Russia Releases Footage That Proves It Fired Warning Shots at British Destroyer Violating Its Border

Good job, now the footage of the bombs dropped please


Russia has released a video showing a coast guard vessel warning the HMS Defender that it was violating its state border and firing warning shots at the British warship, challenging London’s assertions about Wednesday’s encounter.

The short clip, released on Thursday by Russia’s Federal Security Bureau (FSB), shows the confrontation between a patrol ship and the ironically named Royal Navy destroyer that sailed past Cape Fiolent, near the Crimean city of Sevastopol on Wednesday.

“If you don’t change course to starboard, I will fire,” the coast guard vessel officer radioes the British destroyer, warning the warship it was about to violate Russian territorial waters.

“You must immediately leave the territorial sea of Russian Federation,” comes the second warning. Then the captain is heard issuing the orders, in Russian. “Fire warning shots. DO NOT, repeat NOT hit the Defender. Confirm, over.”

Moscow has also claimed that at least one interceptor aircraft also dropped bombs onto the Defender’s course, careful not to hit the invading ship.

On Wednesday, London officially declared that “no warning shots have been fired at HMS Defender,” and the ship was simply “conducting innocent passage through Ukrainian territorial waters in accordance with international law.”

The UK considers Crimea – a historically Russian peninsula that was reabsorbed by Moscow following a 2014 referendum – to be still part of Ukraine. The strategically vital region, which is overwhelmingly ethnically Russian, was signed over to Kiev, in 1954, while both countries were part of a union state. The move was made for both practical and symbolic reasons by Nikita Khrushchev, who had grown up in the Donbass.

The supposedly “innocent passage” was “a deliberate move to make a point to Russia,” according to Jonathan Beale, a BBC military correspondent who was on board the destroyer.

The Royal Navy’s provocation came just a day after Russia marked 80 years since the invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany and its allies in 1941.

Source: RT

  1. Raptar Driver says

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    Putin is a pussy!
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    1. JaKo says

      What would happen if a warning was issued and the destroyer then sank for not complying without any warning shots? Escalation? All Russian ships in danger on open water?? More “sanctions”???
      Just think.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        Escalation is coming from the other side.
        If you want the escalations to stop you must use force.
        How can you be so daft?
        Let me guess you’ve never been in a real fight in your entire life.
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        1. yuri says

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          1. Raptar Driver says

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      2. silver9blue says

        Any military plane or ship can fire accurate warning shots. 1st Warning shots don’t have to be live. Provocations left normally escalate by other NATO members and lets face it who believes London acted alone. Ask stoltenberg.

      3. yuri says

        Dimwit amerikan rat driver cannot think

    2. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “I would not fire warning shot but a dead on one.”

      Close your legs, your testicles are showing.

      “Putin is a pussy!”

      President Vlad may be powerful, but he’s not everywhere at once.
      I doubt he had any particular involvement in dealing with the “Defender”.

      Although it would yield a certain naughty satisfaction, I doubt sinking the British boat (which the Russians probably could have done very efficiently) would result in anything good for anyone.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        Really now.
        Next time they will probe deeper and who knows what, send off a nuclear missile?
        You know that ship was equipped with that right?
        The level of intelligence on this board is dropping precipitously.

        1. yuri says

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          1. Raptar Driver says

            Sorry Yuri the fake Russian, that’s your spot.

    3. saoirse52 says

      Your intelligence is impressive, sink a puppet warship belonging to a has-been power, give America/Nato the excuse it’s been looking for to start WW3….millions of innocents die and then escalating to nuclear holocaust and a dead planet…..yes, impressive intelligence…NOT !

      1. Raptar Driver says

        And your intelligence is even more impressive. Keep taking provocations until it’s too late and you’re invaded.
        He’s making the same mistakes as Stalin.

        1. tobi999 says

          no he doesn’t the day NATO moves into Russia…..there won’t be anymore a USA or UK………just in History books……and the ballistic artilleries of Russia will turn any invader in small cooked pieces of meat….thermobaric missiles will roast them like the IS in Syria……

          1. Raptar Driver says

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  2. ken says

    Hollywood guns. I’ve heard real guns firing… these sounded phony.

    Oh well,,, the world today is nothing but lies,,, the truth, even in its smallest form no longer exists.

  3. Oilman says

    Well, that proves, once again, that the Brits are lying. What a huge surprise!

  4. Jerry Hood says

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    1. yuri says

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