Podcast: Was Julian Assange Given a Death Sentence?

Will Porter discuss his perilous situation 1 year after his arrest

On FPF #478, Will Porter returns to the show to discuss Julian Assange’s perilous situation.

A year ago, Assange was ripped from the Ecodurian embassy and thrown in UK top maximum-security prison.

Over the year, Assange’s health has declined. Adding to his health risk is a coronavirus outbreak at the prison he is caged in.

Assange’s legal team recently appealed to the judge in his extradition case to allow him to leave the prison under house arrest for the remainder of the coronavirus outbreak, something the UK is allowing 1,000s of other prisoners to do.

However, Assange was denied the request and the judge took it a step further by announcing she would reveal the identity of Assange’s partner and children.

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