US Health Care Sector Has Shed 2 Million Jobs in a ‘Pandemic’

So "overwhelmed" is the health and assistance infrastructure that 2 million workers have been stricken from payrolls

American Institute for Economic Research:

Overall, private payrolls lost 19.5 million jobs in April with private services losing 17.2 million and goods-producing industries losing 2.4 million. For private service-producing industries, the declines were led by a 7.7 million decrease in leisure and hospitality. Three other industries lost more than 2 million jobs each: professional and business services declined by 2.128 million with temporary help accounting for 842,000 of that total, retail lost 2.107 million workers, and health care and social-assistance industries fell by 2.087 million. 

Of the 20 million jobs lost in April, 2 million of those were in the health care and social-assistance industry:

Which means that the industry has shed fully 10% of its labor force:

This during a supposed health emergency that was going to be so bad everyone needed to be forced to stay in their homes by executive orders lest they create any more workload for the health care sector that was going to be drowning in plague patients.

  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    these obese degenerates r incompetent robots—overpaid emotionless technicians….apparently xc19 is so horrible they no longer need to staff US hospitals

  2. voza0db says

    “health care” workers are so shocked and sad with the millions of deaths caused by this terrible RNA particle, that they can’t stop dancing and chanting and making videos…

    In the mean time…

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