Spanish and Italian Warplanes Intercept Aircraft Flying From One Part of Russia to Another

If turnabout is fair play, here’s an illustration of what’s involved: in 1985 a headline would have appeared in a publication of the Warsaw Pact which read Warsaw Pact scrambled Polish, Bulgarian warplanes to intercept American plane flying from Alaska to Washington State.

Somehow one suspects an event of that nature might have garnered some attention; say in the form of banner headlines in the New York Times and the Washington Post and with the president, flanked by the secretary of defense and the chief of the general staff of the nation’s armed forces, holding an emergency press conference. And NATO holding an urgent Article 5 consultation.

NATO scrambled Spanish Eurofighters and Italian F-35s on Thursday 29 July 2021 to intercept Russian military aircraft over the Baltic Sea.

As Allied radars tracked three unknown aircraft leaving Kaliningrad, NATO’s Combined Air Operations Centre at Uedem in Germany launched the allied fighter aircraft to intercept and identify them.

Source: Anti-Bellum

  1. Jill says

    The US is trying to create a war between Europe and Russian, the Russians my be up for it, they can share the spoils with the USA, like last time.

    Europe needs to make a better offer to Russia, and quick.

    1. Gi Joe says


      The front line of any such war will be the capital of the racist supremacist global Jewish slave empire dictatorship Israel and the source of its main slave military the mainland USSA.

      1. Jan says

        What the fuck are you talking about?

        1. Fred not Reed says

          Been Russianeering a lifetime.
          East-West conflict is 99% the franchise of aggression by the Jewish Establishment in the West.
          Russia is a successful White society and supremacist Jews will never forgive that.

  2. Xhun says

    Nato fasist today

  3. arse says

    arse !

  4. kkk says

    Next time may be, there will be no Europe any more, thanks to Zionist mafia

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Hmm.. Could be the opposite next time ??

  5. Mark says

    NATO always plays that “Russian military aircraft do not file flight plans or turn on their transponders, so they are a danger to civil aviation” card in an effort to look all caring about public safety. File a flight plan with the enemy; yes, that’d make things simpler, wouldn’t it? And NATO aircraft routinely fly without filing a flight plan with the Kremlin or anybody else other than their home base, and leave their transponders off because it is an announcement that “I am a NATO military aircraft”, so the Russians don’t have to bother sending up a fighter to see who it is.

    Few would be surprised that the very great majority of air collisions, crashes and incidents occur among NATO countries; I did a post on it way back in 2014.

    1. Juan says

      Too bad your last article is so old, good writing and research!

  6. Jim Richardson says

    It appears that the U.S. is willing to sacrifice Europe in its efforts to stay on top as the only World super power. A war between Europe and Russia with the U.S. being able to avoid any damage to the homeland would be the perfect solution. Seeing Russia and Europe tearing each other to pieces would certainly satisfy the rulers in imperial Washington so long as Europe eventually won the war. There would be many money making opportunities in the rebuilding of Europe and in pillaging Russia’s resources as conquered treasure.
    And of course the same thing applies in Asia….the U.S. would sacrifice India in a heart beat to take down China. All this would leave the U.S. as imperial master of the entire World.
    Unfortunately for the Empire….it probably wouldn’t go down as planned….few war plans ever do. Most likely it would be the U.S. that would lose. Russia today could probably knock NATO out without much trouble. The Russians have spent their defense dollars wisely and now have some awesome weapons. The Chinese now have a bigger navy than the U.S. and would bring all of it bear in their fight. They have missiles designed to sink carriers. It may very well work out that the U.S. would be signing an unconditional surrender the next time. .

    1. Helga Weber says

      That is a very good analysis of the situation and I think the Germans know that they would be the ones that would suffer.

  7. Steve Kastl says

    Shocked that the F35 flew at all! The F35 pilots should get bravery medals just for flying a coffin. Apologies to Russia for our continuing search for unnecessary conflict. Our leaders are deranged.

    1. ken says

      Yes,,, American outcome based education prowess on display.

  8. Séamus Ó Néill says

    Before the year’s end, America will have a lot more to worry about than trying to get Europe to fight a war ( for its own selfish interest ) against Russia, or China… any case Russia would annhiliate NATO within a week. The US is in for some serious financial trouble with a stock market crash ( Sept; Oct; ) and the resultant end of the dollar as anything of importance.

  9. Richseeto says

    Such is the arrogant stance of the US influenced NATO which thinks it can harass and provoke Russia or any other country not in their league and not expect blow back. One day it can start a war.

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