The Opponent Nabbed by Lukashenko Palled Around With Ukraine’s Azov Battalion Nazis

Sustained a gunshot to the chest while doing press work for them in Donbass for a year


That’s likely him on the cover of their ‘Black Sun’ mag

  1. kkk says

    Get them all one by one, hope they will hang this bastard

  2. yuri says

    amerikan morality

  3. Jerry Hood says

    Trade that nazi bastard for Julian Assange! If the zionazi,corrupted West refuse to exchange him, make brief trial and execute him!!!

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Brief Trial… Actually I was thinking a “Fair Trial” followed by immediate hanging ?

    2. geo says

      This neo-marxist [bastard] you mean….
      You seem to know nothing about National Socialism… this is not a Marxian one.

  4. Ronnie says

    Yes ….but he is America’s Nazi.
    Give the lad a job in NASA.
    He can take photos of’um landing on Mars.

  5. jimbogoofball says

    put him in a 3×5 foot concrete cell naked without furniture and turn on the cold air and simply just leave him there. Give him moldy bread once a day and some polluted water and just leave him be. Just leave him in there until hes dead. Keep him entertained 24/7 with loud pounding rap music and just leave him alone there. Congradulations to Belaraus for having the balls to grab this POS. He needs to suffer greatly.

  6. Raptar Driver says

    A once vibrant strong Slavic people have been decimated.
    All this right in front of putins eyes and yet he has done nothing substantial to reverse this.
    And the cancer grows!

    1. Eddy says

      Since when is it Putin’s responsibility to rescue the Slavic people’s who are too stupid to fend for themselves ? If they are not prepared to FIGHT for what they have, they will loose it, and so it is.

  7. Chacko Kurian says

    Some Nazis are good (US doublespeak). Just like good terrorist and bad terrorist.

  8. Soni says

    It’s not the same fucking person. Don’t post fake news. The boy on poster have died long ago.

    1. Ronnie says

      And your letter from the lads mother on…
      1. Date and time of death.
      2. Photos of the lad at school and military graduation.
      3. School friends and people at the funeral.

      Or you are an idiot pushing fake Ukulele Nazi BS.
      Went the Russians cut off the gas, may you freeze in hell for your sins.

  9. GMC says

    Great Job Anti empire – nailed him. I only hope Belarus doesn’t bend to the the Western pressure and they put the kid in te slammer for a couple years – then send him to Donbass.Spacibo Bolshoy.

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