Sergey Lavrov Is an Anti-Mask Hero

The ex-chain smoker is no COVID bedwetter

Lavrov is on a three-day visit to China and had to mask as it’s mandatory there, and he didn’t mind sending a message:

This may be only the third time ever Lavrov has been seen in a mask. Last October the media reported:

On Monday, Lavrov was on a working visit to Athens where he was photographed wearing a mask during meetings with Greek officials.

According to Russian daily Kommersant, this was only the second time Lavrov was seen wearing a mask at a public event since the start of the outbreak.

In fact, Lavrov made fun of mask-wearing on that occasion as well:

Time and time again Lavrov has not worn a face diaper even when his guests or hosts have:

Lavrov is a 71-year old ex-chain smoker. (He’s still a smoker, just not a chain one.) One thing he is not, is a COVID bedwetter. Either he’s not afraid of a little germ thing, or he doesn’t think cloth stops viruses.

The Moscow Times which is outraged at Lavrov’s heresy against the COVID religion explains the FCKNG QRNTN mask he wore in China was handed to him by journalists accompanying him (which must be familiar with his views on face diapers). Not only did he not mind donning it, but his Ministry of Exterior happily posted it to their official TikTok:

And on Monday, the country’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov let his own opinions on self-isolation orders be known with a profanity-laced face mask.

Lavrov posed for a video in the black mask, which featured the words “FCKNG QRNTN,” while on tour of the Lijiang River in southeastern China.

“Pool journalists gave S.V. Lavrov a mask. Both the mask and the text suit the minister just right,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in its TikTok post.

The government daily Rossiiskaya Gazeta said the pool reporters gifted the mask to Lavrov, who turned 71 on Sunday, as a birthday present.

“The mask jokingly describes an attitude to quarantine measures imposed around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic,” the paper wrote.

Subsequent footage from Lavrov’s visit to China showed the Russian diplomat wearing different face masks.

Observers drew parallels between the flippant inscription and the Russian authorities’ casual attitude toward safety measures, most recently at a packed, maskless Moscow stadium concert Thursday celebrating the seventh anniversary of Russia’s annexation of Crimea.


Журналисты пула подарили С.В.Лаврову маску. И маска, и надпись пришлись Министру впору

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A man of class and intelligence
  1. Hal Womack says

     ¡ Bully for Lavrov !  But we might still be wrong to take his opinion as conclusive, eh what? Time for a Lucky Strike and a Coke here….

  2. Play says

    He knows it’s bullshit and it’s all about depopulation and 5G is the real culprit in causing COVID symptoms..

  3. Fred Mc says

    Sergei is my Hero!

  4. Coram Nobis says

    I LOVE this guy!

    1. Eileen Kuch says

      So do I, Coram Nobis; he’s been my hero for at least a decade. In all those years, I’ve dreamed of meeting him in person, and still hope I do. I really love the way he adds the vulgar slogan on that face diaper 🙂

  5. Andra says

    Go Sergey! You are the boss…in a world of sycophant posers!

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