US Marine Corps Is Deathly Afraid It Doesn’t Have a Role to Play Against China

Is gutting its force by shedding all its tanks for anti-ship missiles in desperate bid to keep itself 'relevant'

As shown in the graphic, the Marines are significantly cutting back on firepower – you know, the stuff that lets you win in combat.

  • A complete combat organization that has no tanks?
  • An amphibious combat organization with no bridging capability?
  • A combat force with almost no artillery?

That is some serious insanity being demonstrated there!

The only aspect of the Corps that is being increased – and it’s a huge increase – is land based anti-ship missiles. Clearly, the Commandant views the Marine’s main mission, now, as sea control which, as we’ve discussed, is an idiotic concept that is simply not viable.

Even the F-35/aviation side of the Corps is going to take a substantial hit. Previous Commandants sacrificed the ground element to promote the aviation side and now it appears that, too, is fading, all so that the Commandant can attempt to take over a Navy mission in a bid to remain budget-relevant in the face of the China threat. The irony is that the sea control mission will actually make the Marines irrelevant.

The only other missions the Marines are now capable of are very low end, very light infantry work.

The Marines are no longer a viable warfighting force. They are a peacetime police force. This Commandant has, in the stroke of a pen, relegated the Marines to irrelevance. There is nothing that the new Marine Corps will be capable of that can’t be executed better and faster by the Army.

This Commandant has done what our enemies could not: eliminate the Marine Corps as an effective fighting force.  It breaks my heart to say this but this is the final nail in the coffin – the Marine Corps is now redundant and should be disbanded.

(1) Marine Corps Times website, “The Corps is axing all of its tank battalions and cutting grunt units”, Shawn Snow, 23-Mar-2020,

(2) SNAFU website, “Very good summary of @CMC_MarineCorps force design from @WSJ”, 23-Mar-2020,

Source: Navy Matters

  1. XRGRSF says

    When I enlisted in 1966 I tried to go into the Marines, but my vision wasn’t good enough for Force Recon so I ended up in Army Special Forces. I did 3 tours in ‘Nam, got my Ranger Tab, did all of the other neat stuff, HALO, Scuba, etc, but I always felt that I missed something by not being a Marine. I consider the US Marines, or at least the Marines of my era, to be the finest fighting force ever deployed; they will be missed.

    1. Padre says

      No doubt about it, I don’t know that there is anything in USA, that isn’t the finest!

  2. PioneerPreacher says

    This will suit the Transvestites fine… They won’t need to wrinkle their dress blues.

  3. Undecider says

    The most important job the Commandant has these days is the queer-ification of the Marine Corps. They’re doing an excellent job of it.

  4. Mary E says

    The Marines have always considered to be the Hard Core division of the Navy and Army combined….
    Yep, now is the time for them to disband- the US has way too many ‘war prepared” (prepared is questionable) military personnel…drone warfare and land and sea based missiles will win the next war
    (can we hope there won’t be one?)..

  5. James Willy says

    Why does Xi keep refusing to engage these yanky loozerz? After being attacked by a few bio-weapons this idiot still refuses to retaliate. And Xi allows yankys to destroy HK just before this latest virus outbreak? Why does he allow this to continue?

    1. Undecider says

      Xi doesn’t need to waste his time. China has been around for 5,000 years and will be around for another 5,000. Being a homogeneous population helps.

    2. Ron Ronery says

      An eye for an eye is only effective short term. It’s wiser to play the long game. Shore up your defences, continue to develop and modernize your country, build alternative banking and financial networks worldwide with other partners and just wait for the US to implode. Once the US looses it’s reserve currency status, hyper inflation will come and every US citizen will need to fend for themselves since the government won’t help. Countries who have been attacked by the USA will simply ignore since they would have made alternative financal systems by then. The casualty will be the common man. Citizens will be enslved by their government with no where to escape (i.e. another country) except the TV/Internet…..further brainwashing and programming.

      1. David Bedford says

        Before allowing Chinese citizens to buy gold they made sure all their banks were stocked, we don’t know how much gold the Chinese government owns but it is estimated Chinese citizens collectively hold about 20,000 tonnes of gold. I think China will patiently wait for the correct timing to reveal how much gold they officially hold, I’m waiting for that day when China reveals their holdings and re-prices gold at $10,000 or even higher and the Yanks won’t be able to do squat about it.

        1. Coriolanus43 says

          Russia is doing exactly the same thing,and waiting for the right moment

  6. michael houston says

    well now they can all come home and help lockdown the US… 1914….a wonderfully new police state…..power projection turned in on itself…..beautiful….and so deserved…..

  7. LS says

    ‘US Marine Corps Is Deathly Afraid It Doesn’t Have a Role to Play Against China’

    It should be more afraid if it does.

    1. James Willy says

      Why? When one considers how China refuses to fight back that sounds kind of strange doesn’t it. Would sure be nice to see China wipe out a few of them. Then they could be afraid. Maybe.

      1. Mary E says

        China’s time has not yet come for retaliation….but you can bet they will and it will be very well timed!

        1. Ron Ronery says

          China or any other country do not have to retaliate against the evil US empire. Every country will simply defend themselves from US agression; whether it be monetary, military or online. Everyone knows the US government lies and is not working for the benefit of the US citizen. Other countries are just shoring up it’s defences and continuing to invest in their people and economies and build mutually beneficial relationships around the world. When this is solidified, since the US chooses not to be apart of the worldwide economy (i.e. Belt and Road), they will basically loose the reserve currency status and be an outcast. The US won’t suffer because it is perfectly self sufficient but the ordinary US citizens will have to ask themsleves some questions. Will the Elite in the US take care of them (i.e. free universal healthcare, free education etc..) or are they going to continue exploiting the average US citizen? My bet is the corrupt officials still in charge will continue to rape the common man and politicians and Elite will continue to fill their own coffers to enjoy the fruits of the world outside the USA. American citizens will be stuck in their country slaving away similar to how they are stuck now at home without health care or income during this virus hoax.

          1. XRGRSF says

            Excellent post !

          2. itchyvet says

            I’m sorry to say Ron, there’s no way Australia will, “ Other countries are just shoring up it’s defences and continuing to invest in their people and economies and build mutually beneficial relationships around the world.” be a part of this new age. Australia has hitched it’self to the Americans so tightly over the last thirty years, any collapse in the U.S. will also severely effect Australia as well. In fact the situation has become so bad, our defense forces are totally 100% reliant upon U.S. military resources, and even China would you believe ? There is NOTHING made in Australia for our military, everything is manufactured O.S.’s.

  8. Tavrik says

    An interesting article but I think that there is another important factor that was not discussed. For many years the Marines have been considered to be essentially an amphibious assault force. The Navy has a large number of assault transports, helicopter carriers and hovercraft dedicated to this mission. With modern missiles there is no way that an assault on a well defended beach will be viable. The ships will be sunk and the landing force annihilated. So it appears that the marines new mission will be to defend the Navy’s bases.

    1. XRGRSF says

      A very plausible mission, but so far beneath the capability of the Marines.

  9. chris chuba says

    Should have war gamed, recapturing Hong Kong from the Chinese (and yes I do know how ignorant this statement is).

  10. stevek9 says

    Since we barely need a military (other than maintaining an Empire), who cares? I don’t see an invasion soon from Canada or Mexico.

  11. Séamus Ó Néill says

    I wouldn’t worry about the Marines and their fighting ability in 2030, by that time America will be a third world country with all that that entails.The bullying aggressor has overstepped the mark too many times and the ghosts of genocided millions will forever haunt it ! Karma is that omnipresent bitch !

    1. XRGRSF says

      The wheel is indeed turning, and unfortunately I’m in its path.

      1. Séamus Ó Néill says

        These next few months, and how they play out, how the good people in America….not he self-righteous nor the “exceptional” believing morons, but the good honest human people, will determine America’s future for generations. Unfortunately I see a civil war coming and war is anything but civil. The cabal is fecked but what the “elites” try as a substitute determines everything !

  12. Islander says


  13. Vic Pittman says

    Good news !

  14. ke4ram says

    As an ex-Marine from what I see,,, they need to change their colors to pink and wear vagina hats.

    Tanks, Howitzers and guns scare the crap out of the millennials and younger generations considering the 24 & 7 propaganda by the media and feminazi school teachers.

  15. Genghis Gobi says

    I never, in all my years of reading military literature, understood the relevance of a separate marine corps. What could it do that either naval infantry or amphibious trained army infantry carried by naval ships couldn’t do? Why do Amerikastani marines, unlike say Russian or British marines, need their own air force? It’s always seemed a boondoggle like everything else in Amerikastan.

    1. rightiswrong rightiswrong says

      Just think, Waffen SS.

      For the jobs no one else would do.

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