Why Is Kremlin’s COVID Shot So Cringe?

Was it developed by rocket scientists?

One is not like the others

Sputnik 1 was the first man-made satellite to orbit the Earth.

Sputnik 2 was the second man-made satellite to orbit the Earth and the first to carry a living being — the Moscow stray Layka.

Sputnik 3 was the third Soviet satellite to orbit the Earth in 1958.

So naturally Sputnik V should be a… prophylactic medical injection. LOL. What is this garbage?

Was it developed by rocket scientists? I don’t think so. Soviet space engineers were brilliant minds to whom mankind owes an enormous debt, but why are modern-day COVID fascists trying to ride their coattails?

Where do these people get the guile to appropriate this famous name for their concoction? Isn’t their product good enough that it can stand on its own two feet and make its own name for itself? Doesn’t Gamaleya Institute have a previously successful vaccine they could name this one after? (It really doesn’t.)

Sputnik means fellow-journeyman, from Russian for road or path (“put”). What do travel and wanderlust have to do with a medical injection? The V supposedly stands for “victory,” but in Russian victory is “pobeda,” so is the name of the premier Russian vaccine in English?

So many questions. Why is Gintzburg allowed to rape the legacy of the greatest Russian scientific achievement in history with his experimental swill virtually unsupported by any publicly available trial data? And if the COVID fascists at Gamaleya don’t even have enough of a brain (or confidence) to come up with an original name for their injection then just how much confidence should we have in the product of their copy-cat minds?

The men behind Sputnik were men whose work spoke for itself. They didn’t have to name their satellites after past accomplishments of other men to convince the world that they were worthwhile and pretty darn impressive.

Would you let this man build your satellite?
  1. GMC says

    I can only think of one reply to their Sputnik name – marketing- to a populace that may or may not want it. If you are under 60 yrs young, you can only receive Sputnik Vee, the others, and the Sput. Lite only for those over the hill. I took the Lite 10 mos. after the virus and I feel good. I wouldn t take anything stronger but the Gov is forcing it on the people through their employers – just like in the West – which says it all.

  2. Martillo says

    YOU are the disease, their covaid$ death squirt is the cure. Ras Putin is just like all the rest of the NWO globo pedovore demons. Shame really…

    Pfizer Fuehrer Albert Bourla of the khazar chosenite mob explains how his covaid$ death squirt is to correct “mistakes in your DNA”. Would anyone with a functioning brain cell allow Satanic pedovore filth like this anywhere near their “precious bodily fluids” or their children’s. The time for taking out this reptilian poison is long overdue.


    Juice Koolaid same as Al CIAduh Jonestown Koolaid only global

    It’s a big club and they are ALL in it.

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