US “Applauds” Malta’s Airspace Denial to Russian Planes. Russia: Keep Applauding, It Keeps Your Hands off the Trigger

If you're applauding you're not starting new wars

Malta, which recognises Guaido as Venezuela president (that didn’t work out too well, did it?), denied Russian Venezuela-bound airplanes passage through its not particularly large airspace. US State Department applauded the decision and called on other countries to follow suit.

The Russian Foreign Ministry tweeted it was only too happy with the US applauding:

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Séamus Ó Néill
Séamus Ó Néill
3 months ago

Malta , that massive superpower of a country , 316 sqk , denies Russia airspace….it would be harder for Russia to find this place than to avoid it. Maybe it’s seeking attention , I haven’t heard it mentioned in decades.

Georg Simon Ohm
Georg Simon Ohm
3 months ago

Maltese airspace is negligible.

3 months ago

Good response.

And how bizarre things have become when the US advocates for, and applauds, denial of air space.

It isn’t funny like Monty Python but it is behavior cut from exactly the same cloth.