COVID Macarena: Relive Your 1st Lockdown With Prophetic, Censored Music Video From April 2020

Purged from YouTube & Facebook, the soundtrack for Year Zero returns!

So many memories

Close your eyes and try to remember the endless waves of inexplicable fuckery that battered humanity into a pulp in late March/early April 2020. We remember.

We remember the pathetic Facebook ‘news’ feed, filled with SOS messages from the sclerotic midwits whom we had the misfortune of being vaguely acquainted with. All eyes were locked on the John Hopkins Death-o-Meter (do you remember that comical ‘map’, with its Hollywood-esque Red Outbreak Bubbles hovering over all the world’s major cities? We remember). People were on the verge of suicide because THERE AREN’T ENOUGH VENTILATORS.

Millions of bored, credulous sacks of human tragedy – people who had given up on life years ago – were spamming the internet with a smorgasbord of flaccid hashtags: #StayAtHomeSaveLives, #ProtectTheNHS, #FlattenTheCurve, #Losers4Lockdowns, etc. etc.

It was around this time that your humble Moscow-Based Kremlin Insider, E. Slavsquat, Esquire, drank an enormous quantity of Crimean wine and loaded up his pirated video editing software.

The final result was, objectively, a completely accurate Foreshadowing of What Was to Come. That’s probably why Facebook and YouTube yanked it almost immediately. (A real pity, too. If we recall correctly, it had close to 20k shares on Facebook before it was Zucked.)

We would like to point your attention to the final seconds of this fun Macarena Variant, which quoted Expert Epidemiologist Dr. Bill Gates:

Large public gatherings may not resume until broad vaccination has taken place.

In April 2020 it was considered Silly & Irresponsible to raise alarm over such utterances. “Only 14 days to flatten the curve, take off your tinfoil hat.”

Anyway, enjoy this “blast from the past”, reuploaded to BitChute after being purged by Big Tech for being Too Real:

Edward Slavsquat is a senior Kremlin adviser who periodically shares his insider scoops on

  1. Reeber says

    Reveals the empty hospitals, Ops

  2. ken says

    If millions were dying in a real pandemic does anyone think that childish crap would have been ongoing?

    1. ultimate decadence says


  3. Juan says

    Collective madness, courtesy of big government and its propaganda and violence against civilian ministries (“Truth” and “Love” if I may).

  4. Ultrafart the Brave says

    It might be amusing to look back over the destructive idiocy of the last year – we all have 20/20 vision in hindsight.

    Perhaps not so flippant to look ahead to what’s in store for us.

    Australian authorities just admitted on national television that 100% of the recent Corona Chan hospitalisations and deaths in Sydney were “vaccinated”.

    No “unvaccinated” among them – 100% of these alleged Corona Chan “cases” were “vaccinated”.

    Corona Chan Cases – Sydney 25-07-2021 – All Cases Are Vaxxed!

    [ ]

    [ ]

    And yet the Australian authorities persist with the obvious fiction that these injuries and deaths across all age groups were due to the “deadly Delta variant”, which apparently only infects and kills the “vaccinated”.

    Now we look forward to the Australian authorities using these undeniable “vaccine” injuries and deaths to justify accelerated “vaccination” of all age groups right down to new-born babies, to protect us from the “deadly Delta variant”.

    How do you vaccinate against “STUPID”?

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