Saudi Arabia: US Must Consult Gulf States Before Returning to Iran Nuclear Deal

When the Obama Administration reached the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran, among the biggest opponents was Saudi Arabia. [And were “compensated” with a support for their famine war on Yemen.]  With President-elect Joe Biden expected to rejoin the process, the Saudis are stepping forward again.

Saudi FM Prince Faisal bin Farhan is warning that any more could only be sustainable if Biden consults with the Gulf Arab states before making any moveto rejoin the Iran deal. He added he is “ready to engage” when Biden takes office.

The incoming administration hasn’t commented, but there are reasons to doubt this happening. The talks would be high risk for little reward, as the Saudis are almost certain to remain opposed to the deal, and the US ought not to give the impression they need a Saudi imprimatur to make the move.

The new administration may feel it is only courteous to keep the Saudis in the loop, but would want to make clear they aren’t asking permission. This is particularly true in the case of an early deal, as Biden will want to stake out a more independent foreign policy than his predecessor.


  1. Séamus Ó Néill says

    Iran would be very foolish to enter any agreement with the US, they’re not capable of upholding or honouring anything, never mind a weighted agreement. Their sole modus operandi is, like Israel and the UK, death and destruction….should that be through assassinations, famine causing sanctions, drone strikes or carpet bombing. Biden is no different from Trump or any other American in power, satanic, amoral psychopaths, completely bereft of human empathy.

  2. jm74 says

    Iran would have something to say about the US rejoining, maybe the Iranians will refuse to have the US rejoin unless all sanctions are lifted .

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