Russian Troops Taking Part in Idlib Offensive as Mortar Crews, Snipers

Russian involvement goes right down to the tactical level on the ground same as American for the Kurds

Russian special forces were allegedly photographed near the front-lines in al-Ghab Plain in north-western Hama countryside while providing close fire support to the Syrian Army in the ongoing offensive in the area.

The Pictures below were published by Anna-News reporter Oleg Blokhin shows Russian special forces soldiers while guiding airstrikes and launching mortar shells on militant’s positions in the surroundings of Qalaat al-Madiq town which was captured by the Syrian army earlier today.

The Russian military are providing fire and close support to the Syrian Army during the ongoing offensive which aim to expel militants from the demilitarized zone that expands on large area between Hama and Idlib countrysides

Earlier last week, Russian special forces soldiers equipped with sniper rifles were photographed as well near the front-lines somewhere in northern Hama countryside.

Source: Muraselon

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  1. Canosin says

    brilliant… … these men are heroes to the Syrians….. truly a helping hand

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