The War Comes Home: Fake ‘White Helmet’ Nurse Caught on Camera in Phony “Counter-Protest”

Staged news is the hallmark of any semi-decent humanitarian intervention

Funny stuff in Richmond, Virginia:

A photo report and a dude in scrubs wait at the side of a road for a protester (or “protester” ?) car to pull up. After which the scrubs guy walks up to the car, displays his banner just long enough for the photographer to snap some shots and quickly walks away:

Safe to say the scrub wasn’t here to “counter-protest” — but just to pose for a quick photo. The Occam’s razor explanation is that the photographer saw the success of earlier such photos from Denver and called a friend to re-enact the scene in Richmond so he would have some lucrative shots to sell to agencies as well. In this case, the scheme fell apart due to vigilance of the protesters.

For that matter how did the Denver photographer, Alyson McClaran, get those photos? In her own words:

But McClaran soon decided to leave because many protesters at the demonstration didn’t have masks on and weren’t practicing social distancing.

“I didn’t feel very safe, healthwise,” McClaran said.

While walking toward her home from the Capitol, McClaran saw two people in scrubs and N95 masks standing in the middle of the street to block anti-lockdown protesters from going to the Capitol.

“This is it. This is what I needed,” McClaran said, recalling the moment she witnessed the striking scene.

How fortunate! Even though she only stayed a very short time, because those horrible protestors were not wearing masks and were not social distancing (albeit they stayed in their cars?), McClaran was able to get exactly what she “needed”. How very, very lucky!

Or is it?

Or maybe McClaran is the kind of lady that makes her own luck?

There is a huge market right now for outrage porn against COVID heretics. Everybody knows and feels it. And normally where there is demand there will soon be supply. However, unlike the likes of the KLA and Al-Qaeda, US reporters can’t just straight up go and stage the kind of news Western liberal outrage yearns for.

Or can’t they?

As I recall they were complicit in plenty of staging in support of “humanitarian” wars from Bosnia to Syria. And now it seems the staged news craft is ripe for deployment at home.

  1. Brion Adair says

    Yep. All staged for the same morons who swallowed the Syrian fake gas attack and still believe there are WMD in Iraq and that Jet Fuel from “hijacked” aircraft can bring down tall buildings in a single bound and Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny and that Trump said you should inject Lysol. Maybe if for once they took what they claim was the President’s advice the world would be a better place. But no such luck.

    1. Mary E says

      very funny!! and good…reply to this article re the ‘nurses’ who are faking their way to stardom!

  2. FaunaAndFlora says

    I suspected that those were fake medical workers for two reasons. First, there is no insignia on their scrubs. Second, they don’t know how to properly wear their procedure masks. A real medical worker would know that you aren’t supposed to cross the ties.

    Do’s & Don’ts For Wearing Procedure Masks In Non-Surgical Healthcare Settings

  3. LS says

    Anyone who has ever spent time in an American hospital, either as a patient or visitor, begins to find the medical workers (and that is what you are–effing ‘workers’) in a way distasteful. And to see them on the street in their ‘scrubs’ (or whatever they call them) engaging in a form of ideologically-correct posturing is truly repulsive. It is not a good look. It is quite disgusting. So keep it up, ‘scrubs-helmets’.

    Yea, that is it: scrubs-helmets

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