Ukraine Feverishly Buying up Russian Gas, Races to Build up Reserves Before Gazprom Cuts off Supplies

Kiev falling over itself to fork over money to Moscow Hitler

Ukraine has tripled its imports of Russian gas via Slovakia

Ukraine’s national gas company Naftogaz believes that Russia will cut off its gas supplies completely on January 1, 2020 and is rushing to build up reserves as high as possible so that Ukraine can get through the freezing winter.

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Ukraine that no gas in the pipeline means no gas for Ukraine. “Imagine that there is no transit, then there will be no gas supply to Ukraine,” he told reporters, as cited by UNIAN on May 2.

Last year Ukraine accumulated 17.2bn cubic metres (bcm) of gas in its underground storage facilities – the highest level in the last six years — but it is on course to beat that record this year. Andriy Kobolev, head of state energy company Naftogaz Ukrayiny, said Ukraine will accumulate 20 bcm of gas ahead of next winter — a new record. 

“It is important to have heat in Ukrainian homes even if Gazprom is going to trigger another crisis,” Kobolev said on May 2. “European traders are also creating additional reserves.”

Natural gas stocks in Ukraine’s underground storage facilities (USFs) have increased by 7.8%, or by 685mn cubic metres, to 9.439bcm since April 5, when Ukraine started loading up reserves for the coming winter.

As of April 30, gas reserves in the country’s USFs were up 19% up from 7.93bcm reported as of April 30, 2018, and the USFs are already 30% full, according to the state-run owned gas transport system operator Ukrtransgaz.

Ukraine consumes about 35bcm of gas a year, of which some 20bcm is produced domestically and the rest is imported. However, the bulk of Soviet-era USFs were built in Ukraine and can hold up to 31bcm of gas.

What Naftogaz is afraid of is if Russia stops all transit deliveries via Ukraine to its European customers there may be a shortage of gas in Europe and not only will imports from Russia cease, but those from Ukraine’s western partners as well.

In preparation Ukraine significantly boosted imports of natural gas from Europe starting on May 1, 2019, loading the Slovakian pipeline by 75.5% of the existing capacity compared with 22.4% of loading during April 2019. [However the gas being bought via Slovaks is actually Russian.]

According to updated data from the Slovak operator Eustream, gas supply to Ukraine on May 1 was 32.1mn cubic metres, which is 3.4 times higher than the average daily imports by the country from Slovakia in April (9.5mn cubic metres).

JSC Ukrtransgaz data confirm the reservation on May 1, 2019, of 32.2mn cubic metres of the Slovakia/Ukraine capacity out of the existing 42.5mn cubic metres of capacity. On May 1, 2019, the capacities for the supply of 45.7mn cubic meters of gas to Ukraine were reserved (Slovakia – 32.187mn cubic metres, Hungary – 9.267mn cubic metres, and Poland – 4.269mn cubic metres) of the existing 66mn cubic metres of capacities on the western border. The average daily gas imports by Ukraine in May 2018 amounted to 36.5mn cubic metres, in May 2017 – 38.4mn cubic metres, and in May 2016 – 3.1mn cubic metres.

Source: bne Intellinews

  1. Inferior says

    This is a normal paranoia where you see someone as an enemy and expect the worst of outcome that there is. Many Europeans (few of them i have spoken to) believe that Putin the dictator would pull the plug and freeze the Europe. They do not know what they are talking about and there hasn’t been any sign that could suggests something so drastic to happen yet paranoia is doing its trick. Ukraine went to join Europe and NATO. Ukrainians marched and kicked the Kremlin favoring President out to bring in Washington favoring President that would lead Ukraine to join the “progressive world”, “free world”, “develop world”, etc. and free Ukraine from the clutches of Red-scare. Nothing of that sort of wet dream came true. Germany has categorically rejected any bid for Ukraine to join NATO or EU. Even Washington doesn’t look so impressed with the mess they created. So what really has happened is life has become hard for common Ukrainians. Two of them i met in the city of Brno in Czech Republic playing music on the street. I asked them what they think what is happening in Ukraine to which one of them blamed Putin and the other moaned about the life that has become impossible there. It should not be like that at all. Ukraine can not deny the tie these two people share, the bond that still exists between Russians and Ukrainians. They should be brotherly state if Ukraine is to prosper because prosperity won’t come by joining EU. Just look at Greece for example or Spain for that matter or even Poland. Nothing has changed there.

  2. JustPassingThrough says

    “Kiev falling over itself to fork over money to Moscow Hitler

    Ben Aris: long time Russia reporter. ex Daily Telegraph moscow bureau, ex Banker/Euromoney contributing editor, 15 yrs freelance. founder & editor business new
    a long time ne’er do well of highly questionable mental stability, 15 years of freelance because he can’t hold a job. Tends to parrot others to the extent of making actual parrots laugh in pity.

    Fast Forward this simple minded sloth.

  3. thomas malthaus says

    I think Mr. Putin has some thoughts toward shipping contaminated fuels that direction.

    The US must have billions bcm for which to export to Ukraine. They’ll get a deal similar to Poland.

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