Spain Limits Heating to 19ºC, Cooling to 27ºC

Retardation on the march

Source: Associated Press

Spanish offices, stores and hospitality venues will no longer be allowed to set their cooling systems below 27 degrees Celsius (81º Fahrenheit) in summer nor raise heating above 19ºC in the winter under a new set of energy-saving measures passed Monday.

Shops will also be obliged to keep doors closed and heating systems must be checked more often to increase efficiency under the new measures, Spanish Ecological Transition Minister Teresa Ribera said.

The measures include switching off store window lights after 10 p.m. Street lighting will not be affected.

The government passed the bill as part of a bid to reduce the country’s gas consumption by 7% in line with the recent European Union energy agreements to limit dependency on Russian gas.

Ribera said the measures would initially be maintained until November 2023.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced the new package last week, saying, “You just need to walk into a shopping mall to realize that maybe the temperature is set too low.”

Spanish public institutions already operate similar energy-saving regulations.

The government says the measures will not only save energy but will also bring down bills for households and businesses.

Spain is one of the hottest European countries in summer. The country has already had two heat waves this year with temperatures often surpassing 40 degrees Celsius (104F) for several days in a row. Temperatures are forecast to soar again in the first weeks of August.

  1. Bruce says

    That is not really so tough–81 degrees in a dry climate is quite comfortable, just use a fan. I lived in the southern Utah desert and never even turned my AC on until around 2PM and then had it set at 80 it was fine. I grew up in Michigan and we never had the heat up high because we wore clothes–no big deal. Unlike Russia with very little AC and central city steam heat in the winter with no regulator on the radiator. I hated Russia like that because you have to dress for an arctic expedition to go out and then strip as soon as you get home.

    1. James says

      Bruce is one of those guys who would say, “So the government wants us to bend over and take it. This isn’t so tough. Just apply some lubricant and it’s actually bearable. Quite comforting, really.”

      1. Richard says


      2. Bruce says

        No James, I am saying don’t be such a pussy about it. Air conditioning for the masses is a new phenomena and people for centuries survived in the heat and were fully dressed (unlike today where very few dress). The government–any government at any level can and will try to screw you what can you do? I suppose you just take it unlubricated and think you are some kind of resistance hero? NOBODY has the balls to do anything and I am not sticking my neck out until there is critical movement in the right direction.

        1. Mrs. Lopsided says

          Mutatis mutandis ‘It’s just a common flu buddy. Stop being such a baby’.

      3. Rondon says

        The freedom cult to let corporations and people destroy the entire planet and torture animals and specicide them without limits is a death cult which will rebound in a huge way. The byline on this story promotes that perverse cult. Humans first before all else a mental defect, some have been taught to think it is a feature.

  2. asd says

    You are an idiot James.
    This is a tiny fucking adjustment we must make as fleas on this planet in order to prolong our host.

    1. James the Second says

      “This is a tiny fucking adjustment”

      Phony problems plus phony solutions= real tyranny. Living like its the 17 century under the boot of tyranny will not make the earth greener nor mankind any better off.

      And if you think for a moment the politicians, the decision makers and the power elite will shiver in the cold or bake in the heat by candle light and eat bugs for the “greater good” you are naive peasant beyond belief.

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