Xi Puts on a Show: Full Might of PLA on Display for 70-Year Celebration of Communist China (VIDEO)

Celebrations kicked off with the biggest military parade in the country's history

Xi: “No force can prevent the Chinese nation from moving forward”

One of the main world’s economic giants, a strategic neighbor and a partner of Russia — the PRC — celebrates its 70th anniversary. Vladimir Putin congratulated the Chinese President on the anniversary of the creation of the PRC. In his telegram, the President noted China’s high authority in the world arena and expressed hope for further close cooperation between the countries. Large-scale celebrations are held in Beijing today. They began with the biggest military parade in the country’s history.

Alexander Balitsky has the details:


China has never celebrated its national holiday so brightly and loudly. But what other apex of the celebrations can be in the homeland of fireworks? The grandiose holiday began to volleys this morning. There were 70 volleys, just like the number of new China’s years.

Xi Jinping, President of China: “No force can erode the foundations of this great country. No force can prevent the Chinese nation from moving forward”.

Against the background of trade wars, everyone understood who the Chinese President meant in his speech addressed to the entire world. The President drove around the formal ranks in an open Hongqi limousine. Hongqi is translated as “red banner,” which he’ll continue to carry.

There were 15,000 servicemen, 160 airplanes in the sky involved in the biggest parade in the country’s history. They act in a well-coordinated manner. Special microphones are used in Tiananmen Square so everyone could hear the march. However, they don’t always seem necessary because the servicemen are doing their best, and not only male servicemen. Here are the so-called Iron Roses — a special female unit.

But vehicles are still the most spectacular part. There were almost 600 vehicles. Everyone tries to guess what vehicle will be at the parade. We’ve managed to spot the most advanced supersonic spy UAV. It was presented to the public for the first time. The unique shape of the wing makes the Sharp Sword almost radar-eluding. It’s followed by the Dongfeng-41 intercontinental ballistic missile. It’s translated as “Eastern Wind”. Here’s the Dongfeng-17. This is an intermediate-range missile. Both are hypersonic.

The procession was two hours and two kilometers (1.2 miles) long. There are athletes, rural workers, engineers, teachers, schoolchildren wearing red ties. There were huge living platforms. The scale was unprecedented. This is what China can and likes to do.

So that the entire country could be proud of what it sees, the parade was shown even in cinemas today and the authorities gave out 620,000 TV sets to the neediest families. However, the Communist Party plans that by the end of the next year, China will finally finish building a middle-class society and there’ll be no poor in the country.

This golden age is still ahead. But the so-called golden week began today with amazing fireworks. China is going on vacation en masse.

  1. thomas malthaus says


    The blossoming of Russia-China ties isn’t a recent phenomenon. President Putin has advanced and solidified these ties since 2000.

  2. LS says

    Nice parade. Just don’t forget to keep the GD foreigners out. China for the Chinese!

  3. JustPassingThrough says

    China Unveils ‘Doomsday Bomb’ While U.S. Military Concentrates on “Diversity”



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