly lunches) but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

        2. Ave Milagrosa says

          I guess you’ve seen this interview:

          1. glib1 says

            I had seen it over a month ago. I was shocked to find that the english versions of this interview have completely disappeared from youtube! Anyhow I largely agree with it. Let me just state (and I can not go into detail) that a) some places will do much better than other places and b) where you live these days and in other culturally similar regions there are opportunities to avoid forced vaccinations. Start working on it.

            1. Ave Milagrosa says

              Yes, i’ve been surveying the vaccination policies of different countries. Denmark, unfortunately, has been the first to go down the route of mandatory vaccinations (which are now law). This is one of the few areas in which i feel myself to be ahead of the curve, because – at a population level – the “anti-vax” movement was the only group to have predicted this event. Obviously, they could not have known the details or exactly how it was going to unfold, but for anyone paying attention, it has been obvious for some years now that mandatory testing, tracking and vaccination was on the cards (along with some kind of false-flag event to justify it).
              Re: Kvachkov interview. I have an English copy downloaded on my hard drive, and i might upload it onto my You Tube channel.

  7. stevek9 says

    Your link says it all … embarrassed by Lukashenko.

  8. jm74 says

    Putin had his reasons and being privy to information that is not available outside his inner circle surely doesn’t hint at him loosing his ‘cool’.

  9. ke4ram says

    Author makes sense to me. Not sure why Putin did this. Maybe there was a worldwide agreement and he was waiting for better terms is why he came in late to the show???

    1. David Bedford says

      Maybe the Kremlin cables CNN and MSNBC to glorify the days the USSR collapsed and Bill Clinton’s boozy buddy was in charge?

  10. Ron Ronery says

    Putin put the country under lockdown as a test run in the event the USA considers using “deadly” bioweapons in future. The kakistocracy running the US government are not normal humans. They will do anything to maintain Worldwide hegmony including using “real” bioweapons. Perhpas this is the reason the US and it’s allies (i.e. 5 eyes countries) are touting the same rhetoric of mandatory vaccinations in spite of low death rates (i.e. Canada, Australia and New Zealand). These mandatory vaccintaions are to protect the allied population from the viral blowback caused by a US bioweapons attack on China and Russia. Very early on in this “PLAN-demic”, countires knew the weakness of the virus thus wisely used to opportunity to test emergency procedures in the event a REAL bioweapons attack from the West happens in future.

    1. David Bedford says

      I guess Vladimir Putin was jealous of Belarus economy not dropping by 10%?

    2. Udo Bauer says

      Agree with all you said except, as I contend in my post, I’m not sure how early on anybody knew the real strength of this biowar tool. China also reacted aggressively just in case. But in any case it proved an effective opportunity to test readiness for what we know West will continue to do.

      1. David Bedford says

        China smelt so you know the US delt it.

  11. Udo Bauer says

    This was US biowarfare; Russia and China knew It, even if Marko doesn’t. It was uncertain at the start just how potent the biowar tool would prove to be. Vlad and Xi exercised prudent caution, as real leadership should, until adequate data was in. Meanwhile Vlad crippled the political future of his foremost syslib opponent, Sobyanin, who will take most of the lockdown heat. And Russia and China (see e.g new HK moves), come out all the stronger.

    1. bob says

      …you’ve got to be kidding????

    2. cechas vodobenikov says

      correct—-the Russian leadership did not wish to be described as “irresponsible”—by the irresponsible amerikans

  12. tttbnr says

    Not an anti-Fourth Riech point of view.

  13. Richard Monette says

    First time I’ve seen you lash at Putin.
    Lets not forget … Putin is always the smartest man in the room.

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