The Ukrainian Military Is in Trouble and Suffering Grievously

The Ukrainian 59th brigade was undermanned, underequipped, was surprised, and got slaughtered

Editor’s note: If there is a conflict between A and B then the horde of people who are rooting for A and focus on writing about the setbacks of B are not all that interesting.

They are at risk of succumbing to wishful thinking. Many will be justifying optimistic self-delusion without even knowing it.

But people who are rooting for A and are also writing about the problems, setbacks, and blunders of A are much more interesting. People who are writing against what they wish to be true are much likelier to be producing value and reality-based accounts that actually somewhat hold up in the post-war when the fog of war has cleared.

Roggio is one such. He is pro-Ukrainian but isn’t looking through rose-tinted glasses.

We hear a lot about Russia’s tactical and strategic problems, but very little about the Ukrainian military and its problems. The coverage has been largely one-sided. This New York Times article on the Ukrainian 59th Brigade gives some insights.

The article notes that Ukrainian forces are fighting valiantly, they no doubt are and have put up stiff resistance. But the 59th Brigade, based near Crimea, has also taken significant losses. You have to read to the bottom of the article to see it:

“The Russian force that poured out of Crimea was five times the size of his Ukrainian unit and quickly overwhelmed it. His brigade had no air support and few functional antiaircraft systems, because most had been sent to Kyiv to defend the capital.”

“Much of the brigade’s tanks and armored fighting vehicles were destroyed in the initial attack by Russian aviation.”

“The brigade’s commander … had lost touch with military leadership and was forced to make decisions on the fly.”

“Encircled [in Kherson] and suffering heavy losses from strikes by Russian fighter jets, Col. Vinogradov ordered his remaining tank and artillery units to punch a hole through a unit of Russian airborne assault troops that had positioned itself at the Ukrainian brigade’s rear.”

“The fighter jets of the enemy attacked our tanks, several tanks were hit and burned, and the rest remained and did not flee,” Col. Stetsenko said. “… they gave up their lives to break through the bridge to dig in on the other bank.”

The New York Times report notes that this brigade was not prepared for the war and only 1/2 of its soldiers mustered on the day of the invasion.

War is chaotic. Like, the Russians, the Ukrainian military is having planning, communications, and command and control issues, manpower and equipment losses, logistical problems, and such. We just aren’t hearing about this because the coverage of this war is lopsided.

The 59th Brigade is fighting hard. But it is being ground down by Russian forces as it wages a fighting retreat. At what point does this brigade become combat ineffective? Has that happened already? How are other Ukrainian units faring?

Another interesting note is that the Ukrainian military appears to have pirated key combat enablers like warplanes and anti-aircraft systems to defend Kiev. Was it wise to leave the 59th Brigade under-resourced in order to protect Kiev? Could it have put up stiffer resistance?

The fundamental problem the Ukrainian military faced from the very beginning is that it doesn’t have enough forces to defend everything at once. The Russians have a numerical advantage and are willing to trade soldiers and hardware to achieve its objectives.

Source: Bill Roggio

  1. GMC says

    Many a Sad days lie ahead – most of these guys fighting , along with their families spent summers in Crimea, enjoying the Black Sea beaches and not one of them would have ever thought that they would be in a War like this one. It was always understood, before the Maidan Coup, that Russia would always protect Crimea, along with the Ukraine military stationed there.

    I knew Ukraine military men in Crimea from 2008 to until their departure in 2014. I can still see the soldier taking down the Ukrainian flag down from the base near Saki and waving it furiously for 30 minutes- I was there watching from the road next to the base. The Russian General that came to the Base and held a meeting for the Exchange was very professional and offered the soldiers that lived in Crimea , a chance to move over to the Russian army { same grade & better pay}. Many took him up on his offer and some didn’t and went back to Ukraine.

    I don’t blame this War on the soldiers in Crimea or on some of the Ukrainian soldiers or Russians. This was another US/Israel//Nato and the Axis War Criminal Complex, in order to satisfy the Pentagon, Neocons, Zionist Jews, Globalist financiers, corporations etc. because that’s what they have devoted their entire lives to. And I served in the US military 69-71 so I saw this one up close and personal – just like the last one I was in. It’s a very Sad day for both sides.

    1. nick says

      When you see two fish fighting in a pond know the british have walked past.

      1. GMC says

        Actually I read that they charged in the wrong direction – at Balaklava – lol

  2. Kointel Killah says

    You can bet on red or you can bet on black.

    The corona-house always wins.

    Build Bets Better.

    “Justin Trudeau was one of those leaders who inspired me to join politics.” – Volodymyr Zelensky 7.2019

    1. Daz says

      pair of faggots

  3. XSFRGR says

    This entire sorry episode all but brings me to tears. White men fighting White men in a war created for the benefit of a cabal of filthy Jew Banksters, and led by a pack of filthy Jew political operatives. Whites are the smallest racial group on the earth, and only 48% of the U$ population. According to demographers far wiser than I am there would be approx. 1.6 BILLION more Whites alive today were it not for our fratricidal wars instigated by filthy Jew Banksters.

    I understand why Russia is doing this. I understand that Russia can’t allow the filthy Jew army of NATO on Russia’s border. I understand the pride of the Ukrainian people. What I don’t understand is the rush to suicide of the White race. Could it be that Neichi’s superman shall arise from Russia/China, and save mankind from the fate that we so richly deserve. We can only hope.

    The wounds from this war will last for generations, but hopefully they will heal in time.

    1. Brad Smith says

      I wouldn’t have believed how quickly the wounds can heal if I hadn’t seen it myself. We invaded Panama and killed a lot of civilians and soldiers, sadly many of the people fighting were friends and had trained together. Maybe not quite brothers killing brothers but very close. I was from the 7th ID we hit their 7th at Rio Hato, I cleaned out the barracks there and lost a friend who jumped in with the Rangers. I was there for both Just Cause and Promote Liberty, it was still very tense, now thirty years later, it’s almost as if it didn’t happen.

      And who do most Panamanians blame? Bush and Noriega and American’s like me who invaded are welcome pretty much everywhere, helps if you bring money and Russians will. I know I certainly hold zero animosity for any of the Panamanian people, I don’t think a single one of us who served does either.

      What it takes to end animosity is usually a Scapegoat. Some day Putin will be gone so will Z, probably much sooner, let the people of Ukraine blame Putin or Z or both, same in reverse, in the end the people will still be people, and young men and young women will be too, if you know what I mean.

      Funny how it works, I’d piss on the grave of Bush or Noriega and risk my life for the average Panamanian if they were in need. I’d bet money it will be that way in the not too distant future for the people of Ukraine and Russia. Let’s hope so anyway.

      1. Duke says

        Things are going to get ugly soon. I think the more “they” push, the more we’ll suffer. My suggestion is to hoard beans, bullets, and band-aids. Hopefully you’ve already laid on most of these, but the provision to launch the second might prove paramount.

        1. XSFRGR says

          Very sound advice because we will not likely escape the vortex of this conflict.

      2. XSFRGR says

        I can’t disagree. I was before your time. I was with 75th RGR INF in 69-70, and SF in 71-73. I was the air/ground control officer for the Loc Ninh POW release where I encountered an old, grey haired, and from the way the NVA were watching him, a high ranking officer. He was moving toward my landing pad when I intercepted, saluted, and greeted him. I asked how I could help him, thinking that he wouldn’t speak English, and would leave. To my surprise he answered in perfect English, and said that he wanted to get a closer look at the helicopters. I became his escort, and the conversation was amazing. He asked me how long I had been in country. I told him it was the end of my third tour. He asked if I had lost friends, and I told him that I had more dead friends than live friends. He replied that he had been in the fight since 1960, and had very few friends left.

        What he said next haunts me to this day. I regretfully said that if they had turned us lose we could have defeated the NVA in a year. He said, “No, you might have totally destroyed us, but you would never have defeated us.” I escorted him off of the pad where we came to attention, exchanged salutes, and went separate ways. To this day I have no idea who he was, and I deeply regret the comment about defeating the NVA; good men, fighting on their own ground for a cause they believe in.

        Now the war is over, I have friends who’ve happily retired to Vietnam, and I would love to visit myself. Neither the Vietnamese nor I have forgotten the victory, and the loss, but we’ve come to terms with it. Now that the U$ is no longer meddling in SE Asia it’s obvious that we can get along. Perhaps it will be the same for Russia, and Ukraine.

        The above said I understand the pride of the Ukrainians, but I support the Russians. Russia is the last great White, and Christian nation. If we lose Russia a great cloud of evil will engulf the earth, and freedom will be a word stricken from man’s vocabulary. Russia is mankind’s last best hope, but I fear for the future of the planet if this continues to a nuclear conclusion.

        1. GMC says

          I was an engineer attached to the 75th in Moc Hoa in 70 – rebuilding the runway. My tour was working/living for/with 2 man advisory teams on the border and many other remote places. I did go back in 2019 – a whole lotta people live where there used to be – nothing. But I felt no hatred towards me – didn’t even run into one American vet tho.

          1. XSFRGR says

            From one old Dude to another, WELCOME HOME, SOLDIER !!”

            1. GMC says

              Thanks Bud !

    2. Frank says

      Did your loser alcoholic daddy beat the jew hate into you. Did you daddy blame the Jews and Jew bankers for all his failures. There are Christian, Jews, Muslims, atheists etc., who are responsible for this BS. But keep focusing on the Jews, that’s what your overlords want, to divide you from your neighbours. Fool!

      1. XSFRGR says

        My father was a man of flawless character who was severely wounded in WW 2, graduated from college as a petroleum geologist, developed a significant independent oil company, and died in his sleep, in his own bed with million$ in assets, and no debt. Unlike you I know who my father was.

        You, on the other hand are just another filthy Jew or, even worse, a Shabbos Goy, and a traitor to your people. The method of the Jew has always been to divide, and conquer, and that’s what’s going on in the late great U$ today, and also in the home of the Khazar’s, Ukraine. My advice to you is to get right with God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, because the Jew, the Children of Satan (John 8:44), shall not prevail.

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