Russia Seeks to ‘Create Conditions so That Nobody Wants to Fight Us’ – Putin (VIDEO)

Putin claims Russia is only 7th in military expenditure and claims that is more than enough

No doubt partly the reason Putin can be contented with Russia investing less in its armed force than six other nations is because he knows that’s not quite true. Adjusted for PPP Russia is very much the world’s third spender on military might with $200bn PPP-adjusted dollars, behind China with PPP-adjusted $400bn:

Nonetheless, watch this interview and tell me Putin is the expansionist-warmonger of the western power elite imagination? He even makes excuses for Trump, and claims that privately the US President is a much more reasonable and level-headed person who detests the insane $700+ billion Pentagon budgets that he publicly brags about.

  1. Vera Gottlieb says

    Obviously Putin still isn’t aware of what warmongering nation the US is.

  2. cechas vodobenikov says

    there is very little corruption re Russian weapons productions as the Saker documented; unlike the USA where 700 trillion USD cannot be accounted for in the past 15 years….the US has spent 1.5 trillion $$$ on th pathetically inferior f-35, which to this day contains numerous defects that have not been remedied
    Pfof Juan Cole, CIA consultant, recently observed that the USA spends more on its military each year than the next 14 largest military nations combined—-in a military dictatorship, the military rules….this is expected in in an empire near collapse

  3. Ray Douglas says

    I think its possible that the Minister of Defence and the head of the various military, navy and air force are losing patience with the President. Especially over the serious concessions to the Turks over Syria. Don’t expect any more concessions. Hopefully?

  4. Canosin says

    independently of how the budget is calculated… there really someone out there pipedreaming that the empire would dare to attack the Russian Federation? even the dullest out of all american idiot villages won’t be that stupid……but of course, PPP is the perfect weapon in deterring the LGBTQ COMMUNITY in the US armed forces…..the empire will collapse by it own weight of extraordinary stupidity……

  5. Jesus says

    The Empire’s delusional reality bubble will be burst when Russia and China will effectively needle the bubble.

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