Syrian Army Enters US/Kurdish-Held Northern Syria to Block Turko-Jihadi Offensive

To do what the Americans won't

The Syrian army has already entered SDF-held (but Arab-populated) Manbij to the west of the Euphrates. Reportedly it will now shortly move across the river and occupy positions protecting Kurdish-populated Kobani.

Simultanously the fighters belonging to the two small loyalist enclaves in Hasaka and Qamishli in Kurdish-held NE are now intermingled with YPG forces and spread around the entirety of the two cities. In other words, the local Syrian army soldiers already in the NE are in cooperation with the Kurds trying to cover as much ground as possible. Jubilitation in Qamishli and Hasaka over the Syrian-Kurdish agreement:

Another thing we are seeing is a change in Kurdish rhetoric. As they are being welcomed as saviors vs Erdogan’s jihadis inherited from the CIA and his plans of a ethno-demographic social engineering “regime forces” are now “Syria army”:

For that matter “regime forces” are now “Syrian army” for Sky News as well:

Syrian army joins forces with Kurds to repel Turkey’s offensive

Meanwhile more negotiations with Russian mediation are ongoing so more deals are likely on the way:

  1. ArcAngel says

    Good piece of news on this day of Succoth.

    Even though we are not privileged to see or know what is going on behind the scenes of this multifaceted bloody “clusterfuk”, it is good to see SOME Syrian peoples being freed from the vile insanity of the US-Turk ‘barbarian head choppers’.
    There is NO doubt, in my mind the RUSSIANS are running this show (behind the scenes).
    Many years ago, I had sympathy for the Kurdish peoples cause… that no longer exists.
    Camo wearing Mazlum Kobani can go to hell, as far as I am concerned
    They gambled, sided with the Devil/Satan, and LOST.
    Fuck em.
    Although that was never a course for the future.
    One thing is for sure, there are so many backroom deals being spun, and I believe it started before the Turks launched their offensive, it would make a normal person’s head spin.
    These latest events in Syria are a perfect example of “International Skullduggery” on an epic scale.

  2. Mikhail Garchenko says

    Hope the Kurds finally understood the game there.

  3. thomas malthaus says

    Erdogan is about to lose a critical ally (Russia) if this operation persists.
    I believe a US-led coup against Erdogan is being developed. Russia has caught wind of it and I sense unless Syrian events change, Moscow won’t lift a finger to assist Erdogan.

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      It’s impossible to speculate on the real relationships and forces at work here.

      First, we have a genuine lunatic in the Oval Office.

      Erdogan, while cunning and gifted in some matters and ruthless, is himself half-mad. Who else builds a thousand-room palace and shoots down a Russian fighter but a madman?

      Putin is always thinking. And he uses the weaknesses as well as te strengths of his competitors and associates.

      I wouldn’t doubt at all that more coup plans are being brewed up in Washington, although it’s a bit tough with Erdogan having put half of Turkey’s generals and officials in prison and taken special measures at key American-Turkish contact points like the big airbase.

      If Putin can get something useful out of Erdogan still, and I think he can, he will protect him from US plots again. After all, that’s what the S-400 sale was about with neither Washington nor Europe being able to turn the system off.

      Some have speculated that this whole event represents a clever scheme by Putin and Erdogan to boot the US out of Syria.

      I don’t embrace that for a few reasons, but it certainly isn’t impossible. Putin wants Syrian territorial integrity for a number of reasons. The future of Russia’s very important bases is better assured.

      What Erdogan really hates in Syria is the idea of a Kurd-run entity, He is allergic to Kurds.

      Well, you can either fight the entity or its author, in this case the US (on behalf of Israel, someone else Erdogan hates).

      With the US gone, the Kurdish rump state is gone.

      This does represent a significant defeat for Israel’s machinations.

      Syria and Russia could placate Erdogan with special arrangements inside northeastern Syria.

      We’ll have to see how hard Erdogan keeps pushing.

      After all, he could potentially run up against Russian air forces and anti-aircraft missiles if he puts the Syrians into serious jeopardy.

      1. thomas malthaus says

        It’s wait and see for now. At least four regional leaders are allergic to Kurdish influence. One leader stands out more so than others.

  4. John C Carleton says

    “Syrian Army Enters US/Kurdish-Held Northern Syria”.
    Notice how Syria keeps popping up here?
    Syria is an indépendant Sovereign Nation and Country.

    Turkey, Israhell, and Israhell’s proxies, ISIS and USA, along with the red headed step child no one wants, Turkey, have no business in Syria.
    Israhell, USA and Turkey are war criminals, illegal murdering Syrians in Syria, for perverse pleasure and profit.
    None of the three war crime cabals, have ANY right to hold ANY Syrian land.

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