Anthony Fauci’s New COVID-19 Guidance: ‘Do What You’re Told’

Time to be more like East Germany, folks

Dr. Anthony Fauci has some new coronavirus guidance: “Do what you’re told.”

In an interview Thursday, the coronavirus task force member and infectious disease expert pushed back on the notion that scientists were “authoritarian” for promoting strict lockdowns and social distancing measures.

But the 79-year-old suggested the American spirit of independence had gotten in the way and the nation needed to follow their orders, whether they liked it or not.

“I was talking with my UK colleagues who are saying the UK is similar to where we are now, because each of our countries have that independent spirit,” Fauci said during a panel with other experts in Washington, DC.

“I can understand that, but now is the time to do what you’re told,” he said, as first reported by CNBC.

The longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has repeatedly clashed with President Trump and his administration, who have dismissed him as “a bit of an alarmist” amid the pandemic.

Fauci said Thursday it was unfortunate that America’s scientists had been “lumped into politics” and that people were unwilling to follow their guidance because society was so “divisive.”

“All of a sudden, science gets caught in a lot of this divisiveness,” he told the audience.

It comes as public health officials and the Trump administration grapple with how to combat new record numbers of daily coronavirus infections.

Daily US cases topped 150,000 for the first time Wednesday, while hospitalizations have also hit another all-time high.

Fauci said the nation could avoid another round of economically devastating lockdowns if people simply washed their hands, wore a mask and remained socially distant.

“It sounds simple in the context of this ominous outbreak, but in fact we can turn it around,” he said.

Source: New York Post

  1. ke4ram says

    Well, he’s a PhD,,, an expert,,, a government employee and he really, really cares for us. Just wear the mask and keep your distance like they have been doing in the UK and EU for the last six months. See how well that worked out for them! Yes sir,,, the virus just up and disappeared! No lockdowns for them. Oh,,, wait!!!!

    A good thing we have people like him taking care of us…

  2. itchyvet says

    People no longer accept scientific announcements because over the years they have been found to be working in cahoots with the establishments persuing THEIR agenda. For example : 20 years ago, we were told by SCIENTISTS that our coastal areas would be under water by now. Anyone’s home threatened yet by encroaching ocean ? I’m not referring to storm surges, they have been happening since time immemorial. Then to cap it all off, we discover that many of these alleged scientists are under the pay of these people pushing this agenda in the first place. If people LIE to the populace, and those LIES are discovered to be in FACT lies, creditability of those people is shot dead, and no amount of posturing, crying foul will revive it.
    Science needs to rid it’self of the charltons and the financial cord that binds them, only then, they MIGHT regain societies trust.

  3. Undecider says

    KMA, Fauci!

  4. Raptar Driver says

    He is either a prolific liar or mentally challenged.

  5. Randy G Ice says

    Dr. Fraudci is responsible for thousands of American deaths due to his blockade of the use of Hydroxychloroquine in the hospitals and by doctors who want to prescribe it. He has killed thousands more by not encouraging everyone to take D3, C, A and zinc. He has killed thousands more by locking them up in their homes causing massive increases in suicides, homicides and death by avoiding going to the hospital when sick with anything. He has caused even
    more deaths by forced seasonal flu vaccines in the nursing homes. The man is the modern day Dr. Mengele. Who would listen to this Satanist?

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