Trump’s Withdrawal From the Open Skies Treaty Jeopardizes US National Security

Clueless Trump clearing another impediment to an arms race with Russia

Among the things the current president will be remembered for, besides his mendacity, ignorance, and vulgarity, will be his legacy of tearing up international treaties and agreements designed to keep Americans safe, casually discarding them at the urging of the very neoconservative ideologues he repeatedly lampooned in 2016.

The latest victim in Trump’s ongoing assault on US national security is the Open Skies Treaty, a landmark multilateral agreement among 34 nations that provides the guidelines for treaty signatories to conduct unarmed reconnaissance flights over the territory of other member states, in order to promote “greater openness and transparency in their military activities and to enhancing security by means of confidence- and security-building measures.”

Open Skies will soon join the Iranian Nuclear Accord, the Paris Climate Agreement, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and the Arms Trade Treaty on the ever-growing scrap heap of international agreements that have been discarded seemingly without so much as a second thought by this most reckless of US presidents, whose “America First” foreign policy has morphed, not entirely unexpectedly, into that of “America Alone.”

Former California governor Jerry Brown, who is now the executive chair of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and serves on the board of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, tells me that in his view, “Walking away from this treaty is dumb. Congress should stop this madness before it’s too late! We need more transparency, not less.”

California Representative Ro Khanna, a leading progressive foreign policy voice on Capitol Hill, also criticized the move. “The fact that the president made this decision without consulting Congress is yet another example of his administration’s disrespect for our constitution,” Khanna told me.

“Instead of withdrawing from landmark multilateral arms control agreements,” said Khanna “the United States should get back into the INF Treaty, extend New START before it expires, and stay in the Open Skies Treaty to avoid a new, costly, and dangerous arms race with Russia. We have to foster a diplomacy rooted in dialogue and diplomacy.”

Arms control expert Alexandra Bell, who worked on the Open Skies Treaty and served as the senior adviser in the Office of the Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, told me that it is not even clear that “the president has a good idea of what the treaty is and why it is important,” and that the move has been met with confusion and alarm among our closest allies.

According to Bell, “Various parties to the agreement, including the UK, France, Germany and Canada, have all requested more information on the US policy position.” Allies were caught off guard, because “less than a week ago, the US ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe had just participated in a ceremony celebrating the 1500th flight under the agreement.”

Bell told me that it appears that “there is a small group within the White House who have tried to keep the relevant agencies and departments away from the decision, not dissimilar to the lack of interagency process that defined the withdrawal from the INF.”

Some have speculated that the administration is opting out of the treaty because of allegations that Russia has repeatedly violated its terms. But the point of treaties such as these is to preserve open avenues for discussion and conciliation when violations do occur. Simply scrapping them makes a new and dangerous arms race with Russia all the more likely, which is perhaps—given the fact that the administration’s current defense secretary, Mark Esper, is a former top lobbyist for the defense contractor Raytheon—the point.

Source: The Nation

  1. DarkEyes says

    One must wonder what country actually has intentions to attack the USA & US (D.C.)?
    The not so clever advisers of Mr Trump are advising for the MIC. Called “national interest” which is threatening their profits is their interest.

    Mr Trump believe it or not has a plan. A plan to do his best to stop these insane intervention wars by US and NATO (he is boss of that association).

    Mr Trump is right not to sign the Climate Change treaty in Paris.
    We at least read in alternative news Climate Change is a hoax.
    It is a UN plan, designed somewhere at a convention of the Treaty of Rome.
    UN Climate Change program is a depopulation program (LaRouche).
    If there is no or less CO2 there will be nomore babies coming. Think what is CO2!

    All the socalled climate-change-scientists are licking their fingers seeing their dreams finally come thru with massive funds, stacks of moneys, all taxpayers moneys in the shape of “insane CO2-taxes” coming their direction.
    Climate Change Greta is used as part of their plan. The poor child.

    US has been binded in the past in so many “defense treaties” that Mr Trump as businessman sees the impossibility of all these promises. The kitty is empty.
    US have no moneys anymore and her worldpower is reducing.
    Mr Trump does recognize this and therefore cut all these lines with “defense treaties” in a unorthodox way, but he is on the right track. No obligations are costing no money and reducing local wars.

  2. jm74 says

    US will lose an arms race; a race not only with Russia but China, Iran as well. US has been working on bacteria, germ warfare which is far more dangerous than nuclear where everyone gets wiped out but bacteria, germ warfare would have antidotes and given to the selected few.

  3. Canosin says

    found this article at Zerohedge
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    1. DarkEyes says

      Can’t you just give us the Link next time you meet an interesting article instead of the entire article?
      Thank you.

  4. Mary E says

    Of course that is the point…the US doesn’t want Russia seeing what it has been working on – to me that means that the US is far into another big push to build even more fanrastical weapons and missile launchers that go far into the world Russia, apparently has nothing to hide, but the US, in its delusional ‘wisdom’ sees the breaking of Open Skies as just a step toward ‘getting’ Russia…which is in its long term plan, which is being fast forwarded…how can it gather together all its war planes and troops, ready to go on a mission to Russian territory in secret if Russian planes are flying over getting it all on the record??! The good part of this story is that Russia sees the game that Washington is playing and is prepared like never before…

  5. Padre says

    USA will be the only rogue state in the world!Soon they will have not a single international agreement!And it is odd, because they don’t stand by them even now, if it doesn’t suit them!

  6. CHUCKMAN says

    Good piece. Trump is nicely and accurately characterized at the beginning.

    We are all living through the deliberate setting-up of a nightmare world, one where international law and order and institutions count for little or nothing.

    But note that we do not see Congress making any efforts to stop Trump’s abusive efforts abroad.

    I don’t think the impeachment investigation counts because that is about politics, the politics of realizing they do not have a leading candidate for the 2020 election who likely can defeat Trump.

    And the politics around the possible opening of the whole “can of worms” involved in the American-induced coup in Ukraine with all of its aftereffects.

    Not to mention, the insane Russia-gate fantasies which seem to have acquired a life of their own simply because they are so useful to so many important figures.

    The fantasies do not die away because America has been conditioned for three-quarters of a century to hate and fear Russia. It was ferocious conditioning in everything from the language of the press and politicians to the entertainment industry with its streams of shows and films like the old J Edgar Hoover-approved “FBI” series or “I Led Three Lives” or “The Manchurian Candidate” and scores of others.

    Anyone pointing out the many merits of today’s Russia, so immediately in stark contrast with the Russia of the prime Soviet period, only risks being called a Russian “troll” or “bot” or “asset.”

    The Congress is under exactly the same set of influences as Trump.

    He’s just loud and ugly about it, and they gladly let him take the blame for going where they want to go themselves, but they really do nothing to stop him.

    All of these matters – from the destruction of important treaties to the horrors of Syria and support for one of the world’s bloodiest tyrants in Saudi Arabia – ultimately reflect America’s awareness of its relative decline in the world and its refusal to accept new realities.

    It perhaps has come to believe in its own myths of exceptionalism too much, of its inherent goodness, of its rightness, of its entitlement. Patriotism as it is practiced in America is, after all, a form of religion with its own sacred myths and tenets and blind spots, and it has a fierce hold on the country still.

    It is stoked regularly as an important reinforcing mechanism for all those pointless imperial wars and insane military costs.

    The country’s relative decline represents no malign forces at work, as the bizarre words of Trump often suggest. It is a quite natural outcome of the growth and development of other states plus changing technologies, but it is an outcome America’s establishment is desperate to somehow correct by almost any means, except the straightforward one of working hard to compete.

    With prestige and authority and wealth at stake, virtually all pretenses of still being Jimmy Stewart’s America of, say, 1953, are gone. There is simply no room for tears or sentimentality or wanting the reputation of being a nice guy.

    America’s establishment is much quietly encouraged in this by Israeli interests because Israel sees its best interests in the Middle East as being supported by an aggressive America, not a polite and diplomatic one. It can’t be kingpin in its region if America isn’t feared.

    And despite its own good relations with Putin, Israel, beneath the surface, does not like Russia. It does not want Russia’s influence in the Middle East, and it very much sees Russia as a stumbling block to the desired America supremacy and aggression in many areas.

    To start with, Russia is friendly with too many Arabs, and that’s an automatic black mark in Israel’s power calculous. The fact that Putin’s Russia strives to have good relations with all states means nothing to Israel, a state which deliberately maintains terrible relations with a number of others.

    The growing sense of Russia’s increasing prestige in the Middle East and America’s declining prestige also generates quiet animosity.

    The only way I can see this changing is with a turnaround in Israel’s view of its place in the region and of its neighbors. And just what are the chances of that?

    But even without Israel’s influential encouragement, Washington’s power establishment does seem set on maintaining a dangerous course out of its own motives of pride and arrogance.

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