UK Police Accuse Journalist of “Killing People” for Filming Them in a Park

As they were harassing a woman for breathing air outdoors

A video clip shows police officers in London accusing a journalist of “killing people” for filming them in a park.

The incident began when journalist Michael Segalov witnessed an encounter between a woman and police during which the officers appeared to be harassing her.

He began recording the confrontation on his phone but was soon surrounded by several officers, one of whom told him, “You’re killing people. Go home,” while clearly standing closer than social distancing rules mandate.

According to a letter of complaint filed by solicitors at ITN, the news channel Segalov works for, the journalist actually felt the spittle of one of the officers land on his face during the exchange.

One of the officers, Sergeant Brown, repeatedly provides his name and number to stress that he is proud of what he is doing.

It subsequently emerged that the officers were hassling the woman because they thought she was “clearly not exercising” and told her to leave the park.

The irony of an officer invading someone’s personal space to enforce social distancing rules which require a 2 meter gap and then accusing the other person of “killing people” cannot be overemphasized.

Segalov is now demanding an investigation of the officers involved and a public apology.

“This is absolutely shameful policing. The officers should be investigated and @MikeSegalov must get the apology he deserves,” said Big Brother Watch in response to the incident.

As we previously highlighted, there have been innumerable examples of police officers in the UK abusing their powers during the lockdown, from a female officer who told a family their kids couldn’t play on their own front garden, to a man who received a police visit for cutting his disabled neighbor’s grass.

Source: Summit News

  1. PioneerPreacher says

    The Brits voted for this… let them eat the cake they bake for themselves.

  2. ke4ram says

    “The officers should be investigated and @MikeSegalov must get the apology he deserves…”

    Just who would be doing the investigation? The same people handing out these illegal orders, The same people saying there is a pandemic,,, the same people who are counting the deaths.

    Remember the saying ,,, It’s those that counts the votes that makes the difference. Here it’s the CDC and WHO are counting the votes.

    I have to compliment ‘them’ though. I can’t remember a better con being played in my lifetime of over 70 years. The movie Sting 2 comes to mind where the mark(s) actually believe the bs. The only difference is, this time it is easy peezy to discover the con,,, it’s just that the marks are too lazy to look into it.

  3. fluttershield mlp says

    The cop yelling go home is too stupid to be a cop. Arrogant government jerk playing God. Tell him to get a real job.

    1. Ave Milagrosa says

      “Too stupid to be a cop?” I thought stupid was a job requirement.

      1. purple_persuader says

        Not necessarily stupid, just an unwillingness to engage in critical thought.

  4. stevek9 says

    Where is this going to end?

    1. CovfefeMe says

      for Airstrip One, never

  5. CovfefeMe says

    I’m not sure if that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, but surely has to be #2.

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