Syria Planned Demolishing the Buildings the US Cruise Missiles Flattened

A 2017 OPCW report says Syrians were cooperating in the process of demolishing the Barzah facility -- the main target of Trump's attack

Instead Trump fired seventy-six $1.9 million Tomahawks at them (so says Pentagon

The main target of Trump’s latest Syria strike, that according to the US no fewer than 76 of the 105 total cruise missiles were fired at — was going to be demolished anyway:

“In a report issued just in March of this year, OPCW confirms the Syrian government was cooperating in the process of demolishing the facility.”

Since Syria gave up its chemical weapons under a 2013 deal Barzah lost its mission. The purpose of the complex could have been changed but the OPCW preferred demolition and Damascus said okay and cooperated.

So not only was the building being inspected regularly but it was going to be torn down by the Syrians themselves shortly.

Instead the US claims it fired $150 million worth of flying bombs at it.

NO PROTECTIVE GEAR — Apparently government soldier has no reason to fear sarin/chlorine release
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    An interesting article… by the way, it’s “between you and me” not “between you and I”! You don’t say “between, you and they or between she and they” and so on… it’s an objective pronoun that is required in this instance.

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