US Patrol Turned Back at Syrian Army Checkpoint. US Officer: “We Are Here to Bring Peace Just Like the Russians”

Syrian officer: "Wherever the US goes it brings death and destruction, you are not welcome here"

More footage from the February 12 standoff between a US patrol and Syrian villagers and soldiers in the village of Khirbet Amo in northeastern Syria. The standoff eventually resulted in

  • American reinforcements arriving in 5 additional vehicles,
  • the Russians arriving on the scene to try to calm things down,
  • a molotov cocktail being thrown at one of the American vehicles,
  • the Americans killing one of the villagers,
  • the Syrians opening rifle fire on armored US vehicles,
  • F-16s circling overhead, firing flares from a low altitude,
  • and the Americans in the end nonetheless retreating and going back to base.

The exchange between the US commander and a Syrian officer through an Iraqi translator the Americans have with them:

– “We Are Here to Bring Peace Just Like the Russians”

– “Wherever the US goes it brings death and destruction, you are not welcome here.”

The Russian perspective as gunfire breaks out:

What the Russians are saying among each other as Americans open fire. Not everything is intelligible, and expletives are edited out from the audio track:

– Look, he is shooting.

– Who?

– The pindos [a derogatory term for Americans].

– What is he shooting at? He is shooting at something. He is shooting over their heads.

– An outrage… They are moronic soldiers.

– “Bringing peace”…

– What does he want even want?

– There was no order to open fire.

– Nobody will understand anything.

– He is blocked, he has nowhere to go… This is the [person/vehicle] we are supposed to guard.

– He poured something on its back too.

– And you, comrade major, ask, “Why everybody is [expletive muted]?” Huh? You understand now that there is no difference between them.

– But they shoot, see, there are impacts.

– Aviation…

– What’s that?

– F-16 or something…

– He gets lower… There he is.

– What’s his caliber?

– 12.7.

– They have provoked it themselves.

Among everything else a Syrian villager also had fun raising his national flag over one of the US vehicles:

– “Smile you’re in the Syrian Arab Republic, you asshole. Film, film, film the mercenaries with the Syrian flag over their heads”

  1. Jorge Trevino says

    Wherever the american flag waves, people start dying

  2. Jorge Trevino says

    Around 5 years ago in Melbourne, Australia, I saw a couple of youtubers asking people on the streets to write down on a board what country they think would trigger third world war: america got more than 50 marks in the half an hour I stayed watching.

    Far behind, with 5 to 12 marks, it was Germany, France.

    Russia showed up with 2-3.

    That summarizes what normal and peaceful people of the world think about what the U.S. is to the world

  3. Robert Mcconnell says

    From RadioNZ this is the unrelenting crap broadcast to the nation.
    Little wonder NZ people are as dumb as Americans.

  4. David Chu says

    Yankees: Veeee are here to give you democracie!!!

    The Other Party: Get the fuck out of my country!!!

  5. Michael McNulty says

    When Russia and China want something from abroad they build bridges and hospitals to acquire it. When America wants something from abroad it bombs bridges and hospitals then takes it.

  6. XRGRSF says

    If my fellow Americans would leave the Middle East there would be peace, but America can’t have that because it’s bad for business. America should remember the rule of Karma: What goes around comes around.

    1. Robert Mcconnell says

      If Israel was flattened within hours there would be peace on earth and good times all round.

  7. Undecider says

    They should be trapped with no escape. Close off all exists.

  8. Vera Gottlieb says

    I truly love that Syrian response!!! My line is always…no matter where the US goes, excrement is sure to follow.

  9. the most hated and reviled people in the world

    1. Mary E says

      You have to be referring to Americans! Right?

      1. allan Massey says

        what rights to kill people around the world

    2. Jasonovich says

      Its the jews who are controlling the upper echelons of US government and the never ending wars in the ME is deliberately scripted from the Ode Yinon Plan, I’m referring to the expansion of Israel. Its the Zionist who are vile filfth, the American dumb twats who are used in conflict for Israels benifet.

    3. Chris Chuba says

      What you are saying is most definitely true. When we survey ‘world opinion’ about the U.S. look at how we cherry pick the countries.
      For the M.E. we poll Tunisia and Israel but exclude all of the countries we are ‘helping’, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, …

  10. Ann Johns says

    The arrogance of the americans is astounding.

    1. cechas vodobenikov says

      wrong–arrogance is insecurity—-amerikans as all sociologists from Tocqueville onward observe amerikans to be the most insecure, self doubting people on earth

  11. Greenstone says

    Yank pigs go home

  12. cap960 says

    Pindos…what does it mean?

    1. Canosin says

      beans….brown beans…..maybe

    2. Oleg Pogorelov says

      According to media reports, in the same sense, the word “pindos” was used in the army slang of the Russian units of the UN peacekeeping force in Kosovo as the national nickname for all US troops [2] [15]. From the first days of the operation in Kosovo [16], Kosovo Serbs called the American peacekeepers “Pindos” (in Serbo-Croatian – the penguin) for the abundance of ammunition. In case of injury, insurance was paid only with full equipment, so the American military personnel wore ammunition (body armor, protective shields on their knees and elbows, helmet, goggles, gloves, etc.) with a total weight of more than 40 kg, which was reflected in the gait .

      1. RedBaron9495 says

        …plus the kitchen sink.

        They think they can fight an effective war dressed like that…and waddling along like penguins.?

      2. XRGRSF says

        Never heard that one before, but I like it.

      3. Rowdy-Yates says

        In case of injury, insurance was paid only with full equipment, so the American military personnel wore ammunition (body armor, protective shields on their knees and elbows, helmet, goggles, gloves, etc.) with a total weight of more than 40 kg,
        Typically Jewish. DC will send American men to fight and get injured or die for another nation but the moment they get injured the insurance companies try to Jew down the cost pinching every penny.

    3. Ann Johns says

      I checked, it’s a slightly derogative term for americans meaning FAT, PATRIOTIC AMERICAN.

  13. michael houston says

    stuck in the mud with a Syrian flag above their useless piece of shit truck…..priceless…..that photo will have legs….!!!!

    1. allan Massey says

      that photo will live forever

  14. Garry Compton says

    Dear Mr. Marjonovic, let’s re visit that Iranian hit on that US base in Iraq .

  15. my2Cents says

    Bless the Russians for being there 🙂

    1. HuggyBear says

      Post removed ? – Why?

    2. HuggyBear says

      Why did you remove your personal ditty about the Holocaust in WW2 ? – maybe it wasn’t you?

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