Russian Assembly Areas Have Emptied Out, You Know What That Means

They're not empty because that military potential returned to origin points that's for sure

Way back in December military eggheads told us that Russian assembly areas 100 to 200 kilometers from the Ukrainian border gradually filling up with gear was a worrying sign, but that the truly worrying sign would be if we saw personnel fall upon that prepositioned equipment and start self-deploying to the very border. Over the past two weeks, that is exactly what we have been seeing. So much so that two of the biggest assembly areas now stand almost completely empty. Do I have to tell you what that means?

  1. edwardi says

    Zelensky and Kiev had better be bringing their 150,000 troops home now, in a hurry, before they start getting hurt real bad. If they keep firing on the E., directed by Kiev, even Kiev could get hurt real bad.

    1. Jerôme says

      Zelensky has ready plane to escape to Israel…Also Poroshenko, Kolomoisky and other khazarian zionazis…

      1. Jerôme says

        No Ukrainians wants to fight for these zionazi jews in power!

  2. Steve Ginn says

    Ukraine has pushed itself into this mess and has shot itself in the foot just to please the US of Israel and its sock puppets! No one else to blame but them selves!

    1. Helga Weber says

      yes, he gambled too high, he uttered big words in Munich recently, in the end it is all about money for Zelensky

      1. Stephen Kastl says

        Another duel citizen Israeli starting another war for Israels Rothschild crime family

  3. Ernie Pyle says

    So what is the officer corps like in the Ukrainian army? Are the generals all hardcore Ukrainian nationalists who will fight to the last man? Or are they ambivalent at best and would prefer to save their troops and keep them in their barracks?

    And what about Zelensky? Is he going to order the troops to fight to the last man? Is he even going to stay in-country? Or is he gonna pull a Juan Guaido?

    I guess time will tell.

  4. Hungary Guy says

    I might have to revise my take on all this. Seems like, Russia has had enough of the West’s endless diplomacy game- first they did a KOSplay for secession of DPR, LPR and now- with the help of Comedian Zelensky- “WMD Pretext” for Ukraine. And if that’s not enough; Putin said Russian Security Guarantees not up for debate (meaning knocking NATO back to 1997 Frontlines).
    They are ready to go ALL- IN.
    That’s why- probably nuclear armed- Cruisers parked near Israel, Mediterranean, Crimea. SSBNs probably too, near US, UK Coastlines as well.
    Domestically, are they still enforcing the QR- Code Schwabian Socio- Psycho- Economic Crunch?

  5. TJ RUBICON says

    Putin thinks he is George Pattonski.

  6. XSFRGR says

    I can only wonder at what stage the Ukrainian military will withdraw from its suicide pact with Zelensky, and cut a deal with Russia ?? Hopefully the Ukrainian death wish only goes so far.

  7. nnn says

    Just eliminate all this scum on the top the rest of the Ukraine
    will be very grateful

  8. Razumov says

    Z hour is here and this is GO.

    You called it, man.

  9. Jerôme says

    The Russian troops went to demilitarise and DENACIFY Khuiev and Kurvaine!!!

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