Out: Biden’s 100 Day Reopening Plan – In: Indefinite COVID Regime

Masks until 2022, annual vaccines, and schools who knows when

The Biden White House has seemingly disappeared its “100 days” back to normal COVID-19 plan, substituting its highly-publicized pledge for a more permanent safety regime, at the request of power-drunk officials and “public health experts” who continue their reign over U.S. society.


Reopening schools was the staple of Joe Biden’s 100 days COVID-19 response plan.

“The United States is committed to ensuring that students and educators are able to resume safe, in-person learning as quickly as possible, with the goal of getting a majority of K-8 schools safely open in 100 days,” the plan reads.

However, the White House is now suggesting that this is no longer an obtainable goal, and they’ve lowered the benchmark significantly.

With millions of children still remaining at home, and a nationwide children’s mental health crisis damaging millions of American families, Team Biden has completely backed off of the 100 day “majority of schools” opening plan.

Instead of stressing the urgency of a return to the classroom, the White House, government health agencies, and teachers unions have acted in concert to pump the brakes on a return to school anytime soon. Both institutions are peddling pure pseudoscience and evidence-free definitive statements in suggesting that it is not safe to return to schools. The teachers unions, which have enormous influence over the Democratic Party, have taken to demanding a $130 billion dollar ransom payment in exchange for their endorsement of a very gradual reopening plan.

Anthony Fauci, for his part, is now demanding that Congress passes a stimulus package before schools reopen.


As part of the 100-day plan, President Biden famously stressed the supposed importance of wearing a mask as an apparent accelerant to a full reopening society.

“President Biden has called on every American to wear a mask for 100 days when they are around people outside of their household,” the Biden plan states.

Team Biden has backtracked on that component of the plan, too. After talking with government health bureaucrats, President Biden is now demanding that Americans wear masks until at least 2022 in order to “stop the spread” of the coronavirus.

“You know that wearing this mask through the next year here can save lives — a significant number of lives,” a masked President Biden said at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) this week, after a meeting with Anthony Fauci and NIH Director Francis Collins. “And so I apologize if you don’t hear me as clearly as you, maybe you should.”

“The new strains emerging create immense challenges, and masking is still the easiest thing to do to save lives. But we need everyone to mask up,” Biden added.


The final component of the 100 days plan was to deploy 100 million vaccines into 100 million arms in 100 days. This was not much of a lofty target, as the Trump Administration had already ramped up deployment to the per day average needed for the Biden Administration to accomplish that goal. Moreover, vaccine efficacy remains unclear, and “public health experts” now claim that “new variants” may not work on some COVID-19 vaccines. Big Pharma companies, academic epidemiologists,  and government health bureaucrats are slowly popularizing the idea that COVID vaccination may have to become an annual event, similar to the Flu shot.

If Team Biden had just followed the actual science on COVID-19 spread, their 100 day COVID plan would have been a layup for success, but we are dealing with politicians and bureaucrats, who are not the most competent of human beings. As I have explained in The Dossier, there are several metrics that guaranteed this plan would have succeeded. For a quick summary, refer to this paragraph I wrote in December:

“Given that we’ve now been monitoring COVID-19 for a full year, observers of the pandemic have been able to track how seasonal changes impacted the spread of the novel coronavirus. During the warmer months, the United States and every other nation on a similar geographic latitude experienced a dramatic dip in cases in addition to every other metric, such as hospitalizations and COVID-19 deaths. This is not some miraculous coincidence of human behavior. It’s a scientific reality.”

Cases, hospitalizations, and deaths will continue to decline, not because of any human interventions, but because this is an annual occurrence and respiratory season will fade in warmer months. The incompetence of the Biden White House has resulted in the destruction of their 100 day COVID plan, in exchange for an indefinite COVID regime that is ruled by the people who helped get us into this mess. Similar to the mistakes made by the past administration, this White House has handed off the levers of power indefinitely to power-drunk state governors, “public health expert” witch doctors, and other incompetent politicians and bureaucrats.

Source: The Dossier

  1. Sally Snyder says

    Here’s what one government has done to ensure that the number of COVID-19 positive tests remains high:


    Government created fear porn is a marvellous tool for manipulating the public into believing that an experimental vaccine is the only solution.

  2. Mark says

    A STIMULUS BILL??? Where the hell is the money supposed to come from for that??? The Americans are already on a run of money-printing that is not supported by anything – all that makes a fiat currency worth anything is the promise that the government is good for it. If it had to give you a dollar’s worth of value for your paper dollar – even if all Americans who had a dollar all demanded fair-value trade for it at once – it has non-denominated assets sufficient to do it, usually gold or some valuable commodity like it. What the USA is doing now looks quite a lot like simply flooding the world with dollars to shore it up as the world’s reserve currency, in light of the fact that the USA owes more than 100% of its GDP in debt.


    Spending has outpaced, and continues to outpace revenue; you don’t have to be an economist to grasp that. But even so-called ‘deficit hawks’ don’t want to hear any talk about exercising a little restraint – nope; it’s spend, spend, SPEND!!! And every time they float another trillion or so in stimulus, the economy they are trying to hold the AED paddles still on is worth less, because it will not make as much in a full year of head-down slogging as the government is spending.

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