Sick Leave

I had a low fever, diziness, and a cough thing for just under a week that had me sleeping for like 20 hours a day, and I managed to keep on working through that. But just as that ended, I got hit with a thing where my skin feels so incredibly dry and itchy that it’s impossible to sleep more than a few hours at night. In such a sleep-deprived state I just can’t keep on working until it gets better again.

  1. Occupy Schagen says

    You didn’t happen to let yourself test for COVID-19 ?
    Checked your temperature ?

    Because i am 73 and after reading this i wouldn’t let you into my house.

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      I wouldn’t worry about occupying the same space with anyone who thought that wearing a face mask would protect them from me, because my health isn’t pharmaceutically created or assured.

    2. zonmoy says

      he doesnt want a false positive to be used to terrorize him.

      1. Occupy Schagen says

        Well, that being so, i would forbid him to enter my house.
        And i call him irresponsible and even egoistic (unless he goes in Quarantine until he is ready for a test) in the face of a serious virulent Virus, that according to our research with a probability of >65% was created in US Bio-Lab(s) and escaped from Fort Detrick Frederick (MD) in the US before June 2019.
        It was put together with SARS-CoV-1 an pieces from HIV-1 (from AIDS).
        The long term effects have still to be found out and i would not like to be one of those experiencing it.
        In China and South-Asia they have Locked Down an using tests search-and contained after some months completely eradicated the Virus. Only on the borders are people that came in in quarantine. They have no other infections any more.
        Somehow in the West there is propaganda via alt-media that is COVID-denial and opposing measures taken by governments that fear overload of the health systems and crematoria, because they know it would create riots .
        See the map below.
        See the age of the deaths.

        1. zonmoy says

          so you cut yourself off of all human contact seeing that the tests are laughably inaccurate. you have a slightly lesser chance of getting a false positive if you just flip a coin.

        2. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

          It sounds like you are too well indoctrinated by the government and media propaganda to know the difference.

          1. Occupy Schagen says
            1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

              So it is your own religion?

    3. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      But your refusal isn’t based on anything at all that you heard or read in the media or the alt-media? Was it what your Ouija board said?

      1. Occupy Schagen says

        You clearly didn’t read the summary of our research ?
        When you have questions we have more supportive sources.
        Just say so.

        All the other stories on this discussion forget to give facts supported by reliable sources.
        So they are believers. We know !

        Well.. to be true there is not something like absolute certainty (except in Mathematics and in the fact that “I am”).
        But we did an effort and our best. we do not repeat a believe.

        We are taking Truth as Authority,
        Rather than Authority as Truth.

        1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

          You didn’t publish anything resembling a proper research report.
          What you published was a sorry excuse for a powerpoint presentation.
          Your reliable sources appear to be what are easily proven propagandists.

          1. Occupy Schagen says

            You did not produce ANYTHING !

            1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

              My non-production wasn’t challenged by your production.

  2. glib1 says

    get well, marko.

  3. Emmet Sweeney says

    Better be careful announcing things like this in public. What do you think you live in, a democracy or something?

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      We’d be better off living in the constitutional republic created in 1789.

  4. Jellyworth says

    To be expected is simply to say:
    Nonstop Bombardment, Trench Warfare.
    Shell shock, trench foot, trench mouth.
    Front line hazards.
    Soldier’s Breakfast: a cigarette, a coffee and a puke (thanks to dad for that, RIP).
    Look forward, certainly, to seeing you again soon.
    6-months solid, no break: that is stamina and courage.
    Rx: Dosage
    Try Listening to this:

  5. stevek9 says

    The sleeping sounds familiar, wife and I did that in early March. It was just a day for me and 2 days for her. Tired for a week or so afterward. Don’t know about dry, itchy skin. Hang in there, get well soon.

  6. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

    Take it easy and get well. I’ve had an undefined skin condition for almost 30 years. About once a month, it drives me partially insane and I remain in seclusion, warm baths, etc., for 2 to 4 days like some kind of 21st century Marat. Dermatologists don’t quite know what it is or what caused it. I’ve travelled so much to so many strange places since the ’80s, it could have developed for any number of reasons. Steroid shots and ointment help quite a bit, as does a certain illegal herb, at times. Like other skin conditions, nerves, stress, and hot humid weather can trigger it.

    I would suggest an alcohol and scent free rich cream or gel for your skin but I’m not a doctor.

  7. Andra Salzberg says

    Join the Vita C & Zinc immune boost!
    Get Well Soon Wishes.
    You are needed on the Front!

  8. ke4ram says

    You obviously have the dreaded Corona since it has routed all the other diseases, Dry skin, Flu, Cold, Allergies, pneumonia, TB, Malaria, Bubonic. etc. This superbug is so smart it knows how to measure distancing and what country its in,,, 6 ft USA,,, 2 Meters UK,,, 1.5 Meters Australia. It knows how to count as well. Less than 10 in a group, no problem,,, more then ten it’s the ventilator for you. It knows the types of vehicles. 6 in a car… okay. 6 on a boat… to the ventilator. Also it won’t spread while your sitting down eating but stand up… it ventilator time. There is literally no stopping it as it can hitch a ride on smog particles, be carried by a fart, normal breathing, even spreads on 100 degree temps on a beach with full sun and many more ingenious ways. It’s so horrible only 99.7% recover. One wonders how there are any people left!

    So better get a antibody test that shows positive for any Corona virus,,, or the RT-PCR which has an amazing 70% reliability factor and only a 30% error factor and will light up on about any genetic garbage but cannot show viral loads. Definitely the goto to determine a “confirmed” case. If in the USA go to the hospital as your case will make them instant winners as Medicare pays over $50,000 for a case of Corona and using a ventilator. Go to a New York hospital as the King of New York requires all Corona cases be sent to nursing homes for dispatch. More bucks for the bang.

    Get well soon!

  9. thomas malthaus says

    If it continues for an extended time and COVID isn’t the cause, consider seeing a doctor with a tropical medicine specialty. It may be a parasite or worm.

    It’s hoped you don’t live in a region with heavy industry.

  10. watcher12 says

    I’ve had numerous bouts with, after a hospital visit (and pcr testing = negative) – I get home with a serious reoccurance of 1966 (military hospital) bronchitis. My night in hospital resulted in some medicine to take – could only handle 4 days. Also Dr. prescribed (prescribed mind you) to stop taking ionic silver (I make my own batch at home). Then gets hit with a warning to remove their later study of earlier study of ionic silver (home brew) destroying earlier Farci Flu (Sars and Merc) totally in vitro in seconds. The FDA starts scrubbing ionic and colloidal silver posts as after 100 years of popular use it is now bad, bad, bad. So being as obedient as I am I immediately started taking a higher dose (which had helped me much before) of ionic silver and adding coq10 and curamed to the mix as well as some chinese tablets (Autmn Rain Teapills). Bhronchial symptoms about gone now after a week. Now feeling much better (also take small doses of Boron daily). There are solutions if you become your own doctor (unless you have a remarkable personal med people) and certainly ionic (even colloidal) silver can play a part. Much good will to you. Your site is refreshing in days of social stupidity.

  11. LoveLife Liberty says

    try the TIM HOF method breathing and cold water

  12. fresnoman4man says

    Marko, I’m 73, had a triple bypass a year + ago and stroke October 17th, In the hospital I went five days without sleep due to the chaos of being parked on a gurney in a hallway niche subjected to constant blood draws and BP checks and moaning patients. I have taken myself off all meds and I’m doing private therapy. Still, insomnia is my main problem. I notice it helps to get to bed by 9 and I make sure my cell phone is turned off to avoid EMF. I take magnesium chloride which helps with BP, and sleep. I use A&D ointment for my dry itchy skin but get Sunshine exposure as part of my light therapy, I don’t believe COVID is real although your symptoms echo my flu symptoms of several years ago which I contracted due to emotional stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and a compromised immune system. Yes, do rest and let nature do her magic.

  13. voza0db says

    Plenty of Water and Vitamins and Minerals… Zero sugars, Alcohol and other garbage!

  14. Raptar Driver says

    Oh no he got the flu and he’s dehydrated, let’s all run for our lives?

  15. Jean-Marie says

    Take care of yourself. Really didn’t think you guys were working so hard. You’re heroes.

  16. Fifth Sertorius says

    try high dose vitamins C and D

  17. Tommy Jensen says

    I have said it before but can only repeat myself.
    A bootle of whiskey and a few cigarillos a day, can keep all virus at bay

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