This Is a Very Dark Day in American History

"The Democrats got what they wanted, but in the process they have created deep political fissures that will never heal"

“Our Democratic colleagues have weaponized the impeachment provision of the Constitution to nullify the votes of 63 million Americans who elected President Donald J. Trump.”

The Democrats got what they wanted, but in the process they have created deep political fissures that will never heal.  Now that President Trump has been impeached by the House, he will eventually be acquitted by the Senate, and so his political career will survive.

But far more importantly, it has gotten to the point where nobody can no longer deny that America is at war with itself. The left hates Donald Trump and his supporters with an intense, passionate, visceral hatred, and Trump and his supporters feel the same way about the left.

After this, nobody is going to be able to unite this country. Instead, we are headed for a future of anger, frustration, desperate acts and civil conflict. The mainstream media and many of our top political leaders have been stirring the pot for years, and the stage is set for an unprecedented explosion of animosity as we approach the upcoming election next November.

It has been horrifying to watch the Democrats treat the U.S. Constitution with such disdain. On Wednesday, the nation was riveted as two impeachment votes were held in the House, and both votes were “almost entirely on party lines”. The following comes from NBC News

Trump was impeached on two articles. The first vote, 230-197, accused him of abuse of power and was almost entirely on party lines; it was followed quickly by a second, 229-198, vote accusing the president of obstructing Congress. The one-vote difference was that of Democrat Jared Golden of Maine, who voted yes on abuse of power and no on obstruction.

No Republicans voted against Trump. Two Democrats, Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, who is expected to switch parties soon, and Collin Peterson of Minnesota, voted with Republicans against both articles. One Democrat, Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, who is running for president, voted “present” on both articles.

I would have liked to see Tulsi Gabbard actually have the courage to vote against impeachment, but at least two other Democrats were willing to stand up and do the right thing.

Now that the votes are over, many on the right are looking forward to a swift acquittal of Trump in the Senate, but it is being reported that the Democrats are actually considering withholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate for at least some period of time

A group of House Democrats is pushing Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other leaders to withhold the articles of impeachment against President Trump that emerged from the House on Wednesday, potentially delaying a Senate trial for months.

The notion of impeaching Trump but holding the articles in the House has gained traction among some of the political left as a way to potentially force Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky, to conduct a trial on more favorable terms for Democrats. And if no agreement is reached, some have argued, the trial could be delayed indefinitely, denying Trump an expected acquittal.

Since they have already made such a mockery of this process, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they want to trample on the Constitution some more.

Thankfully, an increasing number of Americans are seeing through their petty games.  Yesterday, I discussed a new CNN survey that found public support for impeachment has fallen substantially, and today I came across another new survey that discovered that even most Democrats believe that Nancy Pelosi and her minions are being highly disingenuous

In the latest Zogby Analytics survey, 67% of voters said that they “believe the Democrats are more interested in impeaching the president as opposed to passing legislation that will help Americans.”

And the shocking sidebar: A majority of Democrats, 53%, believe this is the case too, said pollster Jonathan Zogby.

Prior to Wednesday’s dramatic vote, there was an extended period of debate on the House floor, and several Republicans definitely rose to the occasion.  For example, here is a great quote from Represenative Mike Johnson

“There has never been a single-party, fraudulent impeachment process like the one being used today. Our Democratic colleagues have weaponized the impeachment provision of the Constitution to nullify the votes of 63 million Americans who elected President Donald J. Trump.”

And Representative Barry Loudermilk of Georgia made national headlines when he compared this impeachment process to the trial of Jesus

“When Jesus was falsely accused of treason, Pontius Pilate gave Jesus the opportunity to face his accusers. During that sham trial, Pontius Pilate afforded more rights to Jesus than the Democrats have afforded this president in this process.”

But the best speech of the day belonged to Louisiana Republican Clay Higgins. He didn’t have long to speak, but he definitely made it count

“I have descended into the belly of the beast. I have witnessed the terror within, and I rise committed to oppose the insidious forces which threaten our Republic,” Higgins opened.

“America’s being severely injured by this betrayal, by this unjust and weaponized impeachment, brought upon us by the same socialists who threaten unborn life in the womb, who threaten First Amendment rights of Conservatives, who threaten Second Amendment protections of every American patriot, and who have long ago determined that they would organize and conspire to overthrow President Trump.”

We don’t face this horror because the Democrats have all of a sudden become constitutionalists. We are not being devoured from within because of some surreal assertion of the socialists’ newfound love for the very flag that they trod upon.”

They are deep established D.C.,” he continued.

“They call this Republican map flyover country. They call us deplorables. They fear our faith. They fear our strength. They fear our unity. They fear our vote, and they fear our president.

“We will never surrender our nation to career establishment D.C. politicians and bureaucrats,” Higgins closed. “Our republic shall survive this threat from within. American patriots shall prevail.”

If you would like to watch the entire speech on YouTube, you can find it right here.

America is more divided right now than it has ever been in any of our lifetimes.

I am greatly saddened by what I believe is coming, because our nation is going to be ripped to shreds.

Now that the effort to remove Trump from office has spectacularly failed, keeping Trump from winning another term is literally going to be a matter of life or death for many on the left. And if Trump is able to win another term in November 2020, we are going to see a national temper tantrum unlike anything we have ever seen before.

But what is the alternative? Are we supposed to roll over and give the left everything they want just so they won’t go nuts?

I don’t think so.

Prior to this impeachment saga, all the polls showed that it was likely that a Democrat would win the presidency in November 2020, but now all of the momentum is with Trump and the Republicans.

Unfortunately, the election next November is not going to solve our deeper problems no matter who wins.

America is in the process of being torn in pieces, and 2020 promises to be a very, very dark year for our nation.

Source: The Economic Collapse

  1. JustPassingThrough says

    This entire charade is an image of the american psyche in 3D.

    D.T. personifies the murikan soul.

    He and the rest of wa.dc is the murikan “picture of dorian gray.”
    And guess what, it’s joe and jane sixpack that put them there.
    So what does that tell you about joe and jane.

    Anyone that thinks that a dumbcratic president would be any better is not in touch with reality. The kenyan showed us that.

    The empire is collapsing and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will not put it back together again.
    Merry christmas.

  2. TellTheTruth-2 says

    Trumps real crime might be having stopped the Communist Democrats from delivering the USA to their New World “Communist” Order. Based on that, they’ve shifted to plan B: DESTROY THE USA FROM WITHIN.

  3. John Rourke says

    As a non American and anti War advocate,I think it’s a good thing that the US is tearing itself apart.
    The icing on the cake will be when the “Petro Dollar” collapses.

  4. rickj2 says

    Michael, as a fellow Idaho panhandle resident, I fear that the die has been cast and it can not be recast. In my opinion, there are only two alternatives for the Globalist and their Democrat minions: 1) assassinating Trump ( see related latest Schiff move to go after Pence), 2) induced financial warfare to break markets so as to instill fear into voters and spawn a turn against Trump.

  5. Rowdy-Yates says

    America has been betrayed by its elite so many times. This impeachment is just one small spark.

  6. James Willy says

    How long do we have to wait to get to see yankys start offing each other? Why is it taking sooooooooooo long? Mean while the rest of the planet has to still live under them. Get to it already. Impeach this donald and make it stick so as to set it off. We are tired of waiting. That or do something else to get the civil war started up there in downtown yankystan.

  7. CHUCKMAN says

    Except for observing the division, not very insightful.

    The situation is more complex than just “the Democrats hate Trump.”

    I think it fair to say, too, that one of the most distasteful aspects of the situation is that more ordinary Americans do not reject this ugly, ignorant man.

    It’s as though a good portion, perhaps half, embrace being led by a monster, and he is leading them to disaster, disaster in trade and economics and world citizenship, and belligerence.

    But you can’t unfortunately impeach an American President for being a raving maniac.

  8. Mary E says

    The darkest day for modern America was the election of Donald J Trump…it is a positive thing that he was impeached…he is a self absorbed criminal who doesn’t even
    know anything about the government….and relies on other no nothings for input.
    I hope he twists in the wind with embarrassment and self loathing for the rest of his despicable life. In the case of his possible re-election, Article 25 should be invoked:
    it gets rid of incapable and useless minds…and in his case, he fills the bill fully!

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